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Welcome to Oli's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Location: Australia

Its been a while since I last added an entry, so its about time I did one. I have now found employment with ING working for there pension departments!!!! It really is as amazing as it sounds!!! Well maybe not that good but it does have some pretty fantastic views of the harbour. The only problem being that those fantastic views have been blocked by 2 weeks of rain! Plus its actually rather cold, about 16 at its hottest! Apparently its been the worst rainful for 45 years, what are the chances! Still, ignoring the grey skies there is a light at the end of the tunnel....well bathroom as we finally replaced the light bulb. Due to the huge amounts of rain our apartment did flood in 2 places. We obviously reported this as soon as it happened to the furnished property group (landlord) emergency number. In fact its been reported 3 times now plus messages and emails. Its been one week and we've heard nothing! The wet patch has dried up but it doesnt stop it from smelling of wet dog!

Ash leaves are apartment on Saturday to go North to Cairns, which means we have to find ourselves a new flatmate. This has proved particularly difficult as the rain has forced us inside the house. Which inturn brings us back to TV or poker.

Right I have one minute before the internet runs out so i'll add some more tomorrow. Take care and enjoy the English weather!!!

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Location: Waterloo, Australia

Hello, firstly I now have a permanent address: 1504/6 Lachlan Street, Waterloo, NSW 2017 Australia. Its brand new, open plan. Kitchens a bit small for 6 people, but it does have a nice bbq area. The 2 Irish girls seem nice, I can just about understand them. They drink a lot and eat potatos so the stereotype seems to fit! I'm just about to go back to the job agency, as they gave me a ring this morning so hopefully they've found me some work .

The weather has brightened up after the past week of rain. Its about 23 most days, although living in area surrounded by apartment blocks means you permanently spend your time in the shade. We actually live right next to the huge Centenial park in Sydney. The Aussie and Telstra stadiums are right next to us, so should be going to watch some AFL this week. Sydney FC play at the Telstra but their best player is Stan Lazaradis so I think i'll give that a miss!

Time for me to get a job, take care!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Location: Australia

I believe its about time for an update! At the moment were all still stayin in a hostel untill the 24th of April when we finaly move out into our own apartment! After 1 month sharing a room with 4 others I cant wait to get out of our smelly room! Its in a place called Waterloo, about 2 miles south of the city centre. Its a brand new complex that has a bit of a centre parks feel to it, free swimming pools and gym, very nice. I should also mention that were moving in with 2 Irish girls that we havent met yet. Hopefully its like that Carlsberg ad, and they love to cook and clean!

Yesterday we went over to Bondi beach, which isnt quite what we imagined, its actually not very big, in fact Newquay has a better beach. Although the waves here are pretty massive. Its not really high season anymore so its not too busy, so plenty of room to kick a ball about on.

As yet I am still unemployed, but CV is looking good so just going to print it off and drop it into some agencys. Theres more jobs in Sydney for backpackers then backpackers themselves so its pretty easy to get a job. However the beach is definately more fun then an office!

Still metting lots of different people, Swedish is my new favourite nationality! Still havent seen any Kangaroos but we have seen Possums and Kookaburas (excuse the spelling). We are finaly going to Waratah park on Friday so thats when we should see all the wildlife.

At the moment we just all cant wait to move into the apartment, so were basically waiting for that then we can settle in that bit more. Im now off to the supermarket, but before I go some cultural differences I've discovered so far. Firstly they dont do pints as they believe they get to warm at the bottom so they only do half pints called sconers. You cant buy any microwave meals here, its like theres a whole isle missing at the supermarket. But they have so much meat its unbelieveable. Eating out is really cheap, steak meals cost about 4 pounds. Also the Aussie women are all loud, nuts but extremely hot! They really dont care about footie here, its rugby, cricket and AFL thats it. Thats about all I have learnt so far, problem is that you seem to only meet backpackers from Europe. But im sure that'll change.

Well time to get busy, take care

Friday, 06 April 2007

Location: Duffys Forest, Australia

Hello, James has pointed out to me that my number is actually +61449140557, thats the Australian area code that has to be added. We've arrived at Joels friends house, Next to Warrata national park. In fact the local beach which is about 30 mins away is where home and away is filmed! So watch channel 5 and you'll see what it looks like. We have a fantastic tennis court outside with swimming pool. We've been told that we will be seeing snakes, possums, bandicoots, koala bears and kangaroos. Problem is there not tame so its pretty difficult to get pictures, but we shall try.

