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I spent over 9 months in the Canadian Rockies and am now currently on a North America Roadtrip. Should take about a month and a half...enjoy the blogs and photos :)

Diary Entries

Monday, 23 November 2009

Location: Tasmania, Australia

It had to end sometime

9292 kms in total :)

Wow! What a trip. I had such an amazing time, which you probably picked up from the way I wrote about most places I visited. I can truly say now dont judge a place by what you hear because you can get there and have a totally different experience.

It was so lovely to touch down at the airport in Tasmania and hug my sister, we held each other and cried. It was so nice. Driving back I saw lush green grass, knee high, everywhere! Cows all sitting down because they were too full to keep eating. I forgot how fertile the soil is here and how the farmers in the North West Coast of Tasmania take good care of their farmland. Flying into Tasmania I was forced to remember the biggest business here - Gunns and their logging industry and was ashamed at the huge plots of land with bare trunks on them where wonderful trees used to stand. Sad.

I visited my mums new house and was in love and at home with the place, which didnt surprise me. Big fish swim around in the ponds and dams, cows chew grass right beside the fence, snakes make their homes in the bushes beside the dam. So many rooms and wide open spaces in the house, I wanted to move in right away...but alas, I have other places to be.

Im now getting into job hunting and applying for university up until Christmas where I will also take time off and get right back into it early next year in hope to have something ready to go by start of semester next year.

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog, Im not sure yet whether I will keep it going...but come back every so often and check it out...I may just surprise you with my tales to come.

Canada, I miss you - have a great winter!
Australia - get ready to be explored!


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Location: Los Angeles, USA

I have been trying to write this for days

I have had trouble writing my blog, which usually flows quite easily. The reason: Los Angeles does not get my creativity flowing and offers little inspiration to write amazing things about. Here is what I have been up to, in brief:


San Diego was different to what I expected, seems that the main attraction is the Zoo (which was amazing!). The waterfront had plenty of historical planes and boats if thats your thing, but there wasn’t really alot to see and do in the main city and waterfront area. We boarded a bus destined for Tijuana to experience Mexico. I knew before I left that visiting a border town, one which millions of Americans go to, it would not be a fair indication of what the rest of Mexico had to offer, but this is the best I could do for the short time I will be here. The security fence is huge, apart from the first 8 foot fence there is high powered lights in between the “neutral zone” before you hit a giant mesh fence with 2 lots of razor wire on top. Before the huge fence went up and before it was patrolled by guards 2,000 - 4,000 people would come into America daily. The fence only runs in areas where there is alot of people, so I guess they stop people just walking over, but you can drive into the desert and cross over if your desperate. The average hourly rate in Tijuna is $2 an hour, go a little bit further out in the countryside and its $0.70cents per hour, so alot of people from Mexico commute everyday to earn the USD to feed their families. Not having experience any really different culture it was nice to be on a bus with the driver giving directions on what to do. We got out of the bus and it started; men, women and gorgeous black haired children were trying to sell things, get you into their shops and would try all tricks in the book to get you in there. I bought a wonderful cotton Mexican blanket with all the amazing colours to boot, a cheap pair of leather sandals which I was quite proud of my bargaining there, a silver (or not) bracelet which I couldnt be bothered bargaining anymore so gave them $20 and last of all a "genuine replica" handbag before I got back in the bus, overwhelmed with the last hour of craziness. I spoke with a few shop owners and asked them about the countryside of Mexico and it sounds lovely - exactly the kind of travel I am interested in and I will be back. They have wonderfully big families, most likely to do with their catholic faith and I would love to spend more time in areas where having money doesnt make you a target, your just another fellow world citizen.

Los Angeles

There is huge amounts of rubbish lining the streets here, the biggest concentrations are where the homeless build their shelters, in other places its strewn along the sides of the highways and freeways for miles and miles. We did our last shop for some goodies that cant be bought in Australia in Wal-Mart. We left out hotel for Inglewood and what came next was my first experience of its kind. I was the minority amongst African Americans and Hispanics, in this area they are 50/50. I felt scared, stared at, like I stood out and that I didnt fit in. I was learning very fast what being in a minority group feels like and it certainly was an experience that everyone should feel. We are in an area where everyone has bars on their houses, the hotel we are staying in has double security with bars everywhere - its almost difficult for us to get in. Los Angeles is a city like any other and I know now Im not made for the city.

