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Greetings! Welcome to PennyWAs Planet!

Yep, its taken me a while to get on here - like 18 months! eekk! but I'm finally ready to bare my soul! (its been a well kept secret for quite a while now) yeh, you're all dying to know my inner-most thoughts and feelings - well so am I, and I'm about to discover who I am....let cyber journey begin!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Location: London - Hanwell (home town), UK


This is my first enty and I'm a little nervous - I've never done this before! I'm a virgin blogger! Arrrhhhhh!

Full credit for getting me on here goes to Lovely La La La! (Lara Flara). Her writing and her pix are an inspiration to me. mmmuuuaahhhhh!!! Also to Sarah L, my lovely housemate who is always reading blogs and it attracted my curiousity.

Relieved I'm finally on here! writing, so they say is carthartic and good for the soul - I need that today as my soul is a bit worse for wear(its been takin captive by work, and the london plague -flu?)

Traditional Autumn - theres leaves already on the ground - a lovely cool crisp sunny day today - 13degrees C.

Tonight I'm at home in Hanwell, London. For those of you that don't know where that is, Its in west London - near Ealing Broadway and not too far away from Heathrow. I've been here since June (yes, an actual share-house after 11 months in a hostel in Hammo! Looking back, I can't believe I lasted that long - but on the upside it was very cheap). Previous to that (the first 2 - 3 months in the UK since I touched down in Heathrow on 21st May 2006) I lived free of charge with my mate Rob in his Minnie Winibago! wow, what an adventure that was! (perhps more on that later if you have any questions).

Its cosey night in, I'm on Sarah's laptop as usual, Jon has gone to a gig and my housemate Paul is cooking us dinner! A Lamb casarole! Yay

My House:
I call it 'The Gingerbread House'! as the outside of it looks like it could be edible. Food seems to be a big focus in this household - I'm eating more now than when I was in the hostel, so hope I don't end up as big as this house! Sharehouses are definatley the way to go, its just so much fun and very interesting getting to know my housemates! All 3 are very different characters - all very intelligent in their own way; Jon - the muso, Paul - the electrician (BFG) and Sarah - a very cool and clever chick - kinda like myself really!

My housemates:
We'll start with Pommy Jon (the trumpet player) - he's a classically eccentric and funny artistic person. Bit of a nutter. For example, I woke up one morning to find him stoned off his nut with a mate, hugging trees in the front of our house! Funny thing to do at 6.30am. An all-nighter turned into a tree-love-in and lengthy conversation on religion and the universe. They must have been celebrating a successful gig at the Ealing jaz fest the previous night. All in good spirits (or pickled in spirits - JD) as I left for work! haha

Pommy Paul, (The BFG - Big friendly giant) loves his food and always seems to be cooking dinner for his girlfriend or making us cake. One sunny summer afternoon in August, my mate Joe took me for a ride on his motorbike around London! (Aw yeh! my first bike ride, so exciting!), gave me a lift home (we did 80mph on the motorway!) and we found Paul and Kerry laughing in the lounge room having finished 3 bottles of wine! Paul is very fond of his drink - beer is part of his staple diet.

And finally, Kiwi Sarah is the intellectual of our house - a little bit like my previous roomie 'me - Julie'. She loves her laptop, blogs,movies and is always downloading something funny off U-Tube or the latest HEROES episodes (I can thank Sarah for that obsession - aww yehhh! awesome show! and for getting me into the Rugby - bigtime!) or maybe she be doin nerdy things like going to star wars conventions! Although I must admit, I was thinking of going myself! as I am also a bit of a nerdy type. We went to see Simpsons movie at the IMAX theatre in Waterloo and also went to the Maximo Park gig together - my first time at 'The Brixton Academy'. I have alot in common with Sarah, and I admire her because she also attracts such lovely male company into her life - in the words of Sarah L - Chris and Sam are just 'Gold'.

Jon, Paul and Sarah are like my brothers and sister! My London family! Although I they may be irritating if I see them too much (especially Jon as I hate it when he blows spit out of his mouth piece in the living room or makes fart -noises through it!haha) I also do really really like them all. I miss them if I don't see them on a regular basis - its like - oh my god, where did you disappear to? Haven't seen you in like, 2 days! haha.Its mostly a case of missing each other, as we sometimes literally pass each other like ships in the night.

Ok, thats enough about the house - have a look at the pics.

I may back track in the coming entries - we'll see what happens.

To those in London - cya at the walkie, everyone else, Hope you're well and I really miss you all!

love Pen xox

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