Tomorrow, as its Easter and everythings closed, tennis in the morning then we'll head down to the beach. Hopefully in the evening we'll head to warrata night park, to see all the Australian animals you can think off. There actually mostly nocturnal hence the night park. Then we sample the rest of the local animals later that night (equally as wild, but tend to be blonde). Take care

Wednesday, 04 April 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Hello everyone! Still having a really good time. Went to see Oprah Winfreys house last night as well as the bridge. The harbourside seems to go on forever with bars and resteraunts. Even then its still quite quiet. The weathers nice and cool in the evenings, and really clear skies. Today we went to the royal botanical gardens, mum you would have loved it. We arrived just before sunset so we saw thousands of fruit bats just above our heads in the trees. We've got lots of pictures which i'll put on here later. There the biggest of the bat species so im told, they look like flying foxes.

We also had a huge game of footie a few days ago. Started with 4 of us playing then before you know it we had 22 players with more nationalitys then Arsenal! We have also been samplying the nightlife we is brilliant. Lots of people from all over the world, the only time we speak to an Aussie is when we ask for a drink!

We leave our hostel tomorrow because we are moving just outside of the city to stay with Joels friends in a little village. Joels friends are actually going away for the week so we have their house plus tennis court and swimming pool rent free, which is a very kind thing of them to do. Hopefully we can use the week to find some permanent accomodation in the centre of Sydney, and jobs.

Time to pack my extremely smelly bag, and eat some fruit. Take care

Friday, 30 March 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

G'day mates! Its nice to be out of the heat of Sydney. It feels about 25 degrees here. From the top o four hostel you can see the Sydney opera house, the nightime views are amazing. Had a wander round the centre of Sydney today, its like a miny New York. The harbour area was amazing, like Gunwharf Quays but 10 time bigger, warmer and no Chavs! Its not the cheapest of places, about the same as England. I think a few more days of exploring then we'll try to find somewhere to rent and a job, maybe!

Just about to find somewhere to eat now, so take care! also before I forget my new number for the next 7 months 0449140557

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Well, we leave Bangkok at about 6pm. Arrive in Sydney tomorrow at 6am, so this is my last few hours in Thailand. Which means its time to sum up my trip. We've met lots of people since we arrived from all over the world. On the trek we had Tine and Mette from Denmark, Chris from Exeter and Detlef from Germany (appologies for not knowing how to spell!). In South Thailand Victor and Manuel from Spain, Claire form Gosport, Geof from Belgium, Annetta from Norway, the Scottish guy that bought us all drinks all night long even when we couldnt handle anymore, yet he was still sober. These are just some of the people I've remembered, there were many more that I've forgotten to mention. Every single Thai person we have met has been really kind to us helped in every way they could. Always smiling and joking, everything said and done with the upmost respect. We've travelled all round Thailand and loved every minute of it. Hopefully im a lot more wiser for my experiences, if not redder (bloody sumburn!).

The wildlife has been amazing, the colours and smells have been fascinating. The food has been great, not as spicy as I imagined. I even tried squid last night, didnt like it, but I came to try new things! At the moment this sounds a bit like an Oscar speech so I should also say thanks to everyone at home for giving me the opportunity to travel the world!

I should also probably say the things that I've enjoyed the most. Firstly the trek through the jungle was fantastic, sleeping next to a waterfull was such a brilliant thing, if a little cold! But who wouldnt want to have a shower in the morining like that! I also thought that the 1239 odd steps to the Budha, although hardwork was a great feeling once we reached the top. Visiting Bamboo island was fantastic too, white sands turquoise water, the pictures dont do it justice! But for me I think the best thing about this whole trip so far is meeting people.

Thailand has been brilliant but now its time for Sydney!

Monday, 26 March 2007

Location: Ao Nang, Thailand

Well we've done a lot over the last few days. Firstly we went to see the Thai boxing. It was in an open arena, about 500 people. We sat ringside in massive leather seats. We watched 10 fights which was pretty lethal. There were 8 knockouts and plenty of blood spilt. They can do anything they want to each other as long as they dont headbutt. The strangest thing is that after the main event fight, you have 8 year olds taking each other on. Just as brutal as the adults, but everything is done with the upmost respect. They pray before the fight and hug each other as soon as the fights finished.

