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Jan Does Central America..Does that mean Nebraska?

Well its true.. I've decided to travel again.. new ppl - new area of the world. I'm making my way from southern Mexico to Panama in 7 weeks. Visit the site often and see where I'm at....

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Location: Panama City, Panama

Hey all second last day of travels here in CA... but Im ready to come home.. I guess haha. We have just spent the most amazing few days in the San blas Islands on the Carribean coast of Panama..Im talking paradise!
No phones, no internet, no restaurants, no anything, just us a few other ppl a few huts and the sun! well and maybe a nice cold beer here and there... I couldn{t have asked for a better way to end my trip.
We are now in Panama city awaiting a 16 hour bus journey back to San Jose, where we fly out on Thursday morning.
Technically my adventure doesnt stop there as I get to spend the weekend in Edmonton with some of my very best friends (including Britney Spears at her concert) and then I fly to Vancouver for a week and into Tofino for a week of fun and well relaxation.. tough life I know!
Anyways all is very well, my tan is in tact and Im ready for a great summer in Sask!
Heres to everyday on the beach,

Monday, 23 March 2009

Location: Bocas del Toro, Panama

Hello all. Im speaking from all my 3 days of 27 year old wisdom.. Panama is fantastic.. We were meant to spend 2 weeks in Costa Rica but we just found it to be so expensive, and really not what we were looking for. After Montezuma, we moved on to the Carribean side of the country.. but not before we got stuck in San Jose for an evening. and what an evening it was.. we decided to grab some dinner at the Elvis kaeroke bar and grill. haha well get a few coronas in me and you have your singing puppet.. sometimes we would get booed by the locals.. a 70 year old man made me do duets with him.. and sing My heart will go on.. which apparently has been the anthem of the trip haha.. Needless to say it was a memorable night and a great way to kick off my birthday celebrations.. we all know they last for a few days!
My actual birthday we arrived nice and early in Puerto Viejo where we relaxed in the warm carribean sea all day and we lived in tents for 6 dollars a person.. that didn't hurt my feelings too much. We had a lovely dinner of sushi and Thai Curry and drank a few bottles of rum meeting some new ppl at our giant hostel. They had a live band in that evening so besides blushing when they sang to me it was a great evening. Not to mention the girls got me a small bunt cake with candles and a card!
We are now in Bocas del Toro and island off the coast of Panama, very nice altho the weather is not doing anything for my tan.. we get rain every day here! But we've met up with some more friends so there is 7 of us now..Going diving tomorrow I'll sea what i sea!!
Not long now till im back in canada.. make sure all that snow is gone when i get there.. sorry for the lack of pics, the computers have not been allowing it lately..
peace and love

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St. Pattys day everyone.. well it seems as tho I haven't been on here for awhile..after two days on a bus we made it to Managua and picked up Jane. Its not the big scary city everyone claims it to be..I've been in worse.
Anyways we've been chicken bussing it (local buses) all the way down the west coast of Nicaragua, stopped in Granada and isla de Ometepe which is an island that sits in the middle of Lake Nicaragua and a huge volcano looms over head.
We hit up San Juan del Sur for some serious surfing.. we watched haha!
But then rented boards the next day and with some pointers from our Aussie friend Liam, we all stood up and rode the waves. Met up with some great people and travelled down to the Costa Rican border with them. We now have James from BC travelling with us..which is nice to have a guy to protect us sweet and innocent girls haha.
Also when you get dumped out of a bus in the middle of Costa Frican Nowhere and the sun is going down and you have to flag another bus down to get you to 7km outside of sketchville Puntarenas only to find out the cabs like to knock you out and steal your things so we should take the local bus on a sunday...phew... ya its nice to have a big strong guy with us!
We are now in Montezuma... Tamarindo had too many resorts so we busted out early... This morning we took a 6 hour deep sea fishing excursion where I caught a mahi mahi and a black tuna..
Yesterday we hiked to a waterfall and swam in the pool. I like that much better than being on a sweaty bus all day..
Hope it warms up soon
love Jan

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Location: Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

Hey all, well new country and nice new adventures. We spent two days boating and bussing from Utila, thru Tegucigalpa (the capital of Honduras) and on the Managua, Nicaragua and we picked up Jane at the airport. Spent the night chatting over some Nic beer and chilled out. Nice to have another piece of home with us!
We moved on to Granada, a beautitul colonial style city which is the apparently the nicest in Nicaruaga. It sits right at the North tip of Lake Nicaragua. We walked around, checked out the lake and decided to sample some more Nicaruagian beer. Good idea, I was thirsty!
We are now on Isla de Ometepe, which sits in the middle of Lake Nic and has two volcanoes looming over it. Everymorning we can stare up at Concepcion volcano which puffs away like a giant cuban cigar.
Tomorrow we are off to san juan del sur which is back on the mainland and on the Pacific coast.. we are hoping to meet up with some friends we met in Utila! And in a few more days we hope to meet up with Steph Mawson, another NB gal.. we shall take over central America.
Thats all for now, talk soon!
love Jan

