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We hope it's raining back home!

Hi kids, this is Laura and Caroline's Travel Page. This is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you folks back home to read. From time to time we might even let you see some of our photos but that is dependant on the quality of the foreign water and the lack of GHDs!!!!!! Please feel free to leave a comment for us. When we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Monday, 25 July 2005

Location: Singapore

Hey guys
Just picking up where we left off last time and writing our final post from the East before we fly back home tonight.
Our last post saw us back in Saigon after a long, hot and uncomfortable bus journey. The following day we got up and set off for the Cu Chi tunnels just outside of Ho Chi Minh City. We arrived from the meeting place at the time specified having wolfed down a quick bite to eat then spent the following hour waiting for a) the office to open and b) the rest of the people on the trip to turn up. Eventually we met with James (best bits - 'there are toilets over there so...go over there and take a piss' and 'don't wear any of that Korean crap'), our guide, and set off for the tunnels.
The tunnels were used principally by the Viet Cong during the American war. Groups of guerrila including groups of school girls as well as soldiers used hundreds of miles of underground tunnels to plan attacks on the Americans before disappearing back underground. The network of tunnels stretches as far as Cambodia and although Very impressive the tunnels are anything but luxurious. The tiny hiden openings in the ground are barely visible and underground there is very little light or space. Just walking (though none of the tunnels that we went to were more than about 4 foot high so it's really more like crouching or crawling) through the tunnels is a hugely disorientating experience and if the person in front of you stops it really hard not to get freaked out by how enclosed it all is. We couldn't imagine eating, sleeping, planning attacks and even performing surgical operations underground in the tunnels especially when we heard that one of the major exits from the network leads straight out into the river. I (Caro) went into one of the smaller tunnels via a tiny hole in the gound that seemed to appear from nowhere but decided against going into the longest of the tunnels now open to the public. When we realised how long the others were going to take to cover 130m (with bats for company) we were gald that we'd stayed above ground and even met a fellow Dundee graduate from Edinburgh. We get a around us Dundee lot!
During the day we also saw huge areas which were devestated by the use fo defoliants (and are only just being able to be used for rubber tree cultivation agian) and B52 bomb craters.
That evening we went down to the river and had dinner and a terrible bottle of wine on a floating restaurant. Trying to take away the taste of the wine we had a couple of beers, then did a spot of shopping and were on our way home when we decided to have one last drink in an art gallery that we liked the look of - ah we'd missed our cocktails so took advantage of the oportunity. Taken in by the fairly lights we were tempted into another bar and had a far more acceptable glasss of wine (we had to make the most of the French influence). When they turned off the music and the lights we took the subtle hint and headed back to ur hotel but by this point, feeling much more confident, we thoguht we'd try one more bar before bed. We went into a jazz bar (they were playing loud music and serving alcahol after 12:00 which is unusual in Vietnam) and ordered a glass of wine each before being invited over to talk to 'the gentleman in the corner' by the waitor. We resisited but his persistance (and seat patting) paid off and eventually we went over to join him. It didn't take us long to realise that he was a bit of an arse (surprisingly) so we made a quick getaway after a heated debate about the state of music today! The fact that we were leaving the country the next day is a handy excuse when asked to exchange phone numbers!!!!!!!!!!!
The following day we walked around and visted a few small boutiques (and bookstores in search of Harry Potter) before flying back out to Singapore. Singapore, as we have said, is excellent, if for no other reason because we found Harry Potter at the first bookshop that we came across at the airport!!!!!! We took a taxi to our hotel to start our new books and en route received an interesting comentary from our driver who made sure that we knew all about the local sights - we are staying in the red light district!!!!!!
The first day in Singapore we tried to shop and despite the sales being on here in Singapore and there being no shortage of shops, we found it a little disappointing. Still no good shoe shops - even Nine West has let us down! Nevertheless we managed to pick up a couple of bargains that we have no room for in our already bulkging rucksacks.