The next 2 days we decided we needed to get some exercise. The first day we went kayaking for 4 hours through the jungle. Although it was quite jungley it was through huge cliffs and canyons, Very difficult to describe so look at the photos. The best part of the kayaking involved the monkeys. We stopped at a tiny beach with about 30 monkeys. You would just have to hand out some watermelon and they would come right up to your hands a grab it. Absolutely fantastic to watch, the mother monkeys have the baby monkeys hanging on to there fronts, whilst the 'king mokey' would only eat food if you peeled the banana for him, lazy sod! I even managed to play peek a boo with the baby monkey. Great day but absolutely shattering!

Moving swiftly on to the next day. That was real hard work! Woke up as ever at stupid o clock in the morning, travelled for about an hour untill we reached a huge statue of a budha. Only this Budha was 1237 steps up a huge cliff! 32 degrees, really steep steps. I stopped every 100 steps and prayed for Budha to come pick me up in a helicopter, he didnt, so im definately giving up on that religion. After half way I went barefoot, put my flip flops on my hands and walked up like a dog! The annoying thing is all the people walking back down telling you how close you are, they talk rubbish your always too far away. Eventually I made it to the top, to tired to do my Rocky moment I opted to fall to the floor. The views were fantastic, although the Budha did look a bit tacky. After half an hour of recuperation we attempted the walk back, only the mini monsoon hit us so we had to shelter under the big Budha. But the Budha obviously didnt take to me because whilst exploring at the top I smacked my head full wack against a bean and hit the floor, it made a huge noise, but failed to knock any sense into me. The walk back down was a lot easier, although due to my dizzy feeling and the slippery steps the risk fator was high. But I battled on didnt slip and made it to a heros welcome (Joel said well done).

Walking over, we headed to the hot springs. We were the only foreigners there, we did get stared at a lot! Unfortunately due to the sulphur fumes or my cracked head and could only manage 10 minutes before feeling sick and heading to the cold water. But at least it relaxed my rock hard walking muscles.

Next step on this trip was to fossil beach. About as intresting as it gets....Not! Really boring, just a big rock with shells. No pictures taken Im afraid. Also I will add that im so tired writing this, so I apologise for the 5 year olds writing. Plus we leave in the moring for Bangkok and I havent done any packing, so im rushing through this!

Right on to today, Phi Phi islands! Stunning white sand beaches. Impossible to explain so i'll get the pistures on as soon as I can. White sands and turquoise water just like the postcards you see. We also spent an hour snorkeling which wasnt to great for me as I realised that fish scare me! I have a fish phobia, but still swam with the evil things. It was good fun, but after all the walking and kayaking was pretty tiring. Time for bed for me, feeling a little bit sun burnt and knackered. Back to Bangkok tomorrow and then Sydnery the following day. Jet setting lifestyle, great fun! Take care

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Location: Krabi, Thailand

Well we have arrived in South Thailand. The weather has not been to great today, a bit showery but still hot! A little burnt on the neck but nothing like the others. Just about to go get some food, Krabi is a nice little place, a bit touristy but apart from that really good. Im hungry now, time for some Thai, take care

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Well that was hard work! Back from the trek now, it was hot! The first day we wenthe elephant trek, they are big beasts, constantly eating bananas. Quite slow moving but fairly comfortable. Lots of pictures but still cant download them. Once that was done we headed into the jungle. It was hot, sticky and humid and not much shade. After about two hours we finally reached are cabin, which was a bamboo hut with leaves for a roof, built on the side of a hill. That night we played drinking games with the locals, which involved them painting our faces with ash. I forgot to mention, there's 8 people in our group, us 4 plus someone from Exeter, a German and 2 stunning Danes! Were all going out later so should be good! My Danish has improved from Peter Schmeichel, but not much! On the second day we trekked for about an hour untill we reached the waterful, which was fantastic especially after we've been sweating so much. Its a really cold power shower and some! whilst we did this the thai people were being sick due to last night yet they continued to drink from 9am whilst smoking opium. We trekked again till we reached another waterfull. This time we played some thai beachball, but played like keep ups with a bamboo fottie (my feet were hurting). Next stop was were we stayed the night. This was right next to an even bigger waterful. One thing I should also mention is the toilet, this is basically a whole in the ground with a hose to wash your bum. I managed 2 days without going, but felt I needed to go so i had 2 Imodium tablets because we thought they stop you pooing, they dont. It was an experience, only problem is that just been to the toilet now and that was a struggle! Anyway...

