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Ash's tour of the world!

Welcome to Ash's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Location: Sydney 1st week!28th-5thApril, Australia

Arriving at Sydney airport around 8am took awhile to get through migrations/customs check inbit but once through got a taxi to Darlinghurt Rd in Kings Cross which is the red light district of Sydney which didnt look at all that bad!

Checked into the Hostel and were in a small rom with 2 bunk beds and an ensuit and the windows were sealed shut!!!but had A/C but that dripped, and over the week the carpet got soaked and smelt of damp! told reception but they did nothing about it!!!

over the week went out several times, met some guy traveling on his own called Henry who seemed an alright guy. Pubs and clubs around Sydney are pretty damn good and pretty much 90% of the women here are stunning like jaw droppingly gorgeous!!!

Most of the week have been looking for somewhere to stay but no luck as yet. Mid week was my birthday and got absolutly blind drunk!got in around 4:30am as clubs and pubs are 24hour and spent the next day in bed!!! That evening went for a walk with the guys over the big bridge and got some gorgeous pic's of the city!

Joel's family friend got in touch who lives about 30mins to an hour out of Sydney so we are off to stay with them for a week, well they wont be there, but it will cost nothing to stay. the have a pool and tennis court so should be fun.

The last day in Sydney before we come back in a weeks time! we went to the Botanical Gardens where the wierdest site I have ever seen!! these HUGE bats hanging up side down. Just before sunset they were all flying around the trees such a wierd site. to night just gotta pack and to be out by 10am! and go get a car we have rented for the week! all in all its an awesome city!Nice Clean anf Fresh unlike Bangkok!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Location: Fly back to Bangkok, Thailand

Packed up and left room by 11am, had breakfast then went in to Ao Nang on the internet and were back to My Banana's place for the taxi to Krabi Airport. Flight was almost 1hr 30mins late!!!

Got to hotel and was pretty nice but every one was still red and sore fromt he day before. went out for dinnerand what a laugh! ended up in a Thai buffet which was choosing your un cooked meats and taking them back to the table and cooking them onthe strangest thing. looked like a large orange squeezer juicer thing! where water boils around the outsideand the meat cooks on the raised bit. we were so worried we might get the shits so we had abit paid and left. but the funny was we had this cute little thai girl cooking for a while who had a strong american accent and an ugly thai girl cooking for us and they found it halarious!

still hungry we tracked down a Maccy D's and went back o the hotal to bed. At least we can say we tried a Thai buffet think i may leave it for a while before i have another!!!

Thailand over view - Bangkok no abig fan of cos of all the tuc-tuc drivers coming up to u askingwhere your going, and its full of pollution like nothing i have experienced and its so humid!

Chiang mai - nice and layed back with not so many locals hasseling you. The jungle is an amazing place and the people are so friendly!

Krabi and Phi Phi - Nice chilled out places, so gorgeous everywhere an the people always go out of their way to help you out. was abit sad to leave as it was so nice and one of my favourite places i have even been to especially the Phi Phi Islands!!!

Monday, 26 March 2007

Location: Phi Phi islands trip, Thailand

Dunno how to describe this trip it was AMAZING, LUSH, BEAUTIFUL and gorgeous!!! left at 8:30am to get the speed boat and 30mins in didnt look good as a big dark cloud was coming towards us and then it rained!10mins later it was clear and sunny again. First Phi Phi Island we stopped at was Monkey Beach Island where we first went snorkling. It was Beautiful with th coral and fish all in different colours in the crystal clear water!Unfortunatly there was some tiny jelly fish in the water, and gave abit of a sting like a stingy nettle gives. 30 mins later moved onto Phi Phi Ley where the film "The Beach" was filmed and it was gorgeous. the only problem was it was crouded with boats and so many people! went for a walk and then a swim where we saw the funniest thing 3 crabs sitting ontop of a coconut shell.HAHA Moved on for a quick look at Lohsamah Bay for a quick look at the site and stopped and fed some fish! when the food hits the water 100's come from knowhere, that was a site to see.

