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Welcome to will's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 12 July 2007

hey dudes!!!!!! my travels are officially over and i am back in aus. the last week in samoa was one of the best, chris and i just surfed our brains out!!! we hit the south coast of the main island again and scored some nice waves. i was keen to make people back in sydney as jealous of my tan as possible so i spent a bit of time lying in the sun!!he he! samoa as a whole has been one of my favourite adventures so far, the people and the way of life there make it a very special place. i feel lucky to have had the oppotunity to experience it and really soak up the culture. thanks for all your messages everyone and i'll catch up with you all someday soon.
love wil

Monday, 02 July 2007

Location: Samoa

hey everyone!!!!!
hope all is well!!!! sorry about the lack of diary entries but we've been on the samoan island 'savaii' which has no internet connection. where did we leave off?? oh yeh!!
the rugby... the rugby was cool, it was a really good game (big tackles) and we just sat in the sun trying our best to copy the samoan chants. the game seemed really informal (dogs were lying on the pitch) it was very laid back, very samoan!! we went out in the evening and had far too many cocktails. we ended up in this dodgy night club in apia. i was trying to teach the locals the basic art of chicken was a big hit!! he he!
we spent a couple of days sight seeing, including a trip to lake lanotoo which was a ten km walk through thick jungle eventuating at this very eerie green lake. it was great to have a swim though, very refreshing if a little scary.
we then travelled to the largest island in samoa 'savaii' and made our way to the surf camp called 'anganoa' the surf there was amazing!!! it breaks right infront the restaurant. i surfed the biggest, sickest waves of my life there. this one day the swell was just perfect for it, it was about three and a half times over head breaking on coral! i was pretty scared, good experience though and im still alive!
the island here offers alot of sight seeing including lava flow, blowholes and an awesome waterfall. all of our travelling here has been on buses which is cool. they really pack you in, sometimes you have two people sitting on your knee!!! which would be ok but they're samoan!!

anyway dudes, i miss you all

be in touch love wil

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Location: lalomanu, Samoa

helloooo everyone!!! wow! where to start?! samoa is absolutely awesome, the people, the scenery, the surf, the weather have all been so good. I have only been here for a few days and it already feels like i've done so much.
we arrived in samoa at 3.30 in the morning and made our way by dodgy taxi to the capital, apia. we only got a few hours sleep in this tiny room that the three of us had to share because it was booked out. the owner/manager 'rose' was really helpful and told us the best place to head for surf. we headed south by taxi over the most breathtaking mountain-scape...its just so green!!its completely undeveloped here, even the main towns are all wooden shacks and grass huts, its cool! we found our way to a place called 'lalomanu' on the south coast of the main island. we were so shocked... This place is a paradise with a surf resort situated as close to the water as you could be. it looks right out over the clearest, bluest water ever with the surf rolling in about five hundred metres out breaking on the fringing reef. we have been staying in one of the 'fales' (pronounced far-lays) right on the beach, its basically just a wooden shack with a roof and no walls. its just so cool waking up hearing the waves crashing right in front of us.
the people here so welcoming and friendly, very island style without a care in the world. the food has been great too, pretty much whatever is caought that day ends up on the table.

the surfing bit... (mum dont read this)
our first day here the waves looked great although we couldn't really tell how big it was from the shore. we tryed to ask a local about the surf but he didn't really know so we just went for a paddle. little did we know it was low tide and the razor sharp coral was a problem on the way out. we all got pretty well cut but we made it out the back anyway. the surf was perfect but a little scary as it was well over head high and only a few inches of water under the surface. it felt a bit like fishing for sharks using ourselves as bait!!!! we've scored it really great since then and have a better idea of the tides and stuff.

we spent a night on a nearby island called 'namoa' . it was such a fun place with only one family living on it. we took it upon ourselves to explore the whole thing. we walked right over the top and dicovered the most amazing views.