Tomorrow I leave on a plane back to Australia and I am excited! To have travelled and experienced other countries makes you want to experience your own country in a similar way. I cant wait to give my family and friends hugs and share experiences in the time to come. I will again put my faith and trust in the plane makers and the pilots to get me home safe.

See you all soon X

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Location: Disneyland & San Diego Zoo, USA

One week to go!

Not being well has stopped me from writing the past few days. Disneyland Park and Disneyland California parks were brilliant, so much fun! San Diego Zoo was today and I had a ball looking at all the animals. There is only one week left of being here before the big flight back home and Im really looking forward to wrapping things up here and seeing everyone.

Explore San Diego tomorrow before Mexico the next day.

Sunday, 08 November 2009

Location: Anaheim, California, USA

Day of bed rest

I wanted so bad this morning to get up and visit Disneyland. The giant thunderclaps of the fireworks felt like they were just outside the hotel room last night made it so real where I was. All the car alarms within a few miles radius were set off by how loud they are!
I still couldnt walk to the entrance let alone around all day. So it was National Geographic all day. I am so happy that we have people that want to document all the amazing things in this world. Everything I seem to watch these days shows me the wonderful beauty but there is always the same catch phrase "humans are destroying it". Are we so detached from our environment that it allows us to create its demise, and not only creating it, but allowing its continuance. I watched a program on a great white sharks migration from South Africa to Australia, all the things that it went through, the forces of nature it was up against. It only took one shark fin boat to make some soup for one person in China to kill it savagely and stop this annual migration. As a world population are we not responsible, each one of us? This time off travelling has given me the clarity to know that I want to spend the rest of my life working towards regaining the balance between the environment, all plants, animals, soil and sea to ensure its continuance long after this generation and ten generations from now. Ecocentric; yes. Important; like no other challenge on earth. I cant wait to get home and start working towards this everyday.

I have been so fortunate to travel, see amazing sights everyday, as much as I look forward to being home, this journey of travel is not over.

Saturday, 07 November 2009

Location: Anaheim, California, USA

Malibu, Santa Monica, Muscle Beach and Anaheim

Nothing mended overnight so when I awoke this morning and went to the washroom I could barely breathe just from walking in the cold air, my throat and lungs were in enough pain to have me sitting down barely able to move. The warm water changing to freezing cold just as I put conditioner in didnt help things either. So off along the coast we drove, any stops we made could only be brief otherwise I would have to stay sitting in the car. I dont feel really ill, its just the pain limits the movements I have and I have a high pain threshold.

Muscle Beach or Venice Beach was the first main stop. This famous beach has a outdoor gym, gymnasium, basketball courts and filled with small seaside vendors selling all sorts of goods. This is where Arnie made it big, t-shirts all around saying "Governator" and "my governor can beat your governor" with his giant muscles showing. This place has character, while we were watching a few 3 on 3 basketball matches there were young and old, black and white, fat and thin and all human differences in between all playing together as a team. Like right out of a movie the streets were all lined with tall palm trees and the sun shone warmly. A side of this area that I didnt know of was the back streets. Dirty, arty and filled with locals, either those in homes or those without. Although I worried about the way I looked at people or how long I held my stare, once I spent 20 minutes sitting and watching them, I could tell it was a tight knit community with plenty of transients making their way through.

Santa Monica with its amazing pier only got a drive past this morning, but hopefully once I feel better I will be riding my bike along it to take in the sights. J visited West Coast Choppers, a famous bike shop and after a bit more time driving along the coast we headed up to Anaheim to get in close to Disneyland.

After a visit to the Doctors ive been prescribed some pills and bed rest...and I doubt I could even walk the block to get there let along walk around all day. So looks like its Monday for Disneyland. Im actually looking forward to it, now I just need to figure out how to fit it all into a day.

Friday, 06 November 2009

Location: Malibu, USA

Sunshine, beaches and swine flu

Left Vegas to more promises of sunshine and made it to the outskirts of Los Angeles before Wal-Mart again became the camping spot. When I awoke this morning I could barely breathe, everything ached and my lungs were so sore. Damn swine flu, I thought I got away with not having it, but how I feel today has showed that it crept up on me slowly.

