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Thursday, 04 October 2007

Location: Udaipur, India

Wednesday, 03 October 2007

Location: Udaipur, India

Just come into this tinternet cafe and they want me to fill in a form. Are you serious I ask and laugh. It asks Name, Father's Name, Occupation, Education, Permanent Address, Telephone Number including Mobile, Office/Present Address, E-mail. Then there's boxes to tick which read Voter Card, Pan Card, Driving Licence, Passport, School/College ID Card and Company ID Card. Then you have to sign.

I write Name, Fred Bloggs, Father's Name, Jimmy Bloggs, Occupation, mate Rick always says I have a binman walk ;-) Education, none, Age, 84, D.O.B 21/04/67 the only true bit, Sex, yes please, Permanent Address, not nown, Office, I leave blank....well I am unemployed you know.
Then I tick the boxes Pan Card and Driving Licence. Oh and then sign Frederick Bloggs esq.

Last night I took a deluxe sleeper bus from Bikaner to Udaipur. I was given the bed 13 and thought unlucky for some. It turned out to be quite unlucky because bed 13 was right at the back and now as an expert on bus travel in India meant 12 hours of Bucking Bronco. You see the best seats or beds as in this case are in the middle closer to the centre of gravity without trying to sound condescending and so one is not catapulted out of ones seat or bed on India's extremely bad roads. Further scrutiny revealed a bed with crumbs and not very clean with a ripped sheet. So I brushed it down and thought how long has it been since it was last changed, if ever and this is the deluxe bus. Shortly into the journey and throughout I was launched into midair and would come crashing back down with a thud. Some people pay thousands to go up in a plane and experience zero gravity. I thought, no, save your cash and just take a sleeper bus in India, and if you can put up with the bed bugs, noise and filth it's a bloody bargain at 3 quid for a whole 12 hours.
A few hours into the ride and still trying to perfect my levitation skills but to no avail I feel a poking in my side. I open the curtain (yes you do get a bit of privacy) I noticed 2 Indians with their feet on my bed. I looked at them with an evil look like from a scene from the exercist and said get your feet off my bed. They moved them slightly away and laughed but they were still on the edge. So I poked them and said fu**ing feet off. Their smirks dissipated into an embarrassed naughty school boy look and they laughed no more. (don't mess with or try the patience of the Boothman)
At about midnight and now itching, scratching and with severe back and neck ache I feel my bowels churning and knotting. I'm doubled up in agony and clenching my arse cheeks with the fear that if I let go for a second there could be an imminent explosion. This goes on until 3 in the morning and finally the bus stops at a small town in the middle of nowhere. So I get out of my flea pit and head for a toilet. I ask where the toilet is and am told "toilet open". I look around and realise he means piss and shit anywhere because everyone is. I find a slightly more private area through a partly opened gate drop my kecks (English slang for underpants) and create my own miniature monsoon downpour. (The eye of the needle is targeted with precision) This is a very much needed relief but then 2 pigs come snorting round my rear and feed on my offering.
Boarding the bus again I have to scramble over bodies and baggage sprawled all over the show and is like the crypton factor assault course.
I switch on my MP3 and much to my surprise is Ian Brown's track F.E.A.R (For Everything A Reason) mmmmmmm I wonder?

Tuesday, 02 October 2007

Location: Rat Temple, India

Today is Rat Temple day and the reason I'm here and made the arduous journey across Punjab and Rajasthan.
I find the local bus to take me the 20 or so miles out of town to the Temple of Rats. The Temle is free entrance but you have to pay 20 Rupees to take photo's. You also have to take your shoes off which is a normal practice in Temples but the though of all the rat piss and shit all over the place makes my skin crawl. Oh well I'm here now and step inside, reluctantly. To my alarm and I know, I should know what to expect, but they're there everywhere scurrying around. The devotees feed them milk etc and drink from the same bowl as the rats. I just think dirty bastards. Only in India and I think this place sums the country up.
I take a few pic's and a couple of vid's and make for a sharp exit. I can't believe I've come all this way to see revered vermin but it was an experience. Hope I don't have nighmares.
The return journey was a nightmare and again there was no seat available. They cram everyone in so tight and obviously have no health and safety laws. We get to a railway crossing and the gate is down. We wait and wait and wait. I ask if the train is coming today or tomorrow. They just say train coming. Forty minutes later we are still waiting and it's baking hot. You can smell BO, sweat, shit, bad breath, you name it it's all on this bus. So I push my way off and stand outside. Some people in a car ask me which country and start up a conversation. I ask them what the problem is and they tell me the train is coming. No, I think to myself, you're a clever lad. Is it tomorrow or in three more days I ask. They just laugh. Finally the train passes and it takes another 15 minutes to open the gates and then the traffic is all trying to push in and causes a congestion. So now we are held up even more by this selfish, no regard, idiosyncratic nonsense.
When I finally get off the bus I decide I need a very cold refreshing beer. I go back to the hotel to scrub my hands, I think I might have become an obsessive compulsive now and head for the backstreet bar. From a distance it looks like the shutters are down and true enough when I reach the entrance it's closed. I ask someone why the bar is closed and am told it's "dry day" today. Buggery bollocks I think to myself. It's Gandhi day and there's no alcohol anywhere. Then I remember I bought a bottle of rum in Amritsar. So I head over the road to a shop buy a bottle of coke and head to my room to pour a very large rum and coke where I toast Gandhi. Cheers Gandhi lad, hhhhaaaaaaarrrrrr. ;-)

