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Monday, 01 August 2005

Location: Canada

We left Vanderhoof on Sunday July 24 in the evening and stopped in Houston in a parking lot for night. Early in the morning we were met by Jake's sister and her husband along with some of their friends. We travelled with them to what they call the Work Channel close to Prince Rupert. The road into the camping area was very slow travelling and we understood why they said "only 4-wheel drives beyond this point" at the beginning of the road.

Rachelle and Jake went ocean fishing for the first time the next day. The ladies stayed at the camp place (I wouldn't call it a campsite) and watched the whale in the bay playing with the ducks. He stayed around all week. Wednesday Rachelle stayed at camp and Eva went in her place. I didn't have a license so I stayed behind. The fishing was so good that our two day catch left us 1 fish short of the limit. We only caught pink salmon, coho salmon and one cod. The halibut were only caught by the eagles.

We stayed in Terrace overnight from Thursday to Friday and then found a campground in Houston. The Shady Rest campground is highly recommended if you are in the Houston, BC area. We have been spending time with Wayne and Linda and now Cam. Saturday we brought our fish over and filleted them in the back yard. It took awhile because the fish were wider than our knives were long. Sunday we attended church with them and had a salmon barbeque at the campsite. We also picked 4 buckets of saskatoons in the afternoon. Today is our last day here so Jake is spending it helping with some mechanics. (Not ours this time)

Jennifer has spent the last week at Juanita's where she will spend the remainder of our trip. It is much quieter without her but she had a job opportunity she couldn't resist. We will continue to update as we can and hopefully some pictures will be available soon. (and sunshine for us as rain is getting a bit boring)

Sunday, 17 July 2005

Location: Canada

We're having a great time. Had the driveshaft fall off on the way to Vancouver but $40.later we were on our way again. We camped by Harrison Hotsprings for the weekend and did some swimming and not just in the campsite.
July 4th we camped in a nice campground in Fort Langley. We stayed a week their. Juanita and Justin came on Thursday and we celebrated his birthday on the 7th at the Keg. It rained almost all the time but we had some sunny periods as well. We took the kids around Vancouver to show them many places they hadn't seen before. Jen has never been in Vancouver since she was 7 months old.
On Saturday the 9th we went on the skytrain from Surrey to the Science Centre and spent 2 hours there. It was a quick trip through and we all want to go back and spend more time in some of the more interesting areas. We didn't get in for the Omnimax movie and that can be awesome. We hit Metro Town after that and it is a good thing we only had time to eat at the food court. Our holiday may have been suddenly shortened. Three floors of small shops featuring a huge sidewalk sale was almost hard to resist.
July 10th Juanita and Justin went home (as well as Max) and we headed to Whistler where we camped. Brandywine Falls to be exact. Very beautiful trails and hikes. Jake and the girls went on a two hour hike with hanging bridge for walkway and lots of beautiful places to see. They all came back very wet because it rained almost all the time.
We headed to Clinton through hills, over waterfalls and many beautiful places to stop and let the truck cool off (not that we had to stop). We camped in Clinton for two nights and headed towards Lac La Hache. Just before 100 Mile Jake looked in the side mirror and watched the one wheel go its own direction. The brake had fallen apart earlier and we didn't notice. It didn't do much damage to the trailer but the rim was not useable anymore. We watched as the tire went behind the trailer and took off into the ditch on the passenger side of the truck. The tire is fine but we now have no brake on the rear drivers side of the trailer and had to put new part on in 100 Mile.
We are camping around Vanderhoof right now and don't know for how long. We haven't had any other problems and thank the Lord for that.
We have lots of photos and as soon as Jake finds a cable to download them we will pass some on to you. We haven't had many days with cell phone service let alone internet so we are sorry for the delay in information.

Sunday, 19 June 2005

Location: Canada

Getting ready to go in July

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