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Vicky's Adventure. . .

Hi Everyone! Come and read my blogs to see how long I can keep my passport for whilst I travel round Oz and New Zealand! Would love as many messages as possible! I will miss you all x

Diary Entries

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Location: Fiji

So had a great few days in The Bay of Islands - went cycling, did some walking etc.....then headed back to Auckland where I was to fly out to Fiji for my final 10 days!!!

Fiji was amazing and I met up with Jo again which was lovely! We hit Beechcomber island which was fantastic a real party island - the fijians are so lovely!!!!

After BC we went to Mantary island which was great because there was a real big group of us that just hung together on the beeach during the day and had a laugh at night!!!!!

Waya was the last island we went to and had a bit of luxury where we stayed in the Octopus reort which was gorgeous!!!!

Home time loomed and it was basically fly back to Sydney to fly home!!! Me and Jo had a bit of a drunken day in Bondi and my last night I spent over at Claire Bests house having some dinner with her and Jo.

Time to go home!!! Cant beleive it!!!!!!!!!!

I am back now and looking back at my whole experience and I have had an absolutely amazing time its untrue - really missing it all so much and I wish I could do it all again.

Thanks all for taking the time to read my travels - those 865 hits whoever you are I appreciate it!!!!!!

Miss you Oz, NZ and Fiji, NZ most of all - over and out xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 03 April 2008

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

******* scroll down for earlier updates!!! *************

So I arrived in Auckland and hit off quickley with my new roommates, we went for a few drinks and in the bar was a couple of the Kiwi bus drivers I had gotten to know on the way - they are both huge Maoris and they get free bar tabs whereever they go - uh oh bad move, with every drink I was made to drink a shot as well - was pretty wrecked to be fair! But a good night though! The next day one of the drivers made me go his day trip with him around Auckland as he was going feel rough as well! So I did a bus trip around Auckland - it was ok I didnt really see anything that amazing but it was cool, walked over the harbour bridge and oh yeh there is another AJ Hackett bungy underneath it so I decided to hurl myself off that as well - it wasnt as big as the Nevis but you still manage to get the great freefall feeling too! I was alsmo most please as when the dreaded red marker came out to write my weight on my hand - it a kilo less than my last jump! And I was wearing jeans - so I have clearly lost nearly a stone in a couple of weeks! Well I know that is a bit exaggerated but still every kilo helps! Have decided to try and eat as healthy as I can and have been doing really good for about a month though, although its more about maintaining rather than losing hehe! So after a couple of days in Auckland I headed up to The Bay of Islands which are 144 islands that you can sail around and the weather is supposed to be lovely! I arrived yesterday and so far so good. lovely day and first time I actually get chance to sunbathe in NZ depite it having being warm most of the time!! I shall keep you posted on what I get up to here before heading back to Auckland :) x

Tuesday, 01 April 2008

Location: Taupo, New Zealand

arrived in Lake Taupo and heaaded straight to the thermal pools which were pretty amazing - in the huge lake, round the edges the water was absolutely boiling and you could sit in the little pools as if it were a jacuzzi - was lovely!! Had a quick run as well around the Lake - which is apprently one of the largest lakes in NZ. I was supposed to be doing my sky dive in Taupo but the weather meant I couldnt do it and it kept getting put off which was a shame so I am still yet to do that - maybe in Auckland :)

So from Taupo I pretty much raced up to Auckland as I wanted to do some slighty different things from the girls. I wanted to travel up to The Bay of Islands and maybe Mercury Bay before leaving - so that is what I did! Also I needed to try and catch up with a family friend from home who is living out here. ..........

Friday, 28 March 2008

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Well off onto the Ferry to the NOrth island. Its a 2 hour journey and actually pretty pictureque and was a lovely sunny day so that was lovely!! Actually the weather in New Zealand has been better that the weather in Oz! Really blue skies all the time and pretty hot still esp good seeing as it is heading into their winter now! Arrived in Wellington and did my usual of going for a run to have a look around - hm not bad actually, cute city, little harbour which wasnt the prettiest but still had some cute cafes and restaurants on the water front, nice little beach area round the corner with running tracks and cycle tracks - yeah not bad! Considering Wellington is NZ capital it is so small! In fact all of NZ Cities are realy diferent to any of the UK's - they are realy small and much quieter - well if you think about this, 60mill people in the UK and only 4 mill in NZ and well the countries are not that far off in size are they?!