Drove through L.A today towards Malibu, sunshine and beaches, giant houses with their huge gates locked tight so you cant see anything. There is no view because of these big gates and fences shutting out any views of the water as you drive along the Pacific Hwy. We kept driving to a camping spot and because it was a little out of the way we got a good location right on the beach, so I fell asleep on the sand today with my aches and pains trying to sleep away the way I feel.

Over the next few days is more of L.A with its crazy cement highways set up like giant mazes, travel along the coastline right through to San Diego to see the zoo and take in the sights there. Mexico for a day or two for shopping and some long awaited culture and then back into L.A for Disneyland and a hotel to pull everything apart and pack ready for the journey HOME!


Wednesday, 04 November 2009

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Vegas, its been great but I probably wont be back

Last night I lost my faith in magic at the Cris Angel show. I have seen his antics on the t.v, there is alot of hype and it looked amazing. There were a few things that amazed me but one of his illusions went wrong, and the others you could see the trap doors, by the end I just wanted him to do some magic to make it up but unfortunately by then the show was over. There was more smoke, fire and dancing than something that would really impress me, and the crowd were really just clapping because they had to, not because they had been super impressed. Hrm, sad. More views of the city lights as we strolled back home along the strip and I decided I had had enough of Vegas. The people shoving cards for prostitutes in your face all the way home almost put me over the edge and the lady on the escalator lighting a cigarette up right in front of me right after breakfast (full smoking in Casinos here) let me know it was time to leave.

I tried to go to the Sema International Car show this morning and I spent a bit on the ticket but after bumping into my 10th person, my legs tired from pounding the pavement for days now and feeling off has me back in the hotel room. J stayed there and I think it will be awhile before he returns. I saw some great classic cars there, but the interest doesnt seem to be there for me anymore.

Last night in the king size bed and back to camping, heading across to L.A and see what we can get up to there :) Back to California...

Weather report: SUNSHINE!

Where I am.................................... Where I was :)
13° | 27° Wed................................ -2° | 2° Wed
13° | 28° Thu................................. 3° | 9° Thu
12° | 22°Fri.................................... -2° | 4° Fri
12° | 21°Sat................................... -6° | 3° Sat

Tuesday, 03 November 2009

Location: Las Vegas Baby!, USA

Vegas, how surreal

Out of all the places that I have been Vegas seems to be the one that gave me that 'it' moment - I cant believe Im here. We laid low the first day, checking out our hotel, enjoying king size luxury and gambling a little. One thing I do like about here is that there are so many different entities competing for your money, so prices stay low and things are either cheap or free :) Well the things I am interested in anyway.

Yesterday we decide to step onto Las Vegas Blvd and check it out properly and we were not disappointed. Shopping, casinos, people, glitz, glamour - its all here. We tried to walk on the shady side of the road because by 10am the sun has bite, something we are not used to at all. There is no real cross roads, theres an 8 lane freeway going right through the main streets. Instead there are escalators going up either side of the road and a bridge across it, an escalator outdoors...I think thats a first for me, or at least this amount of them, almost every street corner. The casinos build them to get people to cross the bridge and you walk straight into the casino. I hate to admit that I am a fan of the t.v series Las Vegas and so it was kinda neat to see all those things in life size. Caesers, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Mirage, Treasure Island all were big, bold and filled with money. We used the pokies along the way, I think I sit a few $ up right now thanks to a $140 win on the first night and Ive paid for lunch, show tickets etc. As long as I walk away from here not down I will be happy. Theres entertainment everywhere you look, theres people handing out cards for cheap prostitutes on EVERY street. People hassle you, compete for your attention (money) and your senses feel overloaded. We were on the strip for the sun to go down and the lights to really come on. First was the Bellagio water show and WOW! Synchronised water with music and the size is unbelievable, as each bigger fountain of water crashes down a thunderous roar follows it. Planet Hollywood has the most LCD screens all lit up wanting you to come to a show called peepshow. The replica Eiffle Tower which is only half the size of the real one takes you up and above the city lights and really is a sight, thats when I had my moment, Im really here, Im seeing this. Out the front of New York New York is a giant rollercoaster and Im not game, it looks intense. The last bit of entertainment before we left the strip was a simulated volcano erupting at the Mirage and it was cool!