The next day was spent exploring some of the more ethnic areas of Singapore. Using Little India and China Town as a basis we found some AMAZING cheep food at a hawker centre in Little India - an authentic biryani served on a banana leaf with Mango Lassi. The range of prices that we've paid for food is phenominal but eating in Little India is proof that sometiems the cheapest is amongst the best! We then took the MRT (which is beautifuly clean, not as crowded at London or any other city we've been to and always reliable) to China Town and wandered around some of the shops and took a stroll down to the river and along to the Merlion at Esplanade waiting for the night market to get going. Unfortunatly we've found that no market or bazar has lived up to thre night markets of Chaing Mai in Thailand. We put off buying things there as we were going to be traveling for so much longer but if we'd know then that we really weren't going to have to carry our bags very far in Asia we'd have done far more damage. Our disappointment was saved by having dinner next to the best busker EVER!!!! There will be photos but we'll give you a quick description. He was a tiny, middle aged guy whose glasses were so bent they couldn't stay on his head. Playing the harmonica seemed to make this problem worse!!!! He would stop mid song to thank people who gave him money and called us girlies 'Sir'. However, he palyed all the classics that we've come to asscoiate with our trip and he's another fond memory! Laura's going back to find him to put him in a newly purchased suitcase to bring him home! Look out Newcastle!
The following day we god up and took the MRT to Mount Faber, then hopped onto a glass cabin cable car across to Sentosa Island. The glass cabin was far less luxurious and far more scary than expected but we made it there in one piece and recovered with a bit of cake and a cup of tea.
The first thing that we did on the island was go to see the Merlion. This is the big brother of the one on the mainland and not only was there a cartoon to watch inside the Merlion itself, we also got a free gift each!!!!! We do know the history but it very long and boring so we'll spare you it but basically the Merlion is the symbol of Singapore and is part Lion and part fish and it watches over the port and the island. The view from the top though not picturesque, is impressive.
After the Merlion and a short walk through a strange Goudi-esque walkway and foutains we went to the highlight of Laura's trip! After Cinemania, the little busking dude was forgotten. How can you not love the feeling of being on a rollercoaster without needing the guts to actually go on one?!? This is not to undermine Cinemania, seatbelts were required!!! Seriously it was hardcore and highly recommended to any of you.
Still on top of the world after Cinemania we got a bus (free baby!!!) to see Han and Yan (no Hannah and Dan haven't split up) the pink dolphins. This only left us with a trip to the beach, which was dissappointing after the excitement of the morning. It felt like it was still being developed and though we were at the southernmost part of Asia it was otherwise unremarkable after some of the beaches that we have visited over the last few weeks. Because it had been included in the cost of our ticket to Dolphin Lagoon we went to Underwater World and were pleasantly surprised. We hadn't really wanted to see it to begin with but we were glad we went.This was the kind of underwater tunnel that we are always promised at aquariums int he UK but are never delivered. Standing on a really long travelator we saw not only lots of interesting fish (inc lots of sharks) but also a couple of humans too. At the end of our visit we went to go and see the giant turtles which were really cool!
We hung around for ages waiting for the light show at the musical fountains. Everybody that we'd met had raved about the show and I (Caro) had romantic notions of revisting family holidays full of 'fountains, fish and fireworks' BUT the whole experince was a little too surreal for us. The show was hosted by Kiki the hologram monkey and it all just got weirder from there untill green lasers shot fromt he eyes of the Merlion. We made a quick getaway to eat our subway sandwiches for tea and retire with Harry Potter.
The following couple of days were spent getting hideous manicures (you can't by taste!!!!!!!!) and eating and drinking in a variety of establishments across Singapore. Yesterday morning we had our little bit of luxury and visited the Fulerton Hotel for a champagne brunch (thanks Ted). We ate huge prawns, scallops, mussles, roast beef, lovely salads, fois gras dim sum and chocolate cake all washed down with liberal amounts of Moet. It's a great way to start a Sunday and we continued along the same vein and went to Raffles for the obligatory Gin Sling in the Long Bar. We even managed, once again to have dinner and fireworks down by the river. A perfect end to our trip.
We're now just about to dash off (very reluctantly) to catch a flight back home. Can't quite eblive that it's time but we're going to leave one last post (and the rest of our photos) in a couple of days.
A very teerful goodbye. We will see you all in a few days.
Laura and Caro