Monday, 01 October 2007

Location: Amritsar to Bikaner., India

Very reluctantly had to get up at 3.30 this morning to catch the 4.40am bus to Ganganagar. I was heading for Bikaner the home to the Rat Temple, yes that's a Temple dedicated and very much apart of the Temple. (Sick I know, but I have to see) I must be sick. Please don't answer that ;-)
Anyroads, I jumped into a rickshaw near the Sukhdeep Guest House and told the man to take me to the bus station. Somehow I knew he was taking me somewhere else and this was quite true when I arrived at the train station. Bloody hell, well the words were much stronger and I only had 15 minutes to spare now and thought I'd got up at this God forsaken time for nothing. I see another rickshaw and ask him to take me to the bus station and to step on it. I arrive to find the bus packed so I have to stand. I ask them where I can put my rucksack and they just look vacant as usual. So I have to climb up the ladders at the back of the bus at 4.30 in the morning. It's a struggle and when I finally get it up there with no help there's now rope to tie it down with. I ask for a rope and all they do is point to their rist indicating that the bus is about to leave. So I just shout and stamp my feet and insist they get me a rope to tie my rucksack down with. This always works in India, they don't like confrontation. So now I'm on the bus standing and not sure when I'll get to Ganganagar. Ganganagar is just over the border into Rajasthan and if my Dad had been here, and he asked me where I was going he would have said, "where ya gan son" ? I would have replied I'm Gan to Ganganagar Dad. My dad doesn't say going, he's from Carlisle and says gan instead you see ;-) Anyway the bus periodically stops to pick up yet more people and I'm now sardined. Must be the journey from hell. Two and a half hours later I get a seat. The bus arrives in Ganganagar about 11.30am ish and I'm delighted to find out my next bus to Bikaner is at 12. No tourists come through Ganganagar and as soon as I step off the bus I'm surrounded by the locals. It seems like the whole town has gathered around me and just staring in disbelief, curiosity you tell me. This always amuses me but also makes me feel somewhat nervous and fidgety.
I book my ticket which is a whole 70 Rupees, less that 90 pence and buy some fruit and a snack from a local stand in the station. Everyone is watching me and wants to shake my hand. Eventually I board the bus to Bikaner and Ganganagar waves me off ;-)
The next leg of the journey takes me through desert towns and villages where I see camels pulling carts. This is a land that time forgot and the people are just existing and scratching a living. They live along side the road in bits of makeshift straw huts. It must be a hardy existance and wrather humbling which is something you constantly feel on the road. At around six I arrive at Bikaner find a cheap hotel called the Delux at less than 2 quid a night and find a bar down a backstreet for a much deserved cold beer. I'm easily pleased ;-)