We got offered cheap show tickets and to cut a long story short, if we go to listen to a presentation on time share properties on the strip we get free lunch, get to see Chris Angel and Cirque du Soleil tonight. There is an amazing puppeteer I want to see also and while J is hopefully at Sema (a big car show) I will see the Bodies exhibit - the one that they have cast human bodies, they have disected them and also put them onto plastic so you can see all the way through. That should be interesting!

I dont think we have anymore huge plans while we are here, try not to lose too much money and have a good time. We get a free breakfast buffet every morning so I might toddle off for that :) X

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From Mum
You seem to be having more fun than you have all year. Im hanging to see pics from Vancouver Island as it sounds amazing. Glad you and Jade havent killed each other yet. Can be hard to be with someone 24/7 You guys are doing a great job! Really enjoyed the little creatures..The racoons look so cuddly although I imagine they are not and the squirrels seem to be everywhere. You were lucky to be able to handle one without injury really. All is well back here. Britt is counting the days till she heads off. Hard to believe she will be at Uni soon. Im off to Victoria today for a Mental Health conference so prob wont be online for a few days but will catch up on your news when i return..Happy travelling beautiful girl!
Response: Oct 12th-09: Mum! The Humpback Whales today were AMAZING!! Hope you enjoy all the photos and the blog updates over the past few days should keep you well informed :) XX
From Sherrie
Great to read your blog. What an awesome trip it looks like so far!! Beautiful first camping spot! I don't know if you planned on going to Tofino on Van Island. It might be out of the way... it is such I neat place! You would really love it for sure! Say hi to Jade as well! Looking forward to more pics!!!!!
Chat soon : ) Sherrie
Response: Oct 7th-09: Hey Sherrie :) Its been an amazing three days already. Yes we are going to get to Tofino - Chris & Sheila talked us into it the other night. Thanks for the advice! Anywhere in the U.S you would recommened? Hope you enjoyed Day 3 pics cause I sure did enjoy taking them. Hope all is well. Looks like the weather has really cracked up there now. Brrr! Talk soon X
From Katherine
Hey Rach,
Yes you are right lots of ppl read your blog because of the picture you paint with your words, you are truelly gifted in more ways than most. I feal sad at your sadness for leaving but i can also see the sparkle in your eyes when you have new ideas that just lighten you heart. Things happen for a reason so let life be... So i guess we will be seeing you soon, im happy about that and i bet your Family can hardly wait.
Travel safe & take care of you.
Response: Oct 5th-09: Hey Kat :) Thank you for your words, I have alot of sadness, but your right, very excited about the next adventure. I will come back here, apart of my heart is here now. Keep in touch and I will see you in OZ soon :) XX
From Mum
Good luck with the job hunting Rach..keep up with the blog as I rekon even though there are not alot of comments most ppl are reading your adventures. Must have been lovely to sleep in the new bedding especially after the active days you have been experiencing. We need to rememeber we spend hal our lives in bed so it needs to be quality or our health suffers. I loved the pics from the zoo..Great to see animals that are not familiar to us.
Response: Sep 22-09: Hello No. 1 Fan :) hehe. Oh, I know people are reading it, lots of people do, I have a page counter - its nice to know people read it and come back even if there is no comments.
Im loving my new bed and bedding, I barely want to get out of bed, so may be a good thing and a bad thing.
Glad you enjoyed the zoo pictures, it was lots of fun taking them. I loved your NZ pics, so nice that your heading over there, Canadians wonder why not many Australians get over there, because its so close.
Im still job hunting...not as easy as the first time thats for sure!
I miss you very much and think about Tassie often. Take care X
From Kat
Hey Rach, sorry for the delay our pc has been out with all the storms we have been having, anyway
Im sure you would of had a blast. Your blog is simply amazing to read, its like being there with you as you do you crazy down hill blast. You are mad woman...hahahaha...
Cant wait to catch up in the new year, and with the way this year has flown it will be here b4 you know it. Take care of you,
lots of love Kat & her clan. xoxoxox
Response: Aug 28th-09: Hey Kat :) Damn storms, heard its pouring over there, floods & all sorts. Yuk. Australia seems so extreme. Thanks for the birthday wishes, was a good couple of days :) Yeah, next year here I come...I know what you mean about time flying - where did the last 8 months go? Hope everyone is well. Take care also. Chat soon X
From Mum
Rach a friend at work has just headed to South America for a fwe months ..thought you might like to keep an eye on her blog and experiences Might give you some ideas.
Response: Aug 25th - 09: Awesome, will do! Thanks heaps mumsicles. Its my canadian birthday today :) Ive been riding with friends, had candy & all sorts of goodies, some wonderful flowers sent to my work and a big bike ride to finish off the day - what more could a girl ask for :)
Miss you. x
From Bel
What a writer you have become rachi! You truly know how to paint a picture. I had tears and laughter as I read your last entry and could see you working hard, sweat and all :-) your biking sounds unreal - it sounds like you have found something that you love a lot. You are livin the dream my friend. I love you and miss you&i am so glad the magnetic pull of the rockies hasn't been lost on you yet. I am awaiting daylight savings all too eagerly to try out my new kayaking skills - I know where I will be every Thursday night and on weekends! Yeehah!