Back to the jungle! We started to run out off fire wood on the second night, so we grabbed the nearest big logs we could find and put them on the fire, but it turned out that they were being used to build the new hut with. The thai peoplw were not impressed, but they smoked more opium and forgot all about it. It was hard to get to sleep that night because of the waterful being so loud, but who cares when your sleeping next to one of natures wonders! On our final day we carried on with more trekking, yet again in the midday sun. It was uphill but thankfully I found that extra 10%, that I thought had been lost due to eating mars bar. This time we went on the river for some bamboo rafting. Unfortuntely I left my balance in England and got drenched! But it was really good fun. The whole trek was realy fantastic and we got so see the real Thailand as well eat the food. Very tranquil, exotic and calm. Back in Chiang Mai now for a night out then we fly south to Krabbe and all those islands that you see on the beach. Right I better get back to trying to learn Danish, take care, Farvel!

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Location: Chaing Mai, Thailand

Well the 14 hour train was an experience, quite good fun but didnt get much sleep. We were sleeping right next to the door which was opening and closing all night long! In Chaing Mai now which is much better, really laid back and nobody comes up to you trying to sell things, although I have been buying lots of noodles! Just been to the massive market, had a Thai Massage! not what I thought it was going to be, had an 80 year old granny punching my back, not the greatest! early night tonight as were of on our 3 day trek at 9am. Which means i'll be riding elephants tomorrow, the guide also warned us thats theres been loads of forest fires lately,but if I use sun cream does that mean I cant burn?! The second night on the trek we'll be lseeping next to a waterfull in our sleeping bags, will definately be taking lots of pictures. Apparently Sly Stallone was here filming the new Rambo film last week. Its a bit cooler in north Thailand but still pretty smoggy, havent learnt any Thai yet, but if you speak in English and add a mime they understand! Right better get off this thing and sort stuff out for the trek, take care

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From Charley
Hey Oli Wally! Im Good! Luckily avnt been in Swindon much let alone work! I went 2 Brighton 4 Friends weddin weekend B4 last! Last weekend flew up 2 Edinburgh 4 Friends Hen weekend! So avnt done a whole week at work 4 a while! GREAT eh? MISSIN U LOADS tho! Its very quiet & avnt got U 2 amuse us!! Hope U find a job soon! Will keep the lunch box here then! TAKE CARE Luv Charley x
From dad
Is Charley talking figuratively about lunch boxes a la Linford Christie? Is Charley male or female, either way Trish is starting to get worried? Happy to get it back if its no trouble as it doesn't feel right jogging at the moment

Off to the wake on Saturday v Port Vale. I'm not sure if we would have been better appointing Pat Butcher. Either will frighten Brooker to death

Sally sends her love - first exam 3rd May, fingers crossed.

love Dad & Trish

Response: Dont worry dad I left a lunchbox at WHsmiths before I left but im sure it can live there. Terry Butcher said that exciting times are instore for Brentford, do you think he means another relegation battle?
From ann
Hi Oli,
How are you? long time no speak, how are things going in Oz, Have you got a job yet? if not please come back as there is still a space on my left waiting for you. This will have to do as a good luck in your new home card so GOOD LUCK 2 YOU ALL IN YOUR NEW APARTMENT.
Love Ann xxxx
From Charley
Hey Oli Wally! Wish I was out there wiv U! Sounds so much FUN! Hope all goes well wiv ur new apartment! Av U ad time 2 send me any keyrings yet PLEASE ?? Thanks in advance I know U R a busy man!!! Does ur Dad still want his lunch box (nearly got chucked away)that U left at work? I will pop it 2 ur house 1 day afta work so let me know OK? Enjoy urself & hope U R bein careful wiv those ladies U R meetin? LOL! Luv Charley xxx
Response: Hello Charles, I still haven't forgotten your keyring, however it is something that requires a lot of thought. Dads lunchbox? Whats been going on in Swindon! Im sure he doesnt mind it being left at work. Take care x
From Victor
Hi guys, I see zou are doing quite good without anz spanish people around ;)
I read from time to time zour diary, but I should stop doing that as I am becoming quite jelaous ;P
I wish you all the best in Australia, take care with the snakes!