time for lunch and hit the shore of Phi Phi Leh Bay where we had lunch in a restaurant out side with an incredible view out in to the sea!! After that hit the beach and oh my god the women there were incredible looked like they had all come from a swedish factory!!! any wayonly had an hour there and moved on to Hin Klang for more snorkling!

deeper water than the last place and even more fish once the guides were throwing food pretty much next to our faces and these fish were not shy at all especially the tiger fish!! one tiger fish got abit to close and had a NIBBLE on my NIPPLE did hurt alittle but I still have my right nipple thats the main thing!

the last stop on the trip was Bamboo Island onc there it was just like a post card!!!! was so unreal untouched beaches and the sea was so clear and warm!! At one point Joel, Oli and I walked out abit a fare distance away from each other and got naked, held our shorts over our heads and Lee took a pic was funny! spent an hour there!

On our way back about 30mins away from Ao Nang he boat broke down. Lucky we were in 2's! the other boat towed us back which took longer but finally arrived back around 4:30pm.

was an amazing day hope to come back to it one day and stay on Phi Phi Don.

everyone looked like a tomatoe especially Joel after a full day in the sun and I have started to PELL!!!!! gotta pack tonight for one stay in Bangkok before heading off to OZ!!!

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Location: Krabi, Thailand

woke up tired as hell for the miss haps in the night! got a bus at 9 with a few people on a trip to a temple we had arranged dunno if it was a good idea or not! got to this temple and its hot as hell and the temple is 1237 steps up a damn mountain!!!!!any way started off well till about the 400 mark and it was hot Lee and i were stopping to take pics and the others had carried on!THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!KILL THE LEGS!it got slower and slower and never thought it would finish!the sweat was just pooring off lee's and my face!and we STANK not having washed any clothes for days!
finally got to the top and it was so worth it! the views were like nothing else i had seen!got some brilliant pics! then it started to peee down and we had to go back down all thoughs steps not good! but eventually went down or we would have waited ages to get down!once down we went past some monks and gave a donation each and in return got a bracelet which for men the guide said bring good luck for u with women!bullshit im wearing just in case tho! well lee still attracks the ladyboys!haha
moving on to stage 2 of our day trip to some natural hot springs! that was lush smelt abit cos of the sulfa but was so nice and warm could only stay in it for about 10 - 15 mins at a time with out feeling sick! stayed thre for a while then drove down the road for some lunch!
after lunch headed to the coast to see "fossils on a beach" got there and it was like ummmmmm aload of rocks sticking out the see nothing different from what u get at cromer beach!! we drove all that way just to see some damn rocks and we were beside our selves laugh cos its not an attraction just aload of rocks but the old ones thought it was facinating!
headed back to the hotel to get showered and changed ready for going out for dinner and an early night for the Phi Phi trip we have booked for tomoz our last full day!
dinner had an all u can eat and didnt eat oh well my appetite is going cos of the heat!
we were just wondering around and lee needed some more mosquito repelent. so he said be back in a min and he never did so we ended up searching for him for about 15-20 mins and finally he showed up!only being in a shop buying a top!lol we thought he had got lost!
Phi Phi tomoz and i cant wait!STUNNING beaches just hope it doesnt rain!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Location: Kayak in Krabi, Thailand

got up as usual and booked the kayak for the afternoon in the morning!left Joel and Lee in bed as i think they had, had a fair bit to drink last night so oli and i jumped on the scooter and went for a wonder along the front looking at shops as we had nothing better to do till 12:30! 12:30 jumped on to the truck and had a 30min drive to the kayak plce and had two other joining us! Clare who also went to Portsmouth Uni!!! how wierd is that!she was cool but a bit on the old side (31) and Jeff a cool 42 yr old from Belgium! kayaking was amazing went round some small islands and the caves were amazing including the scenery!the best part about the trip was the monkeys which was the main thing to see on this trip! we were heading down through some trees and a little baby monkey came and jumped on our kayaks and was taking banana's off of us and sitting and eating them in front of us! mother was never far away!that was an amazing thing to see!about 15 - 20 mins later navegating through tree trunks and roots got to a little beach with was enclosed. got out the kayaks and suddenly there were about 20-30 monkeys all around us knowing there were getting food from the guides!
was a real great feeling seeing this little human type animals standing and eating like we do!was all so got to get rather close and feed them by hand which was cool! and if they dropped and food on the sand they walked to the water and cleaned it before they ate it which was funny to see but a smart thing for them to do!
finally headed back to base and the back to the hotel!
went out with Jeff and Clare and Joels mate Simone for dinner then hit the bars with out Jeff as i think we are a little bit to hard core for him!lol feeling knacked ploud through 5 or 6 Changs! and then oli clare and i went home leaving lee, joel amd simone behind!
i got woken up at 4am by Joel and lee pissed and giggling like school girls!not knowing what they had got up to!
lee got stalked by a hooker in the end back to the hotel and joel ended up with some girl he had been seeing since we got here!mind boggles at what he got up to!haha and lee was just worried he might catch some thing or other!