Talk soon,
love Bel xx
Response: Aug 23rd-09: Bel Bel :) Its so lovely to hear from you! I am loving it here and your totally right, the pull hasnt gone at all and I know that when I leave here it will constantly call me back :) After the weekend at the Dirt Series my biking has got even better! Loved it so much. Keep up the kayaking, you will have a few things to teach me as I have been out on my bike too much to be in a kayak. Im glad that my writing is something that you enjoy :) That makes me smile. Take care Bel, miss you heaps XXXOOO
From Mum
OMG the cranxworkx festival looked like a heap of fun. Great pics once again. You look like you are catching a few rays as one of your pics looked like it had a dash of sunbrun added!!! Still raining over here. Every weekend had been impossible to get outside but spring is not too far away so heres hoping. EJ is studying hard for her learners and hoping to get it before I go to NZ in a few weeks. Will be funny seeing another one of you driving around town. Big week of work this week with full time and a couple of night shifts as well. Going to have a molar removed tomorrow just to make the week a bit more interesting..Yowwww! You have certainly covered a few miles in the last few weeks so guess you will be needing a break. naomi is heading down here for a few days visit in the next few weeks so will be nice to hear all her news. We are having a party for Erins 16th and for Mina as well so should be a fun night (11th Sept). Keep your eye on FB for some pics. Anyhow just a short note today Cheers Love Mum xx
Response: Aug 18th-09: Hey Mumsicles :) Lovely hearing from you - I think your my main fan on this blog, I know people are reading it from the page counter, but not really leaving comments...its nice to know its being read anyway.
Erin turning 16, scary hey. I asked her if she could just stop growing up until I get back, its going to be such a shock to me when I get back, but I cant wait for it! Crankworx was way too much fun and makes me want to get back out on my bike, with my mountain bike skills camp this weekend I should have lots of things to practice as well :)
Hope the sun finds you down in Tassie. Look forward to seeing some pics. Take care, miss you lots and talk soon X
From Mum
Hey there Rach Just reading your blog once again. You sounded so tired the other night..I hope you are not over doing it! Shame you are not getting more sunshine and I am thinking you will probably get more of it here in February than you are there. Well guess it will give you something to look forward to. Might ake up for the ribbing you are going to experience regarding your half aussie half canadian accent he he It is funny to hear you talk as you are picking up alot of the accent . To be expected I guess. I will certainly keep you in mind for the Port Fairy Festival and will let you know when the invite comes..usually mid November. Its a kid free year next year although Britty is informing me she will be an adult so not sure how I get around that one as she has a point. Funny to see you guys turning into adults and cruising the world however I guess it will be good in a few years when I start so I always have a place to crash in!! Britt and I are off to Victoria today for a few days to peruse the universities. I am hoping to catch up with Sharon and Wendy so that should be fun. Back to work next week then only a few weeks till New Zealand. The year is flying away..pardon the pun! Ok must choof. keep up the great work with your blog as it really is a pleasure to read. Take care and keep an eye on the mail...Love Mum xx
Response: Aug 7th-09: Mum!! Hey there. I dont think Im overdoing things, just work hard all day and with the time difference by 10pm here I tired :) We can chat again when its early here and I will be full of bubbles!
The sun is starting to shine here now, the weather man said the big storm front that was here has now moved on :) Happy days! I think its funny that you hear an accent - I dont even know what an accent is anymore, even Australians sound weird to me these days.
Your going to have to come up with something good for Wingnut for PFFF cause she will be 18 - maybe "pay your own way" will sway her? Although shes got big money bags too...who knows?
There is always a free bed at my house for you so whenever you need to scratch the travel bug itch!
Hope you had a great time in Victoria with the Wingnut.
