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Whitey in Japan

Hello all....check out some pictures and if you want to leave me a message, i think you can do that on the right of the page. Whitey

Photos - Click Below


Ed & Whitey go to Kyoto #3

And it continues........


Ed & Whitey go to kyoto #2

Further on in our camping adventure.


Ed & Whitey go to kyoto

The first few nights of Ed's visit. Sashimi dinner, a festival and the beginning of our camping trip up to Kyoto.


Trip to Miyazaki

Hired a car wth 3 other teachers and went down to the south of Kyushuu. Then back up the east coast of the island before crossing through the centre. Then back up to KitaKyushuu


Indian Adventure 1

I thought i'd share a few of my photos from India on this page as well. These ones are of various places all over the sub-continent.

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