Friday, 06 March 2009

Location: Utila, Honduras

Well tonight is the last night on our wonderful little island. We have made some great friends, a few who may meet us more down south, did some amazing diving and had a great little home for the last week.
This morning we did our last two "fun dives" that were included in our course and they were wonderful. Because the boats are so full right now with new students we were sent to another dive school where they took us out on the north end of the island.. aka the better side. We did one dive at a place called Pinnacle and one at Black Hills. Our new dive master and leader for the dives showed us how to "James Bond" into the water (heading out over the side backwards)... We dove straight into thousands of tiny jelly fish that don't sting, but they are fun to play around with.. lots of colorful fish, and a sea turtle who decided that Bre and I looked interesting. He nonchalantly made his way over to about a foot from us staring us down thru our masks.. chomping on a few jelly fish and floating around us.. pretty darn cool!!
My second dive I spotted a really cool blow fish type thing and he was waddling around, haha it was pretty neat.
So we are back on the ferry to the mainland to the land of surfing tomorrow at 6 am.. boo for leaving here but yay for a new adventure.
lots of love to you all
Jan xo

Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Location: utila, Honduras

Ok ok ok so I lied.. i got caught up in the whole island mentality.... and wanted to do the advanced diving course but alas I cannot afford to do it.. o well, Bre and i still have 2 fun dives we get to do.. on Friday morning, they are included in our Open water course. Hopefully we can spot some sharks and whale sharks and some other cool animals.
I guess that is all I wanted to report. WE will be chilling on the island with some new friends for a few more days before we decide how we are going to get to Managua and pick up Jane... I'm sure she is squealing with delight at the very thought of leaving in a few days! Send some money with her to give to us haha...
Anywho, hope the weather is warming up.. I wouldn't want to catch cold when I come home..
Jan xo

Tuesday, 03 March 2009

Location: Utila, Stilla haha, Honduras

Hey all, sorry for the lack of pics, but I keep forgetting my card reader... and well most of my pics here are underwater so you can't see them anyways..
Anywho, just to celebrate over here.. I'm now officially a certified open water scuba diver! woot woot.. pat on the ol back..
And because I love to spend putt loads of money I'm taking my advanced starting tomorrow. this means I can dive to 30 meters, and I'll get a chance to do a night dive as well as a wreck dive.. both ideas scare the crap out of me but also make it more interesting.
We are spending the rest of the week here on the island and then its off to Nicaruaga (sp?).. so we'll chat at ya soon
Big love

Sunday, 01 March 2009

Location: Utila, Honduras

Well hello there... greetings from Utila Island, Honduras.. you should all take this as a personal invitiation to come visit Bre and I as we are going to be living here forever!! Haha, no of course not, but it would be an easy place to do that! Its gorgeous here, and so much fun and the ppl are so friendly, o ya..and the diving.. we finally got our buns in the ocean today and did our first two dives. The first was our technical skills one and the second we dove to 10m. Pretty cool, and Bre and I are doing "swimmingly" at it.. badda bing!! haha... sorry,
Anywho so we are loving the whole diving scene, and we get alot more time in the next few days!
For those of you that know me as the nose plugger, I was able to take my mask off for a full minute, on the first try and continue to breathe thru my regulator.. no nose plugging for me! I'm turning a new leaf!
All is well, we are almost half way done our excursion (tear) but that means that Jane will be here very soon...
every day is a trip.. that's for sure!
lots of love from down here
Jan xo

Friday, 27 February 2009

Location: Utila, Honduras

Woot woot, country 50 for me!! And what a great one to celebrate.. just a quick message as i have the sun and some ice cold cervezas waiting! A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE CAMMY..the big 9 years was yesterday but i was on a bus for 14 hours and dam have left my cell phone in NB haha. Hope you had a great day honey!
Tomorrow I start with the open water dive course.. should be interesting.. and if I like it I'll do my advanced so I can do night and wreck dives.. its a whole new world of adventure for me as I'm a scandulous wussy when it comes to the ocean..
talk to you all really soon
love jan