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Recent Messages

From Holly and Lucy
People keep asking who the hell we are, so we figured we should leave a comment! Your travelling looks very exciting; we're off to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in a few days, so it's been cool to read what you've been up to there. Sorry we've kept you from the no. 1 spot, our friends must just check our journal obsessivly! We find it pretty funny...
Keep having fun even though your travels are over!
From Ed
Hey guys!
SOrry i haven't been checking your site as much as before but internet is hard to come by here!! Sounds like you've had a great holiday and I can't wait to catch up when you get back

safe flights back chucks
From Ali
Hi girls,

Vietnam sounds amazing! I hope you are still taking photos and I'm looking forward to seeing them when you get home.

I think Lou told you but we bumped into each other in London last weekend - so bizarre! Had a really nice time, got to see Nick and Lindsay and spent the evening on a canal boat getting very drunk (well, I did).

Saw the Frida Kahlo exhibition at Tate Modern and the 'World's Most Photographed' exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. If you have time I would really recommend both.

Had our second anniversary on Tuesday which was suitably couply as you hoped!

Saw Russell for the first time in a while yesterday and taxied him around a bit which was weird! I've only had other people in the car with me 3 times so far so get ready!! It did include picking up the drunk boys from town and taking them all home - an experience - Ted's knees in my back, lots of singing etc. At least they were drunk and couldn't criticise my driving!!

Ali leaves for 5 weeks in NYC today - what is it with you people?!

Ted's having a birthday party at the Bridge on Sunday 14th August. Ted's going to play his acoustic stuff and Jack's going to do some of his stuff too. Hope you can make it - anyone else who wants to come would be more than welcome!!!!

That's my news,

Ali xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From stewart
Hiya darling,
i can't believe your coming back to the humdrum of normal life so soon! trust me, it takes ages to lose the travel bug, ive still got it!
life here hasn't changed much, seems to revolve around sleep, work and partying, no change there then!!
im still working like a headless chicken, but applying for a new job, fingers crossed. ill tell you all bout it wen you get back, its a long story!
spoke to marina the other day, she sends her love!!
love stew XX
Response: Hey sweetie
Don't remind me about the massive reality check that I am going to get when I get home. I'm not going to like it, am I? I want to come home for long enoguh to see eveybody and catch up with the gossip and then turn around and go off again. still... I have a lot to look forward to when I get home like starting Law College so I shouldn't complain! I will just have to make sure that I travel in the hols!
I don't think that the sleep and work are too bad as long as there's enough partying thrown in there to make it worth your while. We will have to arrange to go out for a drink when I am back to catch up! I haven't seen you in ages. I need to know all about this job that you are applying for.
Send my love back to Marina and all the family. Please tell Emma taht I will be in touch soon, I promise!!!
Lots of love
From Loo

Sorry it's been so long guys but things have been quite mad here between graduation and still sorting out flat stuff. Graduation was brilliant but the day went by so quickly and now everything is a bit of a blur! Exciting news is I get my keys for my flat on the 29th so should get moved in in a few weeks. Doing all the grown up stuff now like ordering sofas and carpets - very exciting!! Most exciting of all is that now I have my own place we are definitely on track for a Glasgow weekend of madness sometime soon!!

Enjoy the rest of your trip! Looking forward to seeing you sometime when your back!

Loo xx
Response: Hey Loo
Glad to ehar that tyhing are coming together with your flat. it all sounds so grown up - Dr Russle in her new flat, with her new furiture, entertaining guests etc. i hope that there wills till be lotsf of crazy ngihts out now that you are a proper adult.
I'm glad that you all had a a fab Graduation. We loved ours and I thnik that it's a really important end to the whole university enperience. It does just happen so quickly!
We will be in touch soon about this big ngiht out in glasgow. We are hopign to come up to Dundee sometime soon as well so i will we will elt you know whawen that is too and perhaps we will be ablet o meet up.
Lots of love
From Katy
Well hello there!!!