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Location: Amritsar, India

My rooftop room at Sukhdeep Guest House was quite nice with a view of the Golden Temple. Next door to my room three Sikhs were sharing of which two were brothers and the wife of the elder brother. They soon befriended me and wanted to know the usual, which country, are you married, why not, how old ? They thought I'm 23 ;-) They are half my age at 20 and 21.
The next day we went to the Golden Temple together and the questions became more personal. "How many sex you" etc ? Then one very odd question came from Sarwan, the brother wearing the turban. "Have you make woman cry when sex"? I asked him what he meant, do you mean tears of happiness or what ? He didn't understand and just said he had, and that his sex was very powerfull. I just said it's not all about fast power you know. But he didn't understand.
These people have a certain innocence and curiosity. You could say that they are stupid and with more than 60% illiterate they are. But they have no privacy and don't even understand the concept of it. I caught Sarwan the next morning peering through my bedroom window and he even told me later that he saw me in bed reading. huh. Just natural. They don't know any better and are too obsessed with their 33,000,000 Gods. Yes that's 33 million.
On the way to the Temple Sarwan held my hand which is perfectly normal in India between two men but I was quite uncomfortable with it. Maybe I need to loosen up more ;-)
After our day together they wanted me to come to their village and I really would have loved to but I just don't have the time now. I've got to be in Bombay by sunday morning.
When we finally parted they bought me a gift to remember them by which I thought was very sweet.
Maybe I can pass it on at Christmas to someone I don't like. ;-)

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Location: Amritsar, India

Staying at the Sukhdeep Hotel ;-) close to the Sikh Golden Temple.

Click on the link below for much more information and photo's.

Last night I visited Attari, which is the border crossing into Pakistan. Every day at 5.30 in the afternoon both sides show their strength and might which I found to be rather amusing very amateurish and the usual chaoticness of India.
After the comedy show I went back to Amritsar which is about 20 miles or so and wandered round the Golden Temple.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Location: India

Please support the Burmese struggle.

It only takes a minute to sign.

Another good web site to check out.

Arrived this afternoon in Amritsar Punjab close to the border with Pakistan.

More to follow.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Location: McLeod Ganj, India

McLeod Ganj - Shrouded in mist and mystery.

Day two in McLeod Ganj, I wake to a misty morn. After breakfast I head to the Tsuglagkhang Complex home to the 14th Dalai Lama. The complex is a central haven for Tibetan refugees living in exile, monks and pilgrim's. It also has a Tibetan museum displaying the horrors and struggles of the Tibetan people with the Chinese.
One story that horrified me was on the 22nd of November 1989, six nuns made a peaceful demonstration in Lhasa and were immediately arrested and taken to a detention centre. They were then interrogated for two months. They were hung from the ceiling and cigerettes were stubbed on their bodies. They were also beaton severely with metal wires and some of them had electric battons inserted in their private parts.
I watched a short documentary which also featured Chinese atrocities and an old Tibetan man who was stood behind me wept all through the film.
Many people fled Tibet and lost fingers, toes and even limbs due to frostbite crossing the Himalayan mountains into Nepal, Sikkim Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.
As I walked down hill towards the main temple area I pass the usual souvenir stalls and to my surprise beggars with fingers and limbs missing. What is the Dalai Lama doing for these people?
Further on a young boy of about 15 asks me if I want my shoes cleaned. He is carrying a box over his shoulder and is quite typical in all of Asia. First he asks me which country, then it's what is your name, how long in India. He tells me his name is Dipak, he is from Rajasthan, his mother is dead and his father is an alcoholic and he must provide for his sister. He then asks me if I would buy him some food. I tell him I will buy him some food and he shakes my hand and thanks me. He then walks over to a shop/store and the shopkeeper produces two large packets of powdered milk and a jar of powdered milk. I ask how much and the shopkeeper shows me on his calculator 520 Rupees. This is about seven British pounds, so I tell him I'm not buying these but willing to take you to a restaurant. I now think it's a scam and just walk away.
At the monastery the monks are preparing a very large pan of free food for all.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Location: McLeod Ganj, India


Got off the bus in McLeod Ganj this morning at 6am from Manali feeling very tired, cold and wet :-( McLeod Ganj is home to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama or maybe a Scottish drug dealer.
The bus left Manali at 6.30 ish last night and rain leaked on me the entire journey. I was not a happy chappy. At about 4am we had to change bus and when I boarded noticed all the passengers were sitting in the aisle seats. I asked a girl if I could sit next to her by the window and she said yeah, but the seat is wet through. And she too was not a very happy Lassie. I also noticed this when she screamed at the drivers assistant when he was telling people to sit down, that he should try sitting there.
So I'm very tired, cold and wet. Happy travelling hey ;-)

Check out this web link below which was sent to me by my friend Rex in Guernsey. There's also a link you can click on of the train station in Mumbai (Bombay) India.

McLeod Ganj is perched on the surrounding mountain sides of a valley. The temperature at the moment is 23 degrees and the weather is misty but fair. The people are mainly Tibetan's in exile who follwed the Dalai Lama when he fled Tibet in 1959. It is also the government headquarters of Tibet here in north India.
My first impressions of the place is a laid back feel with many cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and spiritual centres.
So again I'm just enjoying the cooler climes and the virtually non hassle.