Im off for some hiking and driving this weekend in hope to find a moose, an animal which still escapes me. Will share the photos upon my return.
Miss you all heaps.
XX Rach.
hey Rachie,
Wow things are really heading in the up would direction, loved reading every min and wish i could share the experience its amazing to think that we can be milllions of kms away but still share the simliar interests. i miss you heaps the random 3am calls that i make, the planning of events, the lists that you have us follow anyhow keep up the blogging love aways & beyond your best oldest sis omi xxxooo
Response: Aug 4th 09: Hey Omi Pomi :) So great to hear from you. Only a few days left in the sollies for you, bet you dont want to leave and are looking forward to going home at the same time. I miss our 3am chats and when you call me to play me mmm bop all the time and if I dont answer you just leave it on my voicemail. I hope that you do plan on sharing some of my travels with me - I know you would love Central America! Take care of yourself and I cant wait to see you in Feb/March - maybe you could join us for Port Fairy Folk Festival?? XXX OOO :)
From Mum
What a road trip Rachie. Britt and I have just been purusing your pics which were magnificent and you are certainly looking in top form. Britt says you have lost your 'study face'...whatever that means hehe Na we think you really are lloing great and certainly happy. OMG the scenery is breathtaking. Mind you are favorite pic was the one with the bananas in foil..YUM Your writig has improved out of sight and is a joy to read. You will be glad you have that record on years to come. Anyhow must choof. Take care Love Mum and
Response: July 22-09: Hey you two! Was so nice to hear from you...was my pleasure to take all the photos and write my blog, am thinking of you all the time and glad you can kinda experience it with me if I keep everything up to date and online. Missing you heaps!! X haha and I know what Wingnut means about the study face...I feel it too. The bananas in foil were AWESOME!!
From lyn cook
Hope you are well, just been looking at some of your photos so lovely over there. Jade caled today was nuce to hear from him. Enjoy the wknd you road tripping he said, love lyn allen & co xxxxxxx
Response: July 18-09: Hi Lyn, Allen & Co :) Just got back from Roadtripping and had an awesome time! There should be some more photos under 'Summer Roadtrip' for your viewing pleasure. Hope everything is well back in gorgeous little Tassie.
Looks like that Calgary Stampede was pretty action packed! Loving the pics keep up the good work! :)
Response: July 15-09: Well he/she who shall remain nameless, thank you for your message. CS was awesome and I will surely keep up the good work - im loving it here!
From Mum
Amazing walk up castle mountain Rach. The trees and expanse of the mountains over there are amazing. Been looking at treks around South America as they have a few adventure ones which really interest me. Will have to chat about it sometime soon. The special offers come out in August. Not much news here really apart from home with the flu..boring! Oh house should be settled by Friday fingers crossed and I cant wait for you to see it. Oh and also Britt was short listed to do a defense force gap year..guess there was more news than I realized hehe Take care gorgeous girl
Response: June 23-09: WOW, lots of news. Fantastic news about Wingnut and her shortlisting! They would be lucky to have her thats for sure. Keep me updated :) Treks around SA hey...just remember that the cycle part of my trip starts in Mexico and it will take me the best part of a year to get to SA, so if your thinking of being over here next year, I will be doing Canada, Alaska and the US. Anyway, keep me posted, Im hoping the specials will get me a trip back in Feb.
Fingers crossed for the house, damn mortgage brokers! I hope that you get better soon also, no good that your not feeling well :( Kisses & Hugs. Miss you. Chat soon X
From Dax
Hey Rach, Loving the photo's looks like you've been keeping active and having fun! I'm off to Banff Film Festival tomorrow night down here, looking forward to seeing more of that beautiful country side you're getting into for real!
Response: June 19-09: Ive heard that the film festival goes right around the world! I guess thats why there is so many tourists in Banff! Enjoy it - be awesome! Getting to do it for real is pretty special! Hows everything going with you? House purchase?
