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Hey Guys!!

Only away for 5 months but you can check out how things are going!! You can also leave messages which I will reply to, I promise!!!


Diary Entries

Sunday, 09 April 2006

Location: France

Haven't managed to download pictures as it takes too long and is far too sunny out here to sit inside!! Tried snowboarding the other day with 2 of my friends, was very entertyaining!! aCHED THE NEXT DAY!!

Not a lot else to say really. Onlt 2 weeks left now!!


Monday, 13 March 2006

Location: France

Well Carly has now left. She did very well at ski ing and was definately a pro by the end of the week!!

Don't think there's that much gossip to write back to you!! Went out in 1850 the other night didn't get home til 6!! Walked home down a red run and it was snowing, quite hard!! Infact didn't so much as walk as fell, took out the guys I was with on my way down aswell!!!

We had a really nice meal in Darbello's. Had Pierre Chaud, you get a plate of raw meat and have to cook it yourself on a stone slab!!!

Only 5 weeks to go. Absolutely gutted!!!!!!!!!! Need to decide what to do in the summer now!!


Friday, 03 March 2006

Location: France

Hey Guys,

Well not a lot is new. We have started our first game of killer. Everyone pays 5 euros to enter and winner takes all!! (100euros). Everyone had to pick a person a weapon and a place and it is your job to kill this person in that place with that weapon before you get killed yourself!! About 5 people have already been killed. 52minutes was the record!! I have not yet killed or been killed!!

I went to a town called Annecy on my day off, to go shopping and to have a Macdonald's!! Bought a new pair of trousers and a new jumper!! Wicked!!

I can't believe that I have less than 2 months left!! Just trying to decide where to work for the summer!!


Monday, 27 February 2006

Location: Le Praz, France

Hey Guys, It's taken me a while but I have finally done it.

Well I went to the Olympics in Italy last Wednesday which was absolutely awesome!! Had to leave at quarter past 7 thhough, on my day off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We watched the men's parallel snowboarding final. Idrank beer!!!!!! Which was cheaper at the Olympics than it is in Le Praz, I want to move to Italy!!! We watched that all day and made snow angels underneath the olympic sign.

We then drove to a small Italian village called Susa and had a look round and were going to have dinner but, nowhere was open so we went and sat in a bar until the restaurants opened. Had a really nice meal and then drove home, well I slept!!

Carly is coming out on Saturday so I will try not to make her break her leg, can't make any promises though!!


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Recent Messages

From Laura
Nic, people are fighting over you! What date are you coming home??!! Everyone is fighting over who gets to see you first! God, you cause so much trouble!! I couldn't care long as i see you at some point before you bugger off again!!! Love you xx!!
Response: not long now
From Antonia
Hey honey, hope your doing well? Just came on here and have spotted this message thing so thought I let you know you were much missed for our regular bank holiday piss up. At least your home for the next one in two weeks. xxx
From Laura
Hi Monkey, Hurry up and come home, we need all the gossip and stuff!! Trying to work out when you are coming home?? What is the Date?? You have to see my new flat, it's lovely!! :o) MISS YOU LOTS AND LOTS
Laura xx
Response: You'll have to guess the date!!
From viv
Hi Nik

Not long now til we come out for our third visit!
From Carly
I can't believe I'm back at work, this sucks!
Loved seeing you and was really please to see what a great time your having.
Where ever you end up in the summer make sure that it can include a holiday for me.
From ceals
oh my god! ive just counted the days untill im getting married.......141
Response: How exciting I hope that you have remembered my invite!!!
From ceals
hello my little nikki
Response: Howdi, IT'S SNOWING!!! Really really hard today!!

From dad
if you have time between discovering new places and meeting new people, does that include Kev and diabolicals? xx
I mis u x
Response: Only 2 months to go and then we'll have mammoth drinking sessions again!!
From Laura
Muppett!! I need to send you out a pressy with Carly. I brought a Disney Princess CD at the weekend!
Response: It better be good!!!