Holy Moses!
I'm sat here in the internet cafe updating this blog with 2 robed monks sat either side of me.
Holy Buddah!.....maybe that should be.

PS One of the monks on my right which is a woman is getting quite stressed and frustrated with the computer playing up.
Maybe she should get a vibrator... ;-)
Ooooops she's just stood up and I think she just read what I've wrote. Hope she sees the funny side?

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From jhon karly
~~~~~~~~ happy b'day my brother ~~~~
wish you all the best in ur 41th y/o hehehe....

love~peace and harmony
JK and Tuti
Response: Cheers Jhon bro what a nice surprise ;-)
Can't believe I'm 41 oh well
come over to London soon Jhon and Tutti xx
From Leonie
Heya Mate!!!

Been catching up with you. When are you back in London so the laddie and I can come visit?!!?

You still going on to Goa?!!!?

Have you heard from the Swiss bloke?

I miss China and Tibet like crazy. well ok, I don't exactly miss them...I miss being on vacation :-).

Response: Hi Leonie, Yeah going to Goa on monday and meet Nic and my son Aaron tomorrow so it's all fast coming to an end now.
I'm ready for good old Blighty though and can't wait to see all the people I care about ;-)
You're like me and travelling is in your blood lass.
Take care
see ya in London ;-) x
From Dad & Mum Boothman
Hi Son,
we've just had a real good belly laugh at your blog. it seemed to be worth gannen to Ganganager IOI. RAT TEMPLE!!!! hope they don't start having them here ;-). Mum and me are so proud of what you've done Son, and look forward to seeing you when you come home. Just five days and you'll be seeing Nicola and Aaron. I liked the beard, women don't understand what a pain it is shaving ;-) Lov u Son. Mum & Dad a & all the family x x
Response: Hiya Dad & Mum,
You think the rat temple story is funny, wait til you read the latest 3rd oct a nightmare LOL
Love ya's see you all soon
Wayne xxxxx
From Nicola
Ay up lad, mum and I have been looking at the pictures, she liked the T-shirt but mum agrees with me that you need to get rid of the beard!!!No kisses for your otherwise!!!
he he. See you on Sunday. Can't wait. xxxxxxx
Response: Well your wish has come true because I shaved it off this morning ;-)
I was getting a bit sick of it. Glad you like the pic's
See you on sunday, can't wait xxxxx
From kazzy
Yin says answer her emails, why haven't you been in touch
looking forward to your view on goa.
Response: Whooops, I've been meaning to get in touch with Yin. Just keep forgetting sorry.
Met some nice Sikh's in Amritsar. Rat Temple is next I think? LOL x
From m
Hey, have been catching up with your blog this morning. after some strange dreams it all makes sense. very sad to hear some of the stories from Tibet. The family i have met from Tibet and befriended here, are finding adjustment to western life a little difficult to say the least. As much hardship as they have experienced it is not in thier nature to be the least bit cynical. I have never met more gracious and graceful people. You are right, it doesn't seem like enough is being done to protect them.
Still, there is even more that we don't understand, I suppose.
Things are pretty good here. Hectic. Reading your blog is like a much needed holiday :o) David and I have been talking about our own trip to India in the next year. We shall see. Still trying to decide if I should keep one in every continent, haha.
I am sure you will be happy to be home soon. When you are ready to travel again, hopefully you and your lovely Nicola would like to visit Canada.
namaste and metta
Response: Hiya Emma, really nice to hear from you. They really are a humble and sincere people. Lets hope they get justice some day soon. Also the people of Burma who I really connected with and very much respect.
Take care lass
Wayne x
From Kazzy
thats a very philisophical entry for the 24th are they teaching you to be a buddist?
Quiet here, Naomi still waiting for the off, will let you know when she does the swim.
Dave has left for cornwall, will be back in a month or so and then off to India, you might manage to see him before he goes.
Response: You know I've always had a buddhist attitude lass ;-)
I'm in McLeod Ganj and it's a misty mystical magical haven.
Hope to see you all soon x
From Nicola
Ay up lad, have checked train times to manchester and it will cost you £60 return. What days and times do you want to go? Let me know and I will book it for you, even though you are deserting me after being home less than a week!!! ha ha ha

Nicola xxxxx
Response: Ay up lass,
oooooooooh you are awful but I like you! ;-)