Glad to see you are still having a great time, despite the fact your travels will soon be at an end. You both look amazingly healthy and refreshed in some of the pictures (well when you aren't sitting around train stations!). Sorry we are bringing you back to the drudgery of every day life but I think I speak for all your readers when I say we have missed you. (Menorca was particularly odd without you L. You know I hate sleeping in a room on my own on holiday! No ghosts to contend with this time, just mosquitoes -although no doubt your used to them by now. Even so, the villa felt bare!)!!

Just online checking out that hotel reservation for you, so thought I would post a message, and take the chance to gloat and remind you (thats you Laura) that I have successfully passed first year with no less than 11 modules under my belt - 2 firsts, 6 two ones and 3 two twos!!! Yes you already knew that Laura J. But you have to be reminded again! And yes first year doesn't count at Sheffield Uni BUT no resits for me!!! :) I feel I may now be finally starting to eclipse your academic genius once and for all! (If only!)

Have got my feet well and truly back under the table now you have left me all alone with Mum and Dad. They bought me a new handbag and everything. Muhahaha. However I feel my reign as the favourite may now be coming to an end. Alas, all they do is obsess about when you are coming home, whilst I am out stocking shelves in Marks and Spencers. So anyway, I am off to bask in their favour for a little longer just until you return (Which I too am looking forward to, as much as it pains me to admit it!!) Bring me a good present back wont'cha?!

P.s I know this is a pointless message and could have emailed but am trying to boost your popularity. When are you going to get to number one?!

P.p.s Caroline, I meant to say thanks for looking after my sister for me! I am awfully glad you have managed to get everywhere on time, usually her religious tooth brushing at crucial moments when you really should be leaving for some kind of airport or train station is a pain to be dealing with, but you have managed admirably! Thanks again!

P.p.p.s I'm not as pretentious as this message makes me sound! Lol.


Response: Hey Katy J!
I'm pleased I was missed but when I spoke to you it sounded like you had had an excellent time on holiday (well you and dad, maybe not mum!!) Pleased there were no ghosts too - that holiday was so weird!!
Gloat all you like about your first year results - they are excellent and you should be v pleased! I'm proud of you!! Congratulations again!
If you have a new handbag then I'm sure you don't need a present from here. It is hard to find you a present because in most of the places things are either of the craft variety or fakes - I know how you appreciate the real thing!
Caroline has indeed done an incredibly good job organising me! She deserves all of your praise!
Looking forward to seeing you very much. Lots of love xx
P.s. Didn't find it pretentious - you crack me up!
From ED
Hey guys! Hope the travels are going well... check out our webpage youĺl appreciate the photoś i sure!!! love ed xx
Response: HOT-TEES, does this mean that the GHDs are still at home? You've let me down Ed (Laura), you really have!
We're sure that you'll soon love the squat toilets and cold showers, we did! Sharing your living quarters with the wildlife is also lots of fun. You never really get used to the locals staring, pointing and laughing but at least they're not stroking you like a guy on the beach did earlier! Sounds like you are having a great time. Keep us posted.
Laura and Caro
From Laura
Hi girlies,
Still at work for this week but u'll be glad to hear our heat wave is over for just now. so i can breath again and not suffering from dehydration any more.

i got ur e-mail caroline and i'm going to see lady boys of bangkok with girls ( bet u've seen few) from work on the sunday night but i could fly up on the monday for a few days if thats ok

I'll get flights booked this week on good old mr visa

Laura xxx

i'll get
Response: Hey there sweetie

Glad that the cooler weather is suiting you well. It's pretty hot here and there is no cloud coverage so we're staying out the sun, playing pool (badly) and drinking Southern Comfort in sted.