From Tom
Hello mate,

WE WON!!! El capitano got his hands on the league cup. Tight game just about deserved the 1-0 victory, it must have been the speech!

Recorded the highlights for you on match of the day!
Response: Congratulations on winning the under 7s blind reserves tournament! Seriously though im glad you have bought success to the Wells family! I did see the game, it was on Fox sports 1. Stan Lazaridis was very impressed by your performance. Did you make the front page of the Wantage and Grove review?
From dad
Well thats it relegated ! I just hope when you come back we aren't heading for the conference.
Response: Dont worry Dad, I dont think you can get much worse, so things can only get better. Wednesday can still make playoffs, premiership just maybe
From terry
hi oli its lynn just to let you know was going to phone you and realised it was 3am so sent email instead glad your having a fantastic time wish we were with you. looks great will phone you at some stage take care lynn and terry xxxx
Response: Remember 9 hours!
From Tom
Hello bruv,

Have you met many brentford fans on your travels?

Thought i should keep you posted on things back here, looks like i'm going to keep the house so there will be a room for you when you come back - £600p.m.

Had a write up in the oxford mail this week, "Tom Wells missed form close range....." some things never change. Big cup final next sat and i have downloaded the Al Pacino speech, awesome just what is needed, just need to work on my delivery!!

Take care
Response: Good to hear your keeping the house, you have all the fun of finding a housemate now. 'Aged 18 - 30, must like cleaning and is often mistaken for Kelly Brook'. Good luck with the game, just gotta give that extra inch!
From Ed
Mate, sounds awesome, very jealous!! I didn't realise you had such a hairy chest....!
Response: Great, great, great grandfather was King Kong.
From Mum
The Botanical Gardens sound fantastic - would love to have seen the bats. Sydney sounds a very exciting place to be. What a bonus with Joel's friend's house. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you manage to find somewhere. Don't forget to keep the house tidy, make good use of the laundry and leave some food in the fridge!
Love Mum XXX
Response: We shall be the perfect guests! I think we have decided to look in the manley area of Sydney, its near the beach and cheaper
From dad and Trish
Went to the zoo but they would not let us ride the elephants or feed the monkeys! However we were allowed to pat the goats - not quite the same...Delicacy of the area are cornish pasties - we also like trying new experiences when we visit the wild south west. Trust your digestion is back to normal. Have a great easter - do the aussies enjoy easter eggs too? xxx
Response: Easter is just as big here, although they do not do this strange delicacy of cornish pasties that you speak of. Healthy eating has made me solid again!
From tery
linda would like to ring you is that the area code to ring you direct in australia and what is the time difference as i dont want lynn ringing you eary hours of the morning and waking you up when you have been on the piss the night before have a good day?
Response: Only number I have is the mobile number 0449140557. Time difference is nine hours ahead, but remember i dont agree with mornings so anytime in the afternoon im always free to answer the phone
From Victor
Hey, how are you doing? Pretty fine, I guess ;) I am alreadz back in Germany to the (real?) life. I hope you enjoy there the rest of your travel, I will keep an eye on your "adventures" there hating zou from the distance :P
Best regards,

Response: Hey, the first person I have met on my travels to post something! Enjoy the working life, I shall be joining it soon in Sydney :(
From Guy
Hi Mate, Sounds like your having an awesome time. Just checked out the pics, is that Budha made of plastic or is it just a bad angle?

Sport update - England still suck.

Take care out there fella and keep giving me something to read at work!!!

Response: I dont know but the Budha did look a bit cheap, plus it couldnt have been made of anything heavy else they never would have made it to the top! We beat Ireland, world beaters!
From Mum
I guess you may be walking around in the dark about now, given that Sydney is turning off all of its lights. Don't bump into anything.