Friday, 23 March 2007

Location: Ao Nang (Krabi), Thailand

HANGOVER swear its worse in hot climates! got some breakfast then me and lee hit the roads probs not a good idea and hit the beach for the day!the sea is so warm its like a warm bath! i went out a fair way cos its up to my neck really far out and was empty really! so all on my own thought f--k it and took my shorts off for abit and it felt so free!lol just had to be done! spent most of the day at the beach till 4 then headed back!just got back in time where we had the mother of all thunder storms!(so took a shower out side!)

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Location: krabi, Thailand

got up around 10:30 got some breakfast, then saw some SCOOOTERs for 250 baht!4 pound how good is that! packed our bags and hit the road!joel, lee and i had a scooter each as oli isnt confident with anything mechanical that moves! so he was on my bike! we followed the coast road got some fuel and drove for around 20 mins!stopped and had an indian of all things in the heat!and straight away sitting in the shade my arms were bright red cos i cant feel my self getting burnt with the wind in my hair bombing it around!

10 mins down the road we were told there was a busy beach so we bombed it down there and got there and there was hardly any one on the beach just miles of sand and sea! was a wierd beach as in front of us was a baby elephant and his master playing in the sea!that was cool! stayed at the beach for a few hours and left just before the darkest of dark clouds took the sun away and down it all the way home! not fun in the rain on the scooter as it hurts and u cant really see where your going!half the fun tho!

got back and sorted our selves out and got the free taxi to Ao Nang with some spanish guys and ended up having dinner with them!simon, joels mate was in the area so joined us for dinner to!

After dinner hit the bars which went down hill very quickly!just wanna say one thing Never drink with a scots man!!!!! playing pool with jeffries a scot come over and goes "your english oh yes do u mind if i have a game with u?" so he started getting the drinks in around 11 for me and lee while the other were working there magic with 2 girls and was funny to watch as no one was getting anywhere!lol

played pool for some 5 hours till 4 am and that was a hell of alot of drink later!and this scot was FINE!!!! and well lee left around 1am and i was still storming on!and couldnt really walk! just me and oli at this point at 4 am and he wanted to stay and work the girls some more and i just wanted to hit the hay! so oli paid for a tuc-tuc for me and i paid upfront bad idea as i stopped off to get some food on the way back and when i came out the f--ker had gone and i was still about 30 min walk away and no cash or cards on me!!! so out went the THUMB and a boy of around i would say in my state was 14 yrs old driving a scooter and hopped on and directed him took a while as we went past it 3 or 4 times!and got home for free then pasted out in bed!

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Woke up to a HANGOVER!!!and found out when i looked in the mirror i had writing all over my chest cos Joel had taken advantage of my drunken state!lol After that had abit of a boring day get a plane at 11:20am from Chiang Mai airport to Bangkok airport!gettig 2 planes in one day and waiing around in Bangkok airport for around 4 hrs to get the 2nd connection flight o Krabi! Arrived in Krabi a 8pm got a taxi which was late picking us up by about an hour! We were shocked to see a massive cliff just behind our bungalow which looks amazing in the dark so cant wait to see it in the day light! Didnt have time to get unpacked as every one was a little grumpy because of our lack of food and sleep and all nursing hangovers. So we went to where all the restaurants were which are about 5 mins away by car. Then came back, unpacked and just about to go to bed 1am!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Location: 3rd day trek, Thailand