Maybe thursday to thursday. How much is the mega bus thingy? I'm sure you can go for a pound? And I'm used to loooong journeys lol
love you
Wayne xxxxx
From gaz taylor
hellloooo hands across the sea.i.ll tell you wot ur looking a bit thinner lad tracey says i should have gone with to lose some of this puppy fat.glad to see ur enjoying urself.the view from the plane was beutifull.stash says he can get you that ticket so has rab would say"do not bend the knee do not bend the knee"see you later lad.
Response: Ay up mate,
Yeah don't bother with the Atkin's diet, Jade Goodey workout or owt like that, just go round Asia for a bit.
You and I lost a lot when we went round the Middle East hey and we were skinny fu**ers then LOL
Tell Stash thanks for ticket.
Hope to see you in october me ol muckerooney ;-)
From Becky Gracey
Hey Wayne...just been catching up with your blofg...can't believe how much stuff you've done since China!!! When you heading back to the motherland then?!
Response: Ay up Becks,
Nice surprise lass.
Getting a wee bit tired now though.
Meeting Nic and my son Aaron in Bombay on the 6th of october, prob go to Goa.
Coming back to good old Blighty on the 20th of october with them. Just in time for the winter but I hear the summers been crap :-(
take care
see you when I get back ;-) x
PS Who was that footballer again? LOL
yer a lass ;-)
From kazzy
Hmmmmmmm I think you are in a different india to the one I visit.
Naomi is still waiting to do her swim, has till end of sept and maybe a little bit of october, weather deteriorated again last try.
Dave is over here but not for much longer on his way to cornwall and then to india in next few months, he loves it............. ha ha ha
Not much gossip to tell, not such a hot summer conservatory has been great weather is on the change into autumn
Ness is now the butler for the govenor and is one of only a few in the queens service she is moving next month to her grace and favour 'town house' and will rent out her 'country house'
Robbie nearly got expelled, at school by the skin of his teeth. Rest of us are fine. Oh and dave and sal bought a house 'large and expensive project written all over it'!
LOL Kazzy
Response: Holy Cow! that's a lot of gossip. Say congratulations to Ness for me. Good luck to Dave and Sal. Hope Nomes gets to swim. Hello to Dave and the gang.
I just flew into Leh Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir high up in the Himalaya's and it's fab. It's in India but it's not if you know what I mean.
Going to try and meet Tenzin Palmo later if I can. I really would like to meet her. So what happened to the summer?
The India you know Karen is a lot different to mine 'cause I have my EYES WIDE OPEN. Butlin's holiday camp is not the real India.
Anyroads take care lass
love Wayne xx
From aaron
hi dad yep ur boring me only kiddin wen we get back frm india we will av chippy at nics eh in goa there wont b any crooks there will there because i dont fancy being pik pocketed again
miss u loadz

Response: Hi Son, We'll be fine, I'll make sure of it. Goa is supposed to be fine.
We don't want a repeat perfomance of Turkey do we Azz lol
Love and miss you loads
So proud of you starting your Electrical Engineering job.
Dad xxx
From Ruth
hey wayne how are you?? been reading up on ur adventures but theres so much so will have to come back to it sometime. sounds like your having an amazing if not the easiest of times at the moment! im sooo jelous, Dudley just aint doin it for me anymore!! kell has moved up to Brum tho which is cool.

have fun and stay safe mate

Response: Hey Ruth, Lovely to hear from you lass. India sure aint the easiest country to travel through mate.
Say hi to Kelly and see you in the UK when I get back sometime.
take care
Wayne x
From john
ey up mucker glad ur ok you certainly have been goin through it but it could be worse at least u dont have to put with pete ! could u imagine him doin any of that ha ha . ive put aside a week to see ur photos when u get back yawn! only joking cant wait to see you and hear all your tales keep safe alba gubrath ! you wee loon lol l& j
Response: Ay up lad and Lynne,
When you put it like that India is a piece of piss ;-)
England and Scotland for the Euro final hey!
We'll thrash the Jock bast**ds lol
love Wayne xx
PS Can't wait to see ya's when I get back to good old Blighty.
From kez
Hi Wayne, Yeh course i'm still checking your web, its fab!
I'm ok thnx, hope ur looking after yourself , especially now you have found macky d's, bet you can't wait for a good old english chippy n a gruler, Anyway take care, miss ya and can't wait to see ya in October luv your sister
Response: So missing a chippy Sis and proper beer too ;-)