It would be good tosee you Lubby and if you're coming down try to book flights to Heathrow (BMI is probably going to be the cheepest) away from rush hour as it's a pain in the ass to get to the other airports. Just let me know what the plan is (ASAP) and I'll come and pick you up! Go on Max out that Visa card!

Speak soon

From Hannahnanna
hello my darlings
glad to hear you're surviving the darkest depths of the far east. everything here is good, i'm at dan's and working hard at the hospital even if it did take me an hour to find the actual a&e department once i was inside the hospital!! it's HUGE! you thought ninewells was a bit swish, but my god i've never seen anything like it! glad to see that you had happy elephants painted on your tshirt (trunk up=happy hefalump). i'm getting psyched up for oz now and currently trying to arrange a dive of the great barrier reef while i'm there, got to check that my current nose issues won't prevent it though!
Keep having an excellent time and i'll see you soon. all my love xxx
Response: Hey Han
Glad that you're finding your feet down South and that you're enjoying yout time in the hospital and being with Dan. From the sounds of things your hospital is far better equiped than the one Ed and the Ewans are doing their electives in!!!!
We're glad to see that you are paying attention to our photos but that doesn't mean that you're going to be let off the hook when we get home. There are many more to bore you with when you come down to Camberley. Do you know dates for that as we'd like to keep windows clear in our schedules?
We know that you are going to to love Oz. we have met so many nice, fun and just plain crazy Australians and they have inspired us to make a trip of our own there in the near future. We have so many contact now and it'd just be rude not to go and visit ;-)
The diving sounds great as well but we've been told by lots of people that they don't feel that you miss out on anything just snorkelling so maybe that would get around the nose issues. We thought about diving too but have decided just to go parasailing and relax on the beach for the rest of the day before heading back to Ho Chi Minh tomorrow and Cu Chi on Monday - so much to do so little time left.
Keep the messages coming. When do you head out to Oz?
Lots of love
Laura and Caro
From Richard
Hi Caroline,
I am so envious that you now have been to places where I grew up in my childhood years. Those trishaws, local food, Chonka and places that you visited (except those clubs in KL). You make me feel homesick now. Yet I won't be visiting home for at least another year. Keep up your travels news..... Love Rich xxx
Response: Hey Ricard
Its sounds like we're going to have a lot to natter about when I get home. We've been trying to get as authentic a cultural experience as poss but it's difficult when you stick out as much as we do and people love to stare and laugh at us. If we didn't stand out from the crowd in all other matters we certainly stand out when crossing the road. The locals here in Vietnam and in Thailand and Malaysia have NO FEAR!!!! We've been told not to stop or rush but just stare straight ahead and keep walking but that's difficult to do when you've grown up with the whole 'stop, look, listen' thing.
Speak soon
From Laura
Hey there guys,

whats happening how come u've sliped down to third. i'm logging on every time t work to try and keep u up there.

so as u guessed i'm at work again, how rotten it's roasting here and these horrible blue uniforms make it even hotter, staff are crabit as too hot and the patients are even worse so don't think it will be a grat shift. i'm sure the waether is nothing compared to what u've experienced but we're all used to wolly jumper here even in th summer. mind u dundee always seemed to be nice in the summer, i can think of a few good beer gardens.

yeah i'm still up for camberly in august but u'll have to give me dates agin i'm such a dope i keep forgetting. i'm going to spain in august for a wee cheeky week. good all package holiday nothing compared to ur traveles but it'll do me.