we are now back at lalomanu and have plans to head back to apia on saturday for the rugby clash betwwen samoa and should be great. i met a guy who is a cameraman for the game and he has invited us to the after party... cant wait for that!!!

take care my lovely people
write me soon!!!! wily

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Location: Samoa

Hellooooooo lovely people,
welcome to my new travel page! i'm packing my bags right now getting ready for the flight to sunny samoa!!! make sure you guys check this site every now and then and write me a message or two. keep safe, love you all

willy xxxxx

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Recent Messages

From Mummy
I missed you so much this weekend. Went to Perranporth surf club's 50th celebrations at the watering hole.Fab fun good bands and fireworks. Everyone was asking about you and I wished you were there. I hope you are still having fun. lets talk when you get home.Lots and lots of love.x
Response: hey mum!!!!! sounds like fun, wish i coulda been there. my trip is kinda winding down right now, just a little more surfing and then home. i call you when i get there. love you millions! wil xxx
From shell
:) And the best news is there are only four more days to go until the new movie comes out!!!! Surf sounds absolutely mad! I hope you’ve taken some sweet photos?! Sounds like there’d be great snorkelling around there too? any scary sharks?
Mags n I went to live earth yesterday :) it was amazing and freezing. We saw missy higgens, wolf mother, john buttler, jack Johnson and crowded house :) ahhhhhhhh it was fantastic we danced and bounced shoeless all day long! I was out cold in front of Harry Potter III when we got home before mags even had time to make me noodles!! Brilliant sleep!
And guess what…the blind lady is no longer scary…we made friends ha ha!! Her dog went for a wonder the other day and I found it and took it back she was so happy she even got me a bottle of wine…she’s sooo sweet :)
And yes mags and I have been consuming a lot of alcohol… although no chicken dancing so you win! Ha ha and no I don’t like 5 foot 200k men!
Yeewww well guess we’ll be seeing you soon then..
Xx luv shell
Response: hey shell, wow!, live earth sounds cool, wish i coulda been there. im home in time for harry so we'll have to go and watch it! i saw the previews... im so pumped! pleased you made friends with the blind lady, we should have her around for a session on the goon!! he he! well i'll be seeing you soon sweety, take care, love to margs! wil x
From Angelique
Hey love, sounds like your having time of your life! I'm quite jealous, the weather over here is terrible so your not missing out on anything! cant wait to see how boonga you are when you get back.
Have a drink for me ;-)
-Ange xx
Response: hey ange!!!! good to here from you. its good to hear the weather is crap at home, i cant imagine cold right now. im home pretty soon so we'll catch up for a drink! much love wil x
From St Nick
the nights arn't just lonly with out you there also cold ! why dont you have pics on this thing ? margot says hi. shell blows you a kisss so does alexis and her dog X i cant blow you a kiss cause people will see. youve missed good/epic surf over here as well to bad ive not been in the water. the bad news is erin and sam are lazy looks as if you will be bunking with me a bit longer. Or is that good news ? bye for now nick
Response: hey nicko, yeh sorry about the lack of photos the internet is soooo bad here and i cant get it to work...bummer! i'ts not so bad about the girls, we'll have some cozy nights in with a curry! ha ha! mate im going to be back on the 12th now so could you try to get me on the roster asap, thanks bro. willy
hallo wildwilly. Lets hear about the rugby and all things Samoan.Hope you are well & happy , loads of love PAJU
Response: hey da and judes, sorry about the lack of diary internet on the other isalnd. love willy
From Mummy
Hey Hon.Sounds like a gorgeous place. I'm envious. I did read the bit about the coral but I'm cool now that i'm a surfing dude, well more of a dud really. Love you loads.keep safe.Have fun. Mum.x
Response: ha ha!!! yeh mum, i think the waves are a little out of your league!!! your definately a dude though! love wil
From Shell