miss you all and see ya's in october/november time.
love bro Wayne xxx
From Rex
Hey Wayne, love your stories. Just fascinating. Got to introduce you to Japan one of these days as I think you'll truly enjoy the hospitality there. Quite different from all other parts of Asia. Went cliff walking with Hayley today as I hadn't seen her since we said goodbye to you at the airport. Really enjoyed it. Catching world cup rugby there? Talk to you again soon ! Rex
Response: Hi Rex, really nice to hear from you. Would love you to introduce me to Japan mate. How's life treating you in Guernsey, are you staying on longer?
Say hi to Hayley for me.
take care
see you soon
Wayne ;-)
Response: OK Kaz will ring you soon.
But I'm alright really. LOL x
From kazzy
I think next time I'll have to do india with you and give you a different persective............ cheer up it could be worse you could be working for the other guernsey dental lab.
Ha Ha, are you going to meet up with Yin's friend kunsal, or have you had enough of buddist monks? if you are still in Varanasi, A rick shaw 30 rupess each way will get you to sarnath and the buddha circuit a nice place to visit for the afternoon.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx bye the bye
india is a place of liars cheats and beggars and thieves
Response: Could do with you here now Kaz :-) LOL
Just found a really nice place called Orchha with really nice people. How refreshing is that?
I don't think Sikkim is going to happen now :-( x
From renee
hope u ok look forward to seeing u hope to see u soon
Response: Hi Renee,
We'll have a beer or 5 when I get back x
From kath fletcher
nice to see you on the on the pix lets av a drink when u com home kath & dave fletcher ps your mother as got me drunk 2 nite xxx
Response: Hiya Kath and Dave,
Nice surprise to hear from you.
Not sure who to believe with the drunk blaming?
Meet for a beer when I return
Hiya Son,
getting a bit worried when we did'nt hear from you or see anything on your blog. Pleased everything ok, not long until Nicola and Aaron fly out to see you. take care and watch out for the liars and cheats. TCASS. Mum & Dad x x
Response: Don't worry be happy!
Everything OK.
Adjusting to India is a little more problematic than most places but I can deal with them ;-)
love you both xxxx
From John Peace!!!!!!!!!!
How Ya doin monkey bollocks!?
Yes this is me mate and not your imagination! I have finally managed to get on't tinternet.
Hows India pal? hope everything is ok, i take it it's goin to be curry for breakfast, dinner and tea now your in the land of the rogan josh!!
Everything is fine in Guernsey mate we have settled in well, we are living in St Martin in 1 of 6 little cottages near the Wicked Wolf with a nice garden for Jacob to runaround in. Just started to play football for St Martin to, so we are getting to meet quite a few people which is good.
ok mate I'm gion to go i will massage you again soon, hope you keep well and i will speak to you later.

P.S Did you manage to recover from your bird flu!!!
Response: BLOODY HELL that was a shock. For a minute then I thought it was the dysentery or the heat exhaustion.
Good to hear from you ya "Crafty Butcher"
The Wicked Wolf is a nice place as is all of Guernsey.
Part of me still wonders why I let you have my job.
No I'm pleased for you mate, take care and cya when I'm over next.
Love to Vicky Jacob and yourself but not in a sexual way lad. You got no chance before you get your hopes up and excited.... ;-)
From Nicola
Ay up lad, have not heard from you for a week and wondered where you are and if you are okay?

Miss and love you lots

Nicola xxxxx
Response: Ay up Nic,
Sorry lass. India is crazy as you know. I'll be in touch soon ;-)
Love and miss you
It won't be long before we're together again xxx
From kazzy
hi wayne rick shaw from train station is 30-40 rupees .................. truth is a very strange thing in india, dont call them on the lie either that gets them even more upset.
Hope you enjoy sikim looking forward to your thoughts on the place.
love Kazzy
Response: Ay up Kazza,
They are a breed unto their own but nowt for a Northerner.
Speak soon lass
take care xx
From Mum & Dad Boo
Hiya Son,
so pleased u arrived safe and not under 5 ft of water. Is there any redcoats at sai baba butlins IOI. 9 pm lights out just what u need after all them late nights IOI. Not long till oct 4 u 2 c Nic and Azzer. Take care son.
TCASS Lov u, Mum, Dad & Family x x
Response: Hiya Mum & Dad,
Not seen any redcoats yet but there was some entertainment today. lol
Can't wait to see Nic and Azz in october and come home.
love you both
and Uncle Paul
take care xxx