From Mum
Enjoyed your quickie Rach..Im glad you are having a go at kayaking. I imagine you would not have a hope in hell of doing it there in winter time with all the ice around. I would love to have seen pics of your big grizzly. Hoping you see another one and have a camera handy. We are looking forward to seeing you when you come back for a visit. We are also looking forward to hearing your newly acquired accent. I have noticed your accent with a few words you say when we have chatted on the phone . Still having dramas with the new house purchase but I think Jen will get it all sorted. Will keep you posted. Miss you heaps and heaps love Mum xx
Response: June 19-09: Hey Mum :) I cant believe I have been so lucky with bears and no camera! I saw a black bear on wednesday with her tiny cub and she was so close to us! As the summer progresses the bears will move higher as more grows on the mountains as it gets warmer, so I am enjoying it all and from the safety on top of a horse.
I have Bel on the hunt for cheap flights for Feb/March next year - Im very excited and will be so good to see everyone and to still come back for the rest of my adventures here.
No good with the house stuff...damn red tape!
Im probably hiking two mountains with my long weekend - so will take lots of photos and hopefully one will be of a bear :) Toodles!
From Naomi J
Hey Rachie,
Finally jumped on and read about your adevents in the past few months what an amazing time your having i can't wait to experience some part of this journey your taking, on the note about ortho work and dental excellent to hear things are heading in the right direction and your going to be extremely happy with the outcome can promise you that keep up the blogging and yes you have inspired me to do the same will put the link on my fb chat soon hugs and kisses Naomi
Response: June 10th-09: Omi Pomi - so nice to hear from you! I hoped you enjoyed reading it all, Im sure there was plenty to catch up on.
I hope that you can meet me somewhere along the road and im sure we will have a blast together wherever we meet up. I hope your enjoying your time in the Solomon Islands, I love that you get to travel with your jobs, so lucky!
Take care - miss you X R.J
From Mum
Fantastic that you have your first aid Rach. You just never know when it may come in handy and yes you may even save a life. I have really enjoyed the horsie pick..My favorite is 'Buck' so save a ride for me on him when I come over. I signed the house documents today so only a few days before we are the proud owners of a 'renovators dream'. I think you are going to love it. Anyhow keep the blog going as it really is a great read and Im thinking you will enjoy looking back on it in years to come..Miss you heaps..Mum xx
Response: June 10th-09: Congrats on the new purchase!! From the pics it sure looks like a renovators dream, definately a 'you' house - look forward to seeing it when I am back on Tassie soil. Buck is my main man as he is a guides horse, also Steve who is the Palamino that you liked I can ride sometimes - he is a real gentleman.
The weather has certainly got better and better here and i can barely remember winter sure it will be a shock to the system when it starts to snow again.
Thanks so much for the care package in the mail X Miss you guys so much. Thinking of you.
From Lozza
OMG rach! My dream job, can't believe you are working on an actual ranch, that is the coolest!! I'll just grab my akubra and blundstones and i'll meet you there!
Response: June 4-09: Its fantastic! Im so happy there. Its only for the spring and summer but still fantastic! Hope your saving is going well for your trip. Your welcome here anytime :) hehe
From Mum
Hey there Rachie. You look right at home on that Ponderosa. Looks like a delightful farm and what a lucky girl to be getting paid to ride horses...CRAZY! Brett and Jen were asking how you were. Can you email them a link to your blog. I am sure they would love to hear from you..Talk soon gorgeous..Love Mum xx
Response: May 30-09: Hey Mumsicles :) Yeah...just living the dream over here. Will post the link to Brett and Jen also - hope the business is going well for them, I bet those kids are big now! Im learning all my first aid stuff this weekend - probably come in handy for all the bike trips over the summer as well as horsey mishaps. Hope all is well back in Tassie land. Miss you X
From Mum

