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Experience life with a guy entering a mid-life crisis. Brace yourself, things are going to change.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

What a game! What a super super, nail biting RWC final. Lots of people I know wanted to see a more significant win, but to me, that would not have done the opposite team or the RWC justice. I liked it close. It was so nail biting that I lost my voice, almost stopped drinking and almost wanted to cry. But now......yippppppppppppppppeeeeee, we are the RWC 2007 champs. Go bokke!

What an unbelievable feeling.

Have a look at some of the photos....

Monday, 03 September 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Yeah! Spring is here and not a day to soon. It is the start of all good things again, braai's, Rugby World Cup 2007, the beach, bikini's, Blue Peter and for some of us....exercising. Getting back in to shape is the only thing I'm not looking forward to. Yuck! Well, there was some talk of getting mountain bikes and then going for some trail riding so that shouldn't be toooooo bad.

I got a good start this weekend, I played darts and drank a lot. Now both my arm and my calve is sore again. Need to be careful not to strain myself. Speaking about darts, three Fridays ago, I had a few buddies over for a game of darts. It was so much fun that we decided that we will do it every 2nd Friday. The previous session my partner and I got trashed but this Friday was a different story. Things were looking rather dim after the competition was leading 7 to 1 but we came back to finish with a hard fought 12 - 11. I don't necessarily think we played better than them, I just think we out drank and out last them.

Then, I have to mention the host's girlfriend, she was brilliant. She made sure we always had snacks and our glasses was refilled before you could say snap. Thanks Anita.

Can't wait for this weekend though.....RUGBY RUGBY RUGBY. Exercising, exercising and some more exercising.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Mmmm, just turned 35 today. Gosh that is soooooo old. Must admit that not being married and not having a few todlers running around, are seriously hitting home now. Maybe those old "tannies " were right, I am going to die a bachelor. Brrrrrrr, scary thought. Well, lets look at the bright side, I alive..........mmmmm.....surely that can't be it. Yeah, I'm healthy as well. Two things to feel great about. Phew.

Let's move on. I'm a little indecisive about having a big bash and just spending time with the family. Most of my best friends either left the country (Jacques & Nats, Andre, Paul - thanks guys), moved back to Namibia (Willem, Francois) or got themselves married with kids (Neil & Werner). And you know the latter, they don't do bachelor birthday parties anymore. Only parties where there are more kids then grown-ups. Seems like life becomes much more complicated the older you get.

So I think I would probably end up with the familje! Especially now that my mom is here on a visit from the "Nam". I call it the "Nam" cause I haven't been to Namibia for quite some time. Seems foreign somehow.

What else, only that it is freezing cold here in CPT. When I say freezing I mean it. When you walk out of your house in the morning the cold bites you where it hurts. Wish summer was here. Talking about summer, need to get back in to, I know round is a shape but I'm more going for the triangle shape. Since my squash partner fled to the UK, I left to my own devices. Boozing and watching TV. Oh I almost forgot, I'm started to play darts, now that is a workout for you. Got a cramp in my calve the other day. Playing Jonno a marathon Russian Killer game that carried on for almost three hours. Shit, I get a cramp in my other calve just thinking about it. Must not over exercise. Start slow, finish early...that's a man of my physique's motto.

Have to go...some of the boys want to celebrate my birthday. I'll watch, seems much more exciting.

To all my friends that left, may you have the worst day of your life, to those who stuck it out with me, may Bacchus be kind to you and your children.

Over and out!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Had such an nice day today. Pinnacle Micro is one of the sponsors for the SuperSport Let's Play Telethon where people phone in and pledge money which will be used to buy sports equipment for previous disadvantage children. No, my midlife crisis did not cause me to go all United Nations on you, my reasons are more sinister. There were going to be celebs, and not just your normal sport stars, no no no, Sports Illustrated models as well. Mmmmmm. Beautiful ladies such as Minky, Elbe & Roxy comes to mind. Well, I took some awesome photos and I do hope you will enjoy them, almost as much as I taking them. The only problem was that I could not be in it, I had to take the damn photos. Anyway, I could and least speak to them, shake their hands and drool.


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From Theunis
Darts were great. You guys were lucky johno was on your side.
Response: He, he, he. I paid him...
From minki
whats cookin?
Response: Not much...just hanging loose.
From John
Listen to Foo Fighters tonight and you`ll be fine buddy....

Response: Damn right I will. I waited 6 months for this DVD and you can bet your butt I'm going to listen to it.
Hey my boetietjie! Noudat jy 35 jare jonk is moet jy maar 'n bietjie kom kuier.... Ons verlang jou vreeeeeeeeslik! Lief jou!
Response: Who are you? Are you from Nam? Just kidding, I would love to. As soon as Namibia qualifies for an overseas trip, I'm there like a bear.
From Isabel
Aggggggg SHAME Weskussie!
I REALLY do feel for you.....I'm also there (10 years time)!!! Live by my philosophy: "Eat healthy, stay fit, die ANYWAY"
also always remember: "DON'T COUNT THE DAYS, MAKE THE DAYS COUNT"!!!
Response: I don't normally invite people that just graduated from high school to participate in the grown-up debates but u r forgiven cause ur cute. That sure is philosophical. I don't think I would be able to live up to such high expectations though. But thanks for the advice, I will pass in on to my kids......:)
From Tiens
Dis nie Modeki nie Champ, dis Mondi Zondeki. En Hylton Ackerman is ook daar, dead give away is sy naam kaart reg voor hom. Hehe
Anyways...jy klink redelik depressed, klim vanaand biki onder die prop in!
Response: Ek was close ok. Dankie vir jou help. Wat se prop....?
From Jacques & Nat
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;-) Hope that those fellow bachelors help you celebrate a memorable 35th Birthday ;-) Am so glad that you started planet ranger - nice one ;-)

Lots of Love
Response: Hi Guys,

It is due to the brilliant site you guys are running. Makes me feel as I'm part of the venture. Keep it coming...