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Diary Entries

Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Location: Cape Breton, Canada

Well there hasn't been too much going on since i returned from Nova Scotia. I managed to get to the beach again while the weather was unseasonally warm (close to 30'c in Autumn!) at Grand Bend this time, still a fake beach on another of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron. The 10th of October was Thanks Giving in Canada. Darren and i stayed in London while his parents and brent and paula went north to the cottage to close up for the winter. I got in the spirit of things and cooked, what was to me, a massive Thanks Giving Feast! Topped off with a 2lt bottle of Champagne! Unfortunately i have no photos of my spIendid spread so all of you who have little faith in my cooking skills will have to believe! I even got to carve my first pumpkin eva, which i'm very proud of (and all the canucks just shake their heads in disbelief). The same weekend, darren and i toddled off to Oktoberfest in Kitchener, it is apparently the biggest one outside of Germany, attracting about half a mill people. I took the family to a play at the apparently internationally renowned Thearte in Stratford. We saw a 1960's version of Shakespeares "As you like it". Appart from the fact that I struggled and concerntrated and strained as hard as I could to make sense of the 1500's language, it was a really great production. A week and a bit to go now until i head off to new york and england. should hope to have more interesting news then. i have added some photos of cape breton and other randoms for your viewing pleasure.
Luv Wens.

Monday, 03 October 2005

Location: London Ontario, Canada

hey good peoples
have followed in the footsteps of shelldog and got myself a web page. yes that's right, no more 10 000 word emails! and this way no one should have troubles viewing pictures.
have been out in Nova Scotia for the last 2 weeks. Spent the first week with the Girls (bride to be Melissa, Maid of Honor Karen, other bridesmaid Meredith) and had an absolutely hysterical time. Wedding was on the 24th September and was the best fun i've had in ages. The bride was Stunning, as you'll see in the pictures, the Groom and groomsmen didn't look too shabby either and of course, us bridesmaids looked like goddesses! The Ceremony was held in a small church in a small town called Annopolis Royal. The Reception was in the Lodge at a place called Milford House, which aslo had about 25 cabins on the lake for everyone to stay in. The only thing more perfect than the day was the cute, crazy couple themselves.
After recovering from a week of late nights and no sleep, Darren and i headed up to the highlands in Cape Breton. First two days dumped a crapload of rain. So we only had 2 days left to pack in as many hikes of the National Park as we could. I was totally pumped but not in the best state of fitness, we did about 25km of trails in two days, i was sore, very very very sore. It was all worth it, gorgeous landscape and views. We also visited the Alexander Graham Bell Museum which was fantastic. The man was much more brilliant and diverse than his trademarks of the Telephone and Aerodynamics.
Back to Halifax for two nights to catch up with Mr & Mrs Churchill and Mrs Chown (Liss' mum) then we were on our way back to Ontarible. I love the Maritimes so much and hate having to leave.
I'll wrap up this first entry so you can all check out the pics. My hotmail email is still active so please feel free to email me there, or you can jot a note at the right hand side of this page.
Cathya all soon. luv wens.

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