speak to u soon hunny
Laura xx
Response: I don't know how we've slipped down to third place but I don't like it!!!! You guys at home clearly aren't checking out site enough (though you've been setting a good example over the last few days Miss Drummond, well done). Holy and Lucy better hope that we don't come accross them. Anyway, we've got stiff competition now so I'm pushing for a final drive to get us up the ranks a bit before we come home in about 10 DAYS TIME!!!!
I know that being at work when it's hot and sunny out is tough but I'm sure that you're chatty and cheerie disposition will sotp the staff from being too crabit! (Loving the use of Scottish words) Maybe you should give then all the dooral ding (how the hell do you spell that?)! It is really hot here but we're not working and we've spent the last few days doing very little other than sitting and reading (and having my spine broken by a small but viscious Vietnamese woman) before going back to out small but comfortable air conditioned room!!!! We'll explain all when we get back to Singapore as the computers here are shocking! A bit of luxury after some of the places that we stayed in the Jungle etc. I have to say that I wouldn't mind a pint in Laings beer garden either. Such good times!
Anyway, must go soak up some rays in a sensible and controled way of course.
Take care, lots of love
From Laura
Thank you uncle ewan, pressing refresh works now i can get all the up to date news.
glad to here the girlies are still enjoying themselves think i would be knakered with all that travelling, u've even managed to steel some of ravers readers well done.

Still all quiet with me, u know all work and very little play. fair day was good laugh nice weather so got a wee suntan

speak to u soon Laura xx
Response: Dad's useful for so much mor than leading the campaign to get us to number one! Not just a hat rack my friend!
We are knackered and ever so often we have to just crash but we have visited so many amazing and beautiful places that we have to keep going. There's just so much to see. We're so glad that we've got more time in Singapore when we get back from Vietnam!!!!!!
I don't believe you Miss Drummond when you say 'all work and very little play'! You're a wee aprty animal and you're not going to let the Scottish side down! Are you still coming down to Camberley? Have you booked time off work? We should really sort that out and book flights otherwise it will cost a fortune! The weather will be better with us than in Bo'ness so you could even top up your tan!
Take care sweetie and keep the messages coming.
Lots of love
From Ali
God, you two certainly know how to worry your parents! Didn't they ever tell you to treat free drinks with suspicion?! Let us know you got home safely!
Response: We kept our guard up as we enjoyed the free champagne!! It certainly was an odd night! Eventually we slipped off after we went to dance. Got free drinks in the next bar too though from a couple of British guys! We need to have a night out in Kuala Lumpur!
From Jack

...seems you're down to third :-(

who the hell are "holly and lucy" anyway?!

Response: I know!! That is an excellent question! We weren't happy about that! Guess we will have to resign ourselves to the fact that we won't make number one..... :-( At least you are logging on now which might help!
From stewart
hiya darling,
hope your all ok, and this messgae helps you get to number 1!
love stew xx
Response: Hi there sweetie
Thanks for the message! I think that we have people logging on all over the UK just to boost numbers!
Anyway, how are things going with you? What have you been up to since we spoke last?
Take care and speak soon
From Caroline's Dad
More photos!
Response: Happy?
From Leeann

Hope you are having a great time. Our busy time at work has just finished (well apart from the graduations on Thurs!) So just been catching up on your stories! Oh by the way we need your chocolates, so very sorry have eaten them!! But they will be preplaced for your return! On the Fri before, so that we can't eat them again!!!! Where are you off to next?

Response: Hi!
Glad the busy period at work is finished but even more glad that I missed it!! Sure it all went smoothly! Good luck with the marquee, I hope certain people don't make Thursday too difficult. Sure I don't need to tell you who I mean!
No problem about the chocolates and don't worry about replacing them! I'm sure Mark Prince will be pleased they went to a good home!!
We are now in Singapore and its excellent and v hot. Flying to Vietnam (and hopefully a beach!) on Sunday.
Isn't Gaby's birthday soon or have I missed it?
Hope you and Tracey are well,
love Laura x
From Caroline's Dad
Holly and Lucy? Who the hell are they and where did they come from?
Clearly not enough of your friends are taking this seriously enough. OK here is the remedial - everyone has to hit the site four times a day for the rest of this week. You know it makes sense.
Response: I know it makes sense, but it's out of my hands. We need to get our following to wise up!
From Ali
Hi Miss Pretty,

