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G'day, well here we are in Scotland, being educated in football (boring) and a new type of language called Scottish Brogue. "Ach, yooo idgeit!" (Translastion, "Oi, you idiot!") Have a laugh reading, 'cause we're having a laugh doing!!!

Diary Entries

Friday, 19 May 2006

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Well, we're still here and it's not getting any warmer. We've had a couple of visitors arrive from Mungindi in Oz. Bruce & Jenny Longworth and their duaghter, Annette came for a three day visit to Edinburgh on their whirlwind UK / Scotland tour. Annette's living in the UK as well, and no doubt will pop up in a few stories from time to time when we catch up for extended pub hours.

Friday, 17 March 2006

Location: Edinburgh / Glasgow, UK

Sean, our Kiwi flatmate thought it might be a good idea to go to Glasgow for a night out on St Patricks Day, since there's a large Irish population over there. Our drinks started early, with our first pints of Guiness at lunch time in Waverly Train Station, Edinburgh. ..... To be FINISHED soon.....

Sunday, 05 March 2006

Location: Essex, UK

This weekend we caught up with my old Scottish flatmate, Derek Baker, who lived with me for a couple of years back when I lived in Walgett, NSW. Derek is living and working on a farm East of Essex. We had a great time checking out a few Canola crops and generally getting back in amongst some farm machinery again.

Saturday night we went into town and caught up with a few of his mates. We had a great night out in Essex, through a few pubs of course, and were introduced to 'mini Guinesses'. They're a shot of Tia Maria, with a Bailey's top on it. Yum, Yum.

We ended up back at Derek's mates place in town, Mark and Loreyna's place for the night, who had spare beds for us. We didn't get to bed until about 5 am ish, because there was a jacuzzi, sauna and a bottle of Scotch to drink ...... as if we needed more to drink.

The next day started very slowly with a great greasy breakfast that Sal and Mark cooked up for us. We had to get back to Fulham to have a last dinner with Tim and Polly before we took off to Edinburgh on the Monday.

Friday, 24 February 2006

Location: Edinburgh, UK

We've travelled up from London this weekend to try and find an appartment to live in the 'Burgh. We also were lucky enough to get tickets to the Scotland v. England Rugby (Union) Test.

Our tickets were in the High Altitude Nose Bleed Section, but we had a great view to watch Scotland take on and beat the "Auld Enemy", and watch England get their Arses KICKED!! The atmosphere was electric, with 67,000 + people at Murrayfield Stadium to watch the game.

We sat next to English bloke who had a hip flask of Scotch whiskey. I commented that on a freezing night like this he was a smart man to bring a hip flask. He offered me a sip of Whiskey, which as a good Aussie Bloke, I accepted. He then asked who, as an Aussie, I was supporting. My response was to open my jacket and show him my Scotland Jersey (newly bought), and I never got another sip !!! Poor loser I say.

We had a great night out in the pubs that night, and since Scotland won, Edinburgh was going off! Happy Scots everywhere, who were very happy to meet a couple of Aussies wearing Scotland Jersey's and a Wallabies cap. Sal liked all the kilts, but wasn't game enough to lift any.........yet.

We stayed with a couple that I met travelling in '99, Fred and Jeanie, a lovely couple who treat us like their own kids, and are always quick with advice, dinner and a few drinks for us.

We found a place to live in Leith, part of Edinburgh near the port, which has been a changing area, from Ned-ville (Feral-ville for those Aussies reading this) to a hip part of town. Mind you, our street has a little way to go yet.

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Location: London, UK

To start at the beginning, which is 5 month ago now....and we both acknowledge and apologise for being very poor in the communication department. That being said, our journey may begin.

We started the long journey in Adelaide. Our connecting flight to Sydney, to catch the JAL flight to Tokyo, left at some ungodly hour of the morning. But thanks to Rosie's planning skills and also her knowing how difficult it is to get Drew out of bed, had pre-booked a car to get us to the airport in plenty of time. So in we walked very excited, lugging way too much gear. A pack each and wheel-along suitcase, along with laptop bag and day packs, we really had packed for 2 years. All went well until it was time to check in, and we had the crankiest Asian lady I've ever seen at 5.30 in the morning. She was going to book our luggage straight through to London and wanted to charge us $1300 excess baggage for the privilege. Even Drew couldn't talk his way out of paying the full amount, so we checked through to Sydney at no cost. Thankfully Mum and Dad met us in Sydney, and after a hurried repack on ther floor of the airport we were away having paid nothing extra. Drew's charm worked with the second lady!!

The flight was long and largely uneventful. We were sitting next to an Irish guy, and caught up with him and another 2 guys he had met at the hotel bar in Tokyo. Aussies and the Irish can always find a bar to drink in together! So quite a few Japanese beers later we stumbled to bed just in time for us to be feeling under the weather for the following days 13hr flight into London.

We were lucky enough to have some friends of Drew's living in Fulham who put us up for 3 weeks when we first arrived. Thank you Tim (Adelaide boy) and Polly. While there we did all the touristy stuff. Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, where Drew's G-G-Grand Father was buried, (Prime Minister Gladstone), so we saw a marble statue of him and were invited up to the library. Buzzed in actually. It was really cool to go where no-one else got to go, and the books and tapestries on the walls were amazing. Rows and rows of books that are hundreds of years older than discovered Oz.

We say the eye, had our first meals in the quaint british pubs, where I swear the only vegetable they know how to cook is peas. Tried to have our photo taken in front of Buckingham Palace. Upon asking a lady to take it she asked if were monarchists or republicans, Drew replied 'no comment' and refused to answer further. But at least she finally took the photo.

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From Anna
Hello Drew and Sal!
Have only just got your message today as I never really check that Wayn thing. Your website is such a great idea, loved seeing your photos as well, you look like you are having a fabulous time! Well done Sal for getting the French down pat! Yeah great news about Sal and Stu, I caught up with them when I flew up for the weekend and both are looking really well. Anway glad to hear that you having such a good time, will pass on the web address to Timmy (he is cut that he hasn't had an e-mail in ages, very funny).
Looking forward to reading more about your travels.
Love Anna.
Response: G'day just logged on again after coming back from sailing Croatian coast. There will be more updates when we get the internet back on at home, along with more photos. Great to hear from you and keep in touch. Love to you and all the crew at home. Cheers, Drewy & Sal.