In Wellington on the first day Gail and I wandered around, traipsed up to the Botanical Gardens up the cable car and saw views over the city, then we went and had some nice lunch on the waterfront, visited a quick museum then hit the shops - well cheap shops of course due to funding!! I had a whats on around Wellington guide and noticed that on the Friday night The Crusaders and the Hurricanes were playing at Wellington stadium - The Hurricanes being the cities local Super 14 team and the Crusaders being the team of the likes of Dan Carter and the majority of the All Blacks!!! We decided that if we could get tikets we should definately go as it would be an amazing experience - then all of a suddedn we bumped into some girls who were selling tickets - 20 dollars!!!! Bargain and sold! Also a bonus was that because apparently I was so nice to her and chatty she said she would upgrade our tickets to a competition winner and it would meant that me and Gail would sit with just 50 other people in this area and we would be supplied with free booze and food all night - well not a bad result hey all for $20 each!!!

The next day in Well Gail and I hired some mountain bikes out and went biking round the city and its suburbs - it was great fun and fanatstic exercise. We went to the supermarket and bought some ingredients for us to make some smoked salmon rolls and had a little picnis on the beach - was great!!!

The next night was rugby night - alrighhhhhhhhht!! We were very excited and the night didnt disappoint at all! The stadium was full and the fans in full throttle! Kept having bottles of free beer thrown at me which was great! The NZ teams have cheerleaders out here as well which were good to watch! All in all a great match - the home team didnt win but seeing aas the crusaders are full of All Blacks its not hard to see why!!

So the next day we were leaving Wellinton and heading to a aplace called Taupo...........I liked Well a lot, cute little city :) x

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Well so sorry for not entering any diary entried for ages - I have literally been really busy travelling around NZ! Only get time to look at facebook and a few job sites and not really any time to enter long entries!! Anyway when I arrived to Queenstown it was great - really hot and the are was stunning! Big massive lake and mountains, actualy one of the mountains there was called Modor or something from Lord of the Rings! Queenstown is where you do all the extreme stuff - Bungy Jumping, skydiving, jet boating - so a pretty action place by day and by night its known as being a bit of a party place too!

So we decided to stay in Queenstown for a few days to catch up with ourselves rather than travelling every 2 or 3 days. It was nice and yes I decided to jump the Nevis which is the worlds 3rd largest bungee jump over a canyon!! It is 134 metres high ah what was I doing! Anyway the day of the jump arrived and I was feeling like I had an exam or something and I had done no revision - you know that horrible feeling? Anyway the day got off to a worse start when I remembered that they had to weigh you grrrrrrr that cant be a good sign after 3 months of travelling!! The even better news is that they then proceeded to write your weight in red marker on your hand for all to see - my dreams all coming true at once!!!

Anyway off to the Nevis we went and all got harnessed up, guys and gals together we all wait our turn to jump, heaviest first. I am mortified when they shout anyone over 70 kilos this way please and I find I am the only girl in the group surrounded by big boys :( boo hoo poor Vicky :)!!!! Anyway I jumped the jump and it was fantastically amazing, felt such a rush and I laughed all the way down! Brill!

Had St.Patricks day as well in Queenstown and everyone was out to party, was a great night, lots of face paint you know the score!

Also when I was in QT I decided to do a trip to a place called Milford Sound which is this amazing water space with large mountains and waterfalls. Unf the day I chose to go was desperate weather and the whole place just looked so grey and dull it was a real shame but still glad I went I guess!

Ok so that pretty much was the South Island all done now. And what an amaziong place, aimply stunning, he glaciers in Franz Josef, the Mirror Lakes, mountains, beautiful sounds, extreme sports - wow fantastic. Was really sad to leave the south island, we had to visit Kaikoura again and Christchurch again before heading up to Picton to get the ferry accross to Wellington. In Kaikora we decided to cook ourselves a massive rast dinner which was amazing! Then watched Bridjet Jones - was hilarious and I am most definately her I have decided!!!! So bye bye south island - on up to the NOrth, will miss you - defo favourite part of trip so far :) x

Friday, 07 March 2008

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

So I arrived in Christchurch on the 6th and met Gail, Chau and Cara. I found it so funny that when I was on the other side of the world and when none of the girls had no phones they left me in Oz (only a day before) and we were like, oh yeah cool see you tomorrow in NZ! I arrived pretty late so nothing was done so zzzzzzzz time. hmm apart there is a 3 hour time difference and everyone in my room was shattered at 12 midnight whilst I was twiddling my thumbs as it was only 9pm to me. 7 hours later I got to sleep so I was feeling really fresh for our trip the next day!