Was just thinking of you so thought I would let you know!
Here's even more of my incredibly interesting news! I've had my hair cut (wow, how facinating!) and I like it - quite short but I like it that way. Me and Jack went to mike's on Saturday (Ted was at Live 8) and we had much fun! A 'buffet', lots of wine and Live 8 on TV.
I had a very relaxed weekend - I am reading a fantastic book which I just can't put down and so I sat in my pyjamas all day on Saturday, and most of Sunday too!
Driving is going well, I love bombing around with my CDs on really loud!!
We are going to London a week on Friday (not that I'm counting the days or anything) and I'm sooo looking forward to it! We are travelling first class on the train and getting a free 3 course meal with wine (still on a train I know, but I’m easily pleased!). There is a Frida Kahlo exhibition on at the Tate Modern and we’ve booked tours at Tate Britain. We’re going to go to the Saatchi again too.
I’m hoping to go for a meal on our actual anniversary but not sure if we can do weekend in London and a meal. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I can’t believe it’s two years already!
I love the photos and hearing all your stories (especially the massage experience!!).
See you soon,
Ali xxx
Response: Hello! Its always nice to know you are thinking of me! Our plan was to be brown and healthy when we returned but it looks like you are going to steal my thunder with all this new hair/clothes/accessories!!
I've been meaning to tell you for ages that I finished 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and I loved it!! I made Caroline read it too! We'll have to watch the film when I get back.
Can't wait to hear about London but can't believe its been two years already!! Time flies when you're having fun!!
Lots of love Laura xx
From Ziggi (Raver's broth
Have heard about your Dad's campaign to get you to number one this w/end; top man! Was very impressed with his strategy; he should be helping to organise Geldof's march to Edinburgh. Hope my 'hit' on your site helps to knock my baby brother off the top spot, even if it is for one w/end only; he needs to get his arse in gear and upload some recent photo's! Good luck!!
Response: Hey Ziggi
Laura and I are both a bit down about the latest news. We (along with your brother), have been pushed down a place by two usurpers! What's that all about?
No doubt my Dad will get on the case and come up with another strategy. He's a very determined man but don't give him any ideas about marching off anywhere, he might just do it!
Thanks for the hit and the message. Sure that Laura and I will climb the ranks again with a little help from our friends. No mercy!
P.S. Don't be harsh on your baby bro. Connections in this part of the world are slow and puting photos on your site takes forever.
From Richard
Hi caroline,
I have just managed to get on your ranger wed site after talking to Ellen.(Your previous info abt your website had a missing "r"!)Anyway I see you are now in my homeland! Shame I couldn't be there to show you a thing or two on local stuff. Hope you have a greater time there. More pictures please.

Love Rich xxx
Response: Hey Mr Tee
Great to hear from you. Sorry that I gave you the wrong address. I'm useless!
Malaysia is amazing though Thailand was fab too and we're excited about Sinagapore and Vietnam as well. We are seeing so many fantatic sites and eating lots of yummy food (even gave chicken's feet a bash in Penang - not my fav!) but moving around so much is taking it out of us. Planning on having a couple of relaxation days before we head home at the end of the month.
Will get some more photos on soon (It keeps the parentals happy!) but there's just so much to see, do and eat. I don't want to be sitting at a computer all day!
Apparently Brian's now online so you guys in IT should be very afraid. I hope he's keeping you all happy with lots of cuppa.
Love to all at legoland. Kepp the messages coming.
From Jack


You must stop encouraging my wife to spend all our money in Accessorize. Recently I've been playing "stop spending" hypnotherapy tapes to her while she's asleep, and you're undoing it all!

Anyway, glad to see you're both still having a great time globetrotting... I recently visited Salford and Leeds but I don't think I'm quite ready to get my own Planet Ranger page yet.

We've all been missing you and are looking forward to having you back! As you can see, Ali has turned to alcohol to fill the void, and Ted has been buying compulsively on Ebay (he had the cheek to phone me last week to ask me to start bidding on his behalf) so you need to come back and put things right...

It's nice to have Prague in the diary, even if Glasgow isn't happening - I hope a weekend of culture-less debauchery won't be too much of an anticlimax after your jungle trekking and Thai massage!