woke up and it was freezing!!!(8am ish) and i mean cold!had more toast and jam for breakfast and then set off at around 10 am for the last final walk which was around 2-3 hours andwhich wasnt to bad but it was down hill which was hard in a way as u had to stop ur self slipping over and u just cant walk down steep hills for a long period of time un less your a THAI GUY!stopped at a water fall for 30 mins after 2-3 hours and had a swim then carried on walking for about 20 mins and got a truck to the bamboo rafts where the 4 of us go in the raft with a guy who would steer it down the river! was fun splashing the other rafts with the other guys we had met over the days!along the way we hit a rock on the side of the raft and oli held on and as i was next to him the raft lifted one daid and i fell right in! was rather refreshing i have to say!the other guys we were with the 2 guy and 2 girls we were messing round on the rafts and there's broke up haha and they had tostop while the man fixed it so we plodded on!was a fun ride at a slow pace!
that was the end of our 3 day trek and looking back was good fun but not at the time cos of all the up hill walking and the heat!not to mention do i need a poo all the time!
headed back to the hostel which was an hour away and got in the room where thak good i could let it all out in a weston toilet which was sooooooo nice! off out for a few drink with people we had met over the past 3 days and some dinner!ready to catch a flight tomoz at 11am!

Monday, 19 March 2007

Location: 2nd day TreK, Thailand

waking on the second day i was greated by the best vue in the world of green mountains through some wooden doors! had breakfast toast and jam the old english way with tea which was wierd being in thailand!didnt bother having a shower just cleaned my teeth but i so needed a poo so did the other guys and we didnt like the state of that hole in the ground dunno where its going to go!so we went for the option of IMODIUM
not a wise idea but it worked! the secound day was the worst we got to see two amazing waterfalls which we cooled off in each time!but the problem was we were always going up steep hills or mountains there were pretty big and so thought i was going to pass out it was that bad as we were trekking in the mid day heat for some stupid reason! we stopped off on the way for lunch where we got more thai food which is very nice and i didnt get the shits eating any of it which i thought i might have done but i was bunged up nice and good like the rest of them!we then had a 1 hour wait just laying around for the guide to wake up!then we were off again!MORE UP HILL walking which kills ur calfs! then was flat abit later on for the rest of the way! we arrived at the second water fall where our hut was right next to it nice and LOUD for a good nights sleep!had a play in the water then got out for dinner!
one thing was wierd a few of the Thai guys keep calling RAMBO all the time and grabbing my arms which was funny!
at night we sat and drank round a log fire. the fire started to go out so me and another guypicked up a big log as there was no guides around and put it on about 30 mins later they came and werent to pleased and took it off as it was for a hut for this guys house which we thought was funny but shouldnt have really laughed but the log was alright in the end just with a little burn mark!
Hit the sack at 9 after a day of walking a passed out!

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From Sarah
Hahaha.... just read through your journal entries - they made me laugh so much! I'm so jealous of you - but glad you're having such a great time. The monkeys sound amazing, would have loved to have seen that. Have a safe trip to Oz xxxx
Response: cheers big ears!!!! cant wait to get to sydney!!!! they all speak ENGLISH!lol x x take care x x
From Mum
What's the capital of Thailand??
Response: haha funny one!
From Mum
Hi Ashley,
Hope you are ok and still enjoying Thailand.I liked the pics. especially the one with you on the elephant. I look at your journal each day to see if you've updated it, Dad looks too. The beaches look lovely there, wish they were like it here in France.We had terrible thunder storms and heavy rain yesterday!!!!!
We had to put the clocks an hour forward here last night, like the UK.Now going to get showered and go out somewhere in the car for the afternoon.You've only a few days left there, then it's Oz. Bye for now, take care, lots of love, Mum xx
Response: yea im good mum and im fine!more pics to come when i have time!yea it rains every afternoon here which is poo!!hope you and the old man are ok!!! talk soon! x x
dude read it all and looked at the photos...having such a great time you bastard....will be joining you soon!
Response: get here sooner rather than later and join in the fun!!!!!