We went to a beautiful place called Akaroa which is a gorgeous little village beside a lake and mountains, well its pretty much dominated by them. so gorgeous! It really takes your breath away. in fact even the drive over there was pretty phenominal as well! I spent the day just wandering around being flabergasted by the beauty (also trying to hold my eyes open due to serious jetlag lol!) - I promise I will post some pictures, it just takes ages to load them up!

We left Christchurch pretty soon and the next day we went to a place Kaikoura. Very similar to Akaroa apart from in KK there is an abundance of sealife there - sperm whales, dolphins, seals, er fish I guess, its also famous for crayfish there too. I am going to swim with the dolphins on my way up to the North Island as we have to go through Kaikoura again on the way back - I didnt want to pay before I heard from someone that had done it whether you actually got to see dolphins! pparently you see about 250 so I will be pretty dam unlucky if I miss them. Well I wouldnt put anything passed me to be fair.

In KK we decided to go on a mega walk which I organised. I went in the tourust place and asked a women the best place for us to go - she gave me the route and the time it would take.. I decided to show the girls the route but not tell them the time it would take lol! 4 hours she said - thinking it may put them off I just said the map wasnt to scale and we should get going quick! Anyway the views were amazing and the highlight was to reach a seal colony. When we reached it we were delighted to see hundreds of seals bobbing up and down in the water so we pretty much ran over rocks to get to them. Only to be dissappointed to it was in fact seaweed. hmmmmmm. We sat for a good half hour waiting for these god dam seals but none appeared so we dcided to carry on with our walk. With our faces hung low as we hadnt seen any seals a women came up to us and asked if we had seen any, we broke the news to her that there were in fact noe. She looked confused and said - girls they are al over there hundreds of them. What is the matter with me serisouly? I turned my head and there were infact little seasl in the distance bobbing up and dwon - they were just smaller than I thought!!! Still it was great to see them!

about 4 hours later we managed to get home after going wrong ways!!! I was mad with the girls for making me go on such a long walk (hehe). It was lovely though.

The next day we left Kaikoura and travelled to Nelson. now I dont think there is really much in Nelson. Apparently the ring from The Lord of the Rings is in one of the jewellery shops there, amd the centre of NZ is in Nelson but I am not sure what else. However people normally use Nelson as the gateway to Abal Tasman, which is one of the biggest most beautiful National Parks in NZ. We went there and got a water taxi to the otehr side of the National Park and our mission for the day was to walk 15km back haha just what we wanted after our million mile walk the day before!!!! It was nice though walking accross paths and bridges, with little bay views of the sea and lakes and beaches - glad to get home though and crash!!!!

You may not have heard much about drinking or nights out!! Well its great actually as the girls and I dont really go out much - its nice not to think that you have travelled all this way to just piss your money away on booze!!! Anyway it was night out time - not been out for 9 nights shock!!! There was a themed night and all you had to do was dress up as something beginning with the letter P. I was most excited as at uni I had dressed up as a portion of chips. I stapled newspaper to a white sheet and wrapped it round me and cut up an old yellow foam mattress for the chips and shoved them down the sheet. I looked great so really wanted to recreate it. I think Gail Cara and Cahau were actually quite disturbed at how enthrilled I was getting about going to a party as a portion of ships..... however I couldnt find any foam so I ended up going as a peasant haha ill show you the pictures when I upload them!........

So now I am pretty much up todate with my trip after the trip today. I am now in a place called Franz Josef which is home to the Franz Josef Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in New Zealand. today we went on a guided tour and climbed the glacier! Going up steep walls, going down tall crevasses. I wasnt really too keen on that bit though it was pretty scary!!! imagine having 2 walls of ice about 30 metres high with about 30cm between them facing each other. that is what you had to walk through - and sideways! I got stuck so many times, this caused my clothes to constantly wipe the wet walls so my whole attire became freezing - oh you can imagine!!!

However it was absolutely amazing, the shapes the glacier had formed and the different colours of the ice were amazing!! Absolutely shatering once again though, walking in total 14km up steep hills, vertical climbs, long drops!!!

The guide we had too was great fun however I think he thought I was trying to come on to him however I was in fact not. He asked me who I would like to be if I could be anyone in the world. I said - I would like to be you - he said why - I said because I want your stick (he was carrying a pig pole with ice picks on either end to clear the ice, it was wicked) he thought I said something else, I blushed, it was funny but then we laughed it off!!! Vicky humour hey!

So now - oh yeah thats right I am writing to you! Up todate finally!!! I really love NZ, I like it better than Oz so far, more beauty in my eyes I think and I seem to have done way more stuff so far!!! The weather is still nice too but you have to wear jeans and a jumper most days, the odd day is scorching though (like today which was great being up a glacier in a thick gortex coat)!!!