Don't forget, if you have any time when you get back before you start work I can try and sort out a day off and we can catch up - give me a shout when you know what you're doing.

I'll save the news about two holidays and a wedding for the off-line email I'm about to write...

Make the best of your last month!


Response: Ah Mr Richardson you are fully redeemed - no longer in my bad book! Thank you for the messages and email. I will send you a proper email soon but with being on the tour it is sometimes hard to have 10 minutes to yourself. All great fun though and it finishes tomorrow - we are alone in the world again! Not sure we realise fully that we are flying to Vietman on Sunday!
Its excellent to have Prague in the diary. I'm really looking forward to it and sure it won't be an anticlimax! It will be worth it for Dynamo food and, if we aren't sharing a bathroom, then getting showered will be easier if we aren't trying to fit it in between Ted's several baths a day!
I promise I haven't forgotten about your idea for doing something when I return. We just haven't been very decisive about our plans but they are underway now! I know you will need some warning being a top exec and all!!
Lots of love Laura xx
From Sole
Hey gorgeous!Woooooooohhhhhhh I've been looking at the photos,amazing places!both of you look great.I didn't have the pleasure to meet Laura before the trip but tell her she looks great.About you Caroline you look fantastic.I've got 5 working days left in Legoland,believe me it seems like is an eternity.I try to think that I've been trying to leave for a year so another 5 days is not that bad I suposse.I've got to go now,take care both of you.XXXXXXXXX
Response: Hey sweetie
I wrote you a long reply the other day but the computer ate it! I'm glad that you are looking forward to starting BA. I hope that everybody is sad to see you go but happy that you are moving on to do something that will make you happy. Are you having a leaving do?
Laura is forever driving me potty. Admittedly I don't make a huge effort most morning but Laura breezes out of the bathroom looking great while I haven't even woken up enought to know wht day it is nevermind where my mascara is!!!! She's showing me up!
Anyway, just about to jet off to Vietnam so I will have to end this reply here and hope that it goes on te site this time.
Hope you're making the most of a few days of freedom before ystarting your new job.
Lots of love
From Brian
hello caroline, hope you're enjoying your holiday, make sure you're taking your tablets. i'm still the good old self winding people up and making tea. i have a new girlfriend, very rich and widowed. the weather is wonderful temperature of thirty degrees every day. my staff are working well. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox- oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Response: Hello Mr Lynch
I didn't know tht you were so computer literate. There's no longer any excuse for not checking e-mail or finding the lottery results on a Sunday morning. Have you won the jackpot yet or are you having your rich widow girlfriend look after you?
Glad to hear that you are still keeping up the hospitality side of things! You're tea making skills are legendary!!!!!
We're having a great time here in Malaysia and we're taking our tablets and also eating lots but I've told you before that it's a trip not a holiday!
I don't belive it's that warm at home. I'm far away but I still have my finger on the pulse Mr!
Take care of yourself and the staff!!!! Keep making that tea and I'll see you in a little over a month. Lots more messages please.
Love you all lots
From E-d-d-d-d-d-d
Ciao ladettes - just kidding - ladies!

So did you have fun in the jungle?? Were there loads of snakes??? the count down begins to africa - 7days to go! So excited!! Went shopping today and got money etc sorted (it's so wrong that we have to take US dollars!!)

I so prepared for africa, wish I could say the same for my exams :oS

I'll write more nxt week, right now i'm off to bed!! Take care girls xx
Response: Oh my God!! We just read your message properly and realised that you left for Africa yesterday - it will be so amazing!! We don't know if you will ever get this now but we will be checking your site to see how its going. Not too much though - you understand about fratenizing with the enemy! Although, without you whose going to check our site?!?!
Hope the exams went well and that you are having a fantastic time. We are so excited for you!
Lots of love. Safe travelling,
Caroline and Laura xx
P.s. Photos on the web soon please - you would look hot with a shaved head! (Caro)