What happened to my tea totaler baby girl. Shes been led astray by those wicked Canadians!!! I think I will have to come over to save you from yourself Rach..Well either that or join in the fun. Love to see you are making the most of life these days. A bit sad to hear the snow is melting but will be lovely to experience the summer also. I imagine it is just as beautiful. Well all is good here. We have a new relative..Pasa. Him and Annette plan to marry early next year so interesting days ahead. He goes back to Turkey in a few weeks so that will be hard for her but looks like she may buy a house in Ulverstone which will keep her out of mischief. Kids are all good. I will attempt a detailed email this week to fill you in on all our goss. In the mean time Take care..Love you Mum
Response: May 5-09: Hey Mum :) I think you need to save me from myself, im having way too much fun!! Great news about Annette getting engaged, sad to not be there to congratulate her.
There is always a spare bed at my house for when you come over to visit...we would have an awesome time!!
Miss you lots XX
Take care, big hugs and kisses for the kids (who arent really kids anymore)
From Dax
Love the pics of the GIANT, was that GIANT GIRL for sooking about a few little scratches!
Response: April 26-09: hehe :) Im going harder next time to prove you wrong! Its been snowing again, so up to the ski hill rather than hitting the trails on the bike. Damn Spring. Hope everything is well back in Tassie land. I showed some Canadians a tassie devil the other day - their comments were so funny! What the? What is that!
:) Keep well Sir Daxamus.
From Lozza
Hey Jackdog!!! Looks like your having an absolutely smashing time over there! My sister is coming over in the beginning on May and working at the Chateu Lake Louise! so maybe you could visit her! if you around there! lol, you'll be proud im going over to meet her in europe in october for a contiki trip! woop woop!
Response: April 19, 2009 - Hey Lozza! Thats awesome. Im about an hour from Lake Louise, so will definately have to meet up with your sis, Im sure she will make her way to Banff & Canmore as well. Awesome news about Europe for you too - you will certainly see another side of life there. Hope everything else is going well for you - saving, saving, saving I bet! Get your sis to add me on FB and we can keep in touch :) Hugs and Kisses for you :) OOXX
From Mum
Hey there beautiful girl...Absolutly loved the pics of your mountain climb. You have so many kodak moments over there!! Thank you heaps for the care package. Its bloody freezing here today so I am wearing the new moose soxs which are lovely. Kids say thank you for their moose pops also. Its really nice to recieve a gift from you. I have posted a few pics of the outdoor enos that we are in the middle of to keep you up to date. Still a bit of a mess but will be awsome when completed. Im off to Lonny today to spend the day with Kellie which should be fun..She has a little pig she has named Harvey much to his disgust..ha ha..You take care Love Mum xx
Response: April 15, 2009 - Im so glad that you got the care package ok :) Did the kids like the peanut butter kit kats? Thought they were a bit novel! Hope the kids liked their pressies. The moose socks were so cute werent they!
I will keep posting pics, Jade has bought my mountain bike and heaps of my gear over, so Im so stoked to be getting out on the bike really soon and taking lots of pics, also my new horse job will start in a month, so lots of cool panoramic horse shots to come :)
Harvey the pig, what a classic!! Only Kellie hey!
Thanks for posting pics to keep me up-to-date, I love seeing them. Can you please remind the kids that I would like them to stop growing up - just wait until I get back :) hehe.
Hope you had an awesome day in Launnie and that your enjoying your well deserved week off. Miss you heaps!! Love Rach XX
From Belinda
Oh Rach....about to board the train and I read your last blog, happy tears :-) I've had an amazing time with you...something I will never forget. I feel very lucky to count you as one of my close friends and sharing a week of your life in Canmore plus a roadtrip filled with laughter and memories. Thanks for day I will see that moose. "Here moosie moosie moose!". Travel safe beautiful girl, see you again somewhere in this big wide world. Bel x
Response: April 5, 09: Bel, it was totally my pleasure having you over here and sharing 9 days of my life with you. So many laughs and your last night here with the toboggan is one that will stay in my memory. Thank you so much for making the trip to Canada. I know that Canada certainly turned it on for you with warmer tempretures, good snowfall and lots of sunshine! Take care Bel, until next summer time :)