Hey man! Wow sounds awesome! I’m very jealous… I’d say it’s a little too chilly back here to sleep in a wall-less shack on the beach, otherwise I’d probably build one of my own :) sounds lovely! Who’d you back in the Rugby? I heard the Tongans are kinda cute! Hehe!
Guess what….. I’M OFFICIALLY ON HOLIDAYS!!! Yayyy yaa! :)
So here’s to happy holidaying to the both of us!!!!! :) :)
So when are you heading home?
Luv shel
p.s my car came out from under the tree scratch free
p.p.s I reserved my copy of the next Harry Potter…
Response: hey shell!!! first to harry potter... you were right, best book ever!!! i hope your car is ok, ive been telling people about that, everyone finds it kinda funny!!! happy holidays to you, i hope you are using the time constuctively... getting drunk mainly i bet! he he!
oh yeh tongans are cute if you like five foot men that weight 200kg!!! love will xxxx
From Rosie
Hey Wil! Long time no see! Sounds like you are having an awesome time. Am sooo jealous. Bet you are in paradise. How long are you going to be travelling for? Enjoy every minute as am sure you are :-) love Rosie xxx
Response: hey rosie!!!!!! has been a long time!!! hope you are well and happy. yeh this place is pretty nice, im gonna be here for the best part of a month! i feel very lucky. love wil x
From Rich
Hey mate Samoa sounds like a cool place - glad your having fun.
The Rugby would have been a good game.
take it easy mate
Response: heyyyyy richy!!!!! how are you me old mate? yeh its lots of fun here, you'd love it, its very chilled. i hope bristol is treating you well, give my love to rach wil
From gazza B
Go Little Willie! You guys are having an awesome time and I am very jealous....keep on doing it brother and catch a wave or two for me. Gazza
And Hi to Brony if you happen to read this. I hope you are well and good job with the exams.
Response: hey gazza!!! yeh we wish you were here mate. we surfed the heaviest waves we've ever been in the other day... i know you would of charged it!!! i'm not to big to admit i was scared shitless!!! love you gaz, keep safe wil
From Toddy
Sounds like your having a pretty sweet time!! make sure you bring home heaps of photos.
Nick says the nights are lonley without you....
hope your having fun but cant wait for ya to get home!!
im Keeping the Will train in motion, Toddy
Response: Toddyyyyyy!!!! thanks for the message bro! i was thinking of you guys at the rugby yesterday, you would have loved it. went out after and took some tourists on the will-train...don't think they were ready!!! he he! things got messy! tell nick i love him and punch nath for me! wil
to wildwilly-- great reading your page.good to know its all so very lovely ,the rugby should be wonderfull, its their passion. Lee and Tina stayed over last night ,so good to see them---we had a few sherberts! Please keep safe,love you loads PAJU
Response: hey dad and judes!!! yeh we are getting ready to go to the rugby now... should be awesome!!! might have a few beers after, could end a bit messy!!! off to the other island savaii on monday. i'll let you know how that goes. much love wil
From brony
wowowowow!!! it sounds so amazing so far!! it does sound like an absolute paradise! Somoa really sounds incredible and so untouched! definitely worrying to hear about the bait for shark bit though.. scAaaary!
all is well hear! finishing exams is awesome!! i ate a whole box of crispy cream donuts in celebrations and went shopping!
Response: hey bron, thanks for the reply. we are in apia at the mo, cruising aroung the flee markets and of to the rugby later. sounds like you are enjoying yourself... donuts and shopping sound very you!!! he he! p.s im browner than you! love wil
From Brony
Hey there Wil,
I hope you had a great flight over and you found a place to stay! :) i bet you've already got a bit of a tan and im sure you've definitely had a surf! :)
im sooooo jealous!! hehe
i have had my second exam which was a little scary but ok and i have my last one tomorrow and then im finished woohoo!!

Have a great time and i'll write again soon :)

Love Brony xoxo...
Response: hey bron, congrats on finishing your exams!!!! i bet you went great! i am having such a cool time, you'd love it here lots of sun, sand and crystal clear water, its a real paradise! i hope you are relaxing now you've finished uni for a bit. by yourself a drink from me! much love wil