Tomorrow I am going to Wanaka (yes mum haha) then off to Queenstown which is extreme sport town. i am still deciding whether to throw myself off nevis which is the largest bungee jump in the world!!!! You free fall 137 metres before bouncing back!!!! Shall I give it a crack?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos soon keep messages coming! xxx

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Recent Messages

From Parky
Hey sweetheart
Glad you're still having lots of fun - NZ is such a great place, I would love to go back there.
I'll be thinking of you swimming with dolphins
Lots of love
Claire xx
From vourn
Hi VIcky, great you did the bungee. I've got just over 4 weeks before baby does a bungee !! i'll keep you posted..Vourn x
From vourn
Hi Vicky, it's great reading the latest adventures. hope you get to swim with the dolphins and do the bungee, it's definately the place to do it... don't forget to tuck your top into your trousers before the bungee jump,, otherwise the photographer will enjoy the view !! take care vournx
Response: I did the Nevis High wire bungee 134m high was amazing! How are you? you must be close now to being the mummy?! xx
From Amy
Do the bunjee jump!! :) x
Response: I will do I have booked it! x
From Dan
Hi Vicky,

Sorry I haven't been in touch - the little fella is keeping me VERY busy.
I can't believe how bad the weather is for you - SHOCKING! looking at the photo's you've had at least some nice days though?

So have you seen Harold Bishop yet?
Response: hey Dan so lovely to hear from you! Yes there have been some lovely days so not all bad!! Ah hope the little one is well and Kelly too, ill send you an email in a few days :) Hope all else is good x
From Amez
I remember that game! lets play it when you get back :) xxx
From Kate Headling
Hi Calamity Jane,
Your messages are so funny, keep em coming. Life is fine here, plodding along, wedding is getting pretty hectic, should be in your diary for 28th June but think this is your friend's hen do as well? Be great if you could come but understand if not.
Off to Tesco now for sushi fix
From Asif
Hello Vicky

Sorry didn't get chance to meet up before you left. Paul passed on these details. All the best with your travels. Nasrin and I are cool.

Response: Thats great to hear Asif make sure you keep in touch! Hope eon is treating you well still!
From Amez
Here's some things guranteed to make u laugh...
1. Yo...NO..YO....NO!!! (ok so we still do that one now..ahem..)
2. "Do you remember laaaaast Christmas...."...geeks
3. Chase round the table (think u still do that now by yourself actually)
4. Gummy bear juice, (oh how we wished we were gummy bears)
lol just was reminiscing and those things came to mind! Anyway havent heard from u for ages! My hair is proper blonde now but my tan is fading fast :o( I am currently unemployed and bored as hell, i feel like a proper bum. lol no just kidding i dont I have interviews set up and will more than likely be working either starting Thurs or next week (nannying/school). Think I'm gonna clean my car today in minus 3 temperatures then start planning dinner at about 1 o'clock then perhaps watch a bit of a place in the sun or holiday airline and reeth ..(thats a word isnt it>?) with jealousy at the people who are living in the sun under a palm tree.

E-mail me back I'm starting to think you're going off me.
lol, i love you!
Amy xxx
Response: I will facebook you! x
From Mark
Glad your having good time. Knew you would have a ball. Whose the ex EON called Andrew in Brisbane. Not Andrew Gastello surely.
Same old crap her, your best off out it. Fa cup semi's and final looming bet you won't miss that hassle.
Keep in touch