Please pick up your emails - I've given you an update on funds.
Response: We caught up on jet lag whilst the lights were off, but it was a big thing, front page of all the papers!
From Donna
It's not a statue you want it's a shrine mate, none of this half effort stuff. Glad you made up the 1237 steps I don't think it killed me as much as it appears to have killed you! Sydney *sighs* such fond memories you are going to have such a wicked time, enjoy EVERY second, which hostel did you end up booking? Good luck with the job hunting.
Donna x
Response: We are staying in the D*lux budget Hotlel. How something can be deluxe and budget i'll never know! Its not to bad though. It is in Kings Cross which isnt as bad as they say. Loads of backpackers here, dont think we've met an Auzzie yet
From Charley
Hey Oli Hope U R OK? Love readin ur messages N as U know I LOVE MONKEYS! I am gonna av 2 get copies of those photos from U they R so cute! I wish U could bring me 1 home! U wont believe it Ann got me a MONKEY Screen buddy named Oli it has a head at top, arms round the sides then feet at the bottom! I know Im SAD but it kept us amused in office 4 a while! Also Ann has brought a cuddly Cat & named it Oli as well so U R here is Spirit if nothin else! LOL! MISS U LOADS N TAKE CARE! Im pleased U R avin FUN & all is goin well! U av made me wanna go travellin now! Luv Charley xx
Response: Im glad the spirit of Oli remains in the office! Have you built a statue of me yet?
From Alex
The monkey is the best as it just somes up the fun you are having with the wildlife and geranlly, hope you are well and you continue to enjoy yourself
Response: I shall do, and so should you, but not too much, you've got exams coming!!!!!!!!
From sally and Isabella
Dear Oli,

It's lovely to hear of all your wonderful adventures! I must apologise for not having written sooner; its been terribly busy one way or another though i'm pleased to tell you that the dissertation is now complete! huge sigh of relief! I've yet to read all of your diary; its the top of my list! Isabella got terribly excited to see you with the wonderful baby elephant! She pronounced it "mummy see elesant. mummy Oli and elesant. drink water! yes!".
I wish you well and look forward to hearing and seeing more. Take good care! Sally and Isabella x p.s. Isabella has added an addition to our family - Mary the hampster but that's another story!!! xx
Response: Congratulations with the dissertation! U can relax for a bit now, just think 3 months and everythings finished! Im glad Isabella likes the elesant but she's going to have to learn how to say Kangaroo next. Take care x
From Dad & Trish
Sorry not in when you rang to sing the thai version of happy birthday. Thanks very much for the gift wrapped obwat - driving everyone mad playing it! They must grow big beans out there or else you walked onto the set of honey I shrunk the kids. Take care on your last day in BK - don't get complacent & watch out for each other. Then onwards and upwards to the land of Oz and the harsh reality of a earning a dollar but what memories !
love Dad & Trish
ps Doll has given up Scottish dancing and is retraining as a masseur. Hence Ron is v sore
Response: Tell Doll I paid 1 pound and my washing was all done and ironed for me. Im glad you like the present, the wrapping paper although much like A4 lined paper, was infact handcrafted in a Thai village. We've booked our hostel in Sydney for one week, so should have a job soon, unfortuntely no WHSmiths
From james beard
alrite mate glad to read everything is good and awesome on your travels! enjoyin readin your log but doubt nowhere near as much as you enjoyin the experience itself! just to let you know it wasnt sly stallone out there filming it was me and my magnificent physique! hard to tell the difference i know! neways mate hope u gud xx
Response: Ha, I knew your first name was sylvester! Dont forget your saving to come to Sydney!
From Your Banker
Concerned that the size of the bar bills are outstripping ability to source them. Roll on Sydney! No change then re the packing. Safe journey to Oz. XXX
Response: Well we have done alot of things this week. Each trip costs a 1000 bat, but its worth it!
From Rob-Brentford
Oli I was stranded in Bangkok in 1974,a taxi driver told me that his daughter had just gone to L.A. with a chinaman and that when he was finished with her he would send her back. Is she back yet?
Response: ha, no sign of her yet, but im about to go back to Bangkok so i'll ask for you. Im glad that these memorys still mean so much too you!
From Tom
Hello mate,

Sounds like your having a quality time, was it your first time you've ridden an elephant? lol
How's the food tasty or just bearable? whats the strangest thing you've eaten so far?
Although these waterfalls sound fantastic and Jim's beauty spots do sound good, i don't think it can really compare to the Oasis leisure centre... perhaps not!

Take care bro
Love Tom
Response: Ha, the foods good. The food here is all pretty normal, they just eat stir frys and currys, but they dont do artic roll.They dont have a wave machine here like the Oasis or any rubber rings, however you can pee in the water here and it just go's down stream!