Response: no! Although he is in Oz too isnt he? Andrew Mcgallan - based in Notts so you may not know him, used to work for Mark Daniels. OOHHHH the FA Cup wish I was back to deal with all that! x
From vourn
Hey V,i've got 10 weeks to the due date, as it's my first it's more likely to be nearer to 12 weeks. The baby that is and not the wine !! although i don't drink very often, i am now looking forward to a glass or 2 of brown brothers chenin blanc, soon !. Had it in Oz and haven't been able to drink any other wine since. have one for one, on one of your nights out pls. v :)
Response: 12 weeks how exciting! I will be thinking of you! I will sure to have a couple for you! How are Phoenix doing? x
From Vourn
Hi V, good to get your latest update, more drinking i see. good girl.... are you a beer head or wino ??. weather wise, just think of us still in winter !.. vx
Response: a wino definately! leaving for Noosa on wed morning cant wait!! how long have you left to go? x
From Lisa
Ok its 1:30 on wed, i'm sitting in the office having my lunch infront of my computer after a really crapy hectic morning and have just read your very amusing accounts of your life in Australia- I couldn't be more jealous. It sound like you're having an amazing time- I would expect nothing less!
Keep up the diary. Lots of love, Lisa
ps. I completely sympathise with the spider thing by the way
pps. If you do come back in June try to keep the wknd of the 27/28th free for my hen do. Big kisses xxx
Response: sweetie I will be back way before then so count me in for sure!! I will keep it up for sure! Miss you cant wait to see you again! Make sure you keep in touch! x
From Small Joanne
Hello m'dear! Sounds like you are having an amazing time - am beginning to think that chucking it all in and heading to the sun sounds like a really good idea! Good to hear about what you are up to - keep having fun!
Response: I will do hun thanks for your message! How is life at eon? x
From The Shuttlebus
Hey hofters, sounds like your having a blast...Byron on aussie day must've been awesome. If you're still i surfers make sure you go on the massive pub crawl, there was about 60 of us when i did it!!
Response: Shuttlebus!! Missing you heaps how are things? You can reply on facebook if you like as more room x
From Em
LOL re: spider story :) x
From Tricia
Ah, Vic - your koala comments made me laugh out loud. Glad you're having such a fantastic time - I might as well get the j-word out of the way: JEALOUS!!! But am slightly heartened by the rain ;) Keep on writing hun, great to read x
(One question - how did you know the surf instructor's bum was blonde...?)
Response: haha is that what I wrote?! Well you know what i meant! Hope you are ok hun x
From Amy
Lost starts next Sunday... I am bouncing off the walls...literally. i'll record it for you x
Response: you better had! PLease all of them!!! x
From Wes
Hi Vix!!! Looks like Oz is treating you well, cant wait to get there. Arrive in Melbourne on 21/02 and slowly start making my way up to Cairns. Hope the Horns of the Hof are (not) behaving themselves.... :) Anyways keep on having a blast and hopefully see you for a drink!!

Wes x
Response: Thanks hun - fingers crossed the weather gets better as Queensland is flooded!!! not good!! let me know where you are and your plans etc x
From Daniela
Hey dopey, seen any bamboo men lately?

love reading about your trips especially the bits that include me...wish i was still included though!

hope you're having a cracking time i'm missing you lots and can't wait to hear about the rest of your (mis)adventures!!

love you xxxxxx
Response: ah I know!! I miss you loads hun. The girls I am with at the moment all went to Nottingham uni and live in Nottingham as well! x
From Vourn
HI Vic, i loved the Koala story, you didn't mention holding one !! especially one that may have had Chlamydia ! i see you have some nice looking male friends !! hmm. any plans on getting a tattoo or a bong to become a full time hippie !. hope the beaches in the whitsundays clean up before you get there, it would be a shame not to see them at there best! happy australian day for Friday, more drinking heh! have one for me. vourn x
Response: I hope so too I will be so distraight if they dont!! fingers crossed for me! x
From Emily
wow! sounds like ur having such an amazing time vic, im so jelous! id love to come n see u.. but obv i dont have that kind of money lol. omg as if ur going to go sky diving!! ur a nutter!!!!!! good luck with it :o) that story about u dropping ur waterbottle is sooo funny!! gave me a little giggle at work :p. works still not too god, just so boring. iv handed in a few application forms for some bars in basingstoke so fingers crossed for me!!! well im going home at the weekend to see mom , dad, and amy am missin them too! love u sis! n miss u xxx
Response: ah miss you too bet its strange for mum and dad having none of us around anymore! Good luck with the job hunt - ill set myself up on Skype ill get mum to too and we can live chat miss you too xx
From Amy and Kate
Hi Vicky! We love reading your entries, really wish we were there too! Off to gran canaria in 2 weeks, we can't wait! Miss you loads! I love you!!
Amy and kate x
Response: ah thanks guys! Yes i know only 2 weeks for you guys now! You will have a fab time! Miss you both too x
From Emily!
Is there anywhere on this site where u put photos? or r u putting all ur pics on facebook? all looks fun so far :o) xxxxxxx Love u xxxxxxx
Response: they are all on face book x
From Emily!! :o)
Oh sorry didnt realise it was 5am! i thought it was about 10:30am over there when i called! never mind... love that story about surfing lol, i can just imagian it!!! surf camp should be really good :o) hope u enjoy it, and keep ur bikini on lol. im so jelous of u being out there! got a few application forms yesterday for a few bars in Basingstoke so fingers crossed i will get some interviews! ur photos r all amazing!!! :) speak soon! love u xxxxxxxxx