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Buenos Dias everyone... what a great few days we´ve had down south here!
We ended up staying in Antigua for 3 days altogether, in a nice clean non cockroach infested hostel (our first of the trip) with the most lovable little lady taking good care of us.. ah Blanca, we would bring her with us if we could.
Yesterday we climbed one of the mountains overlooking Antigua to get the postcard picture with the giant cross and volcano in the background.. very nice! Then in the afternoon we went and hiked Volcano Pacaya thru forested areas, over lots of Horse poop and thru fresh volcanic rock. We were rewarded by hanging out at the giant campfire that is hot liquid magma haha.. pretty cool, altho Í´m not entirely sure Ms. Howrie will be climbing anymore of them with me.. she is more of a water bunny some would say... but it was a great hike, and pretty cool to be that close up ontop of an active volcano.
Today we chilled out in the town of Panajchel, it is set on a lake surrounded by mountains and cochin but with a bit more mystery I would say.
Tomorrow we are off to Honduras! new country and for anyone that gives a rats patooty it will the 50th country I have visited since I began travelling, pretty cool but it makes me realize how many more I have to visit to get to that 100 mark..haha...too bad guess I´ll just have to keep at it!
Anywho, we have a 4am bus to catch so I should roll, keep the messages coming and STAY WARM!! (thats for you Jane)
Peace and Love

Monday, 23 February 2009

Location: Antigua, Guatemala

Hey all, first off big thanks for reading and writing messages on the blog. Its nice to know my peeps back home are investigating what I´m doing, and lets be honest it so much more special than facebook!
We left Flores yesterday and rode in the bus of Jan´s broken chair, Bre huddling onto Jan cuz strange Guatemalan man was sitting on a stool in the bus aisle taking up her personal space, going full speed over huge speed bumps in the middle of the night just to wake us up and make sure we were paying attention.. Needless to say the trip down to Antigua was fantastic filled with pleasant dreams and lots of ZZZZsss hahah...
Antigua is pretty cool, very old, used to be the capital of Guatemala, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, and big old churches. Pretty cool, I´m feeling good and refreshed after a shower...finally :)
Peace out
lots of love
Jan xo

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Location: Flores, Guatemala

Well after not catcing the boat from Caye Caulker that did not come, we did catch one that did come and nearly missed our bus to Flores, Guatemala. And man am I glad we made it, Guatamala is beautiful, I can't seem to wipe the big dumb grin off my face. I feel like I'm starring in a movie haha...
We have been in Flores for two days, and it is an island in the middle of a fresh water lake. After settling in our guesthouse which over looks the lake, we wandered around the little island. Relaxing, playing cards with an ice cold beer and CLAM, ya thats right they have the original CLAMATO juice here.. how can you tell Im a tad excited for that!! We took a dip in the lake, didnt see any alligators, and Bre is now the 4th person trying to teach me how to dive.. I'm assuming it won't work.. god did not make this body for diving.. it was made for dancin!!
Today we were up before the roosters, dogs fighting and children practicing trumpets for hours to enjoy a day at the magnificent Tikal. They are mayan ruins that were discovered in 1864. We had an English guided tour, my Spanish is still kinda rusty, or as Jen would know it stinks!! But if I can get my stupid photos to download, you will see just how amazing this site is!
So today we wait for the bus to Antigua.. south eastern Guatemala for those of you following in your trusty atlases,,,who am I kidding that is only my parents.. haha
Anywho thats why I'm on the net again, Im not that big of a loser.. o and the people are amazingly friendly here!
lots of love and wishes of snow to go away..miss you guys
Jano xo

Friday, 20 February 2009

Location: Caye Caulker, Belize

Well well well, did some amazing snorkeling yesterday. possibly the best I've ever done in terms of marine life. Lots and lots of big big fishies, got to snorkel with some sting rays and even touch one. Also the grey nurse sharks, baracudas, held a prickly star fish, fed some giant blue fish.. glided over top of sea turtles who were grazing on the ocean floor, saw an octupus and a giant green eel. All in all an amazing day!! Ive also come to appreciate rum punch, being the rye drinker I am back home!!
Both Bre and I are a bit sun burnt so carrying the packs does nothing great for us.
We are off to Guatemala today to visit some ruins and check stuff out. its weird not knowing where you are going the next day... and when you go somewhere why you are going there haha. But as always word of mouth traveling is serving me well.
We are very safe and everything is great.
Jan xo

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Location: Caye Caulker, Belize

Hi friends, well its been an interesting few days here on the new travel front. On Monday we landed in Cancun made our way to our hostel, had a nice authentic taco and ended up being persuaded to go out on the town by some new friends.. shocking I know!
Had a wonderful time dancing like idiots all night and of course the wind machine..always my favorite!
Woke up early feeling wonderful of course.. made my little sleeper some pancakes and we were off for a day of travelling by bus. We made it to Chetumal in Mexico and taxied to the border of Belize and then off to Corozal. A sketchy little town just south of the Mexican border.. but had some kickin Chinese food for din din.
Up early to catch the boat to the island, and no sea sickness thank goodness.
On the beach all day today talking with loads of friendly locals and tourists alike.. we are gonna love it here!
Off to play scuba jan with the sharks and manatees tomo morning.. planning on getting my open water dive course when we get to honduras... rah rah!
All is well.. miss everyone back home.. make a snow man for me
xo Jan

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Location: North Battleford, USA

Twas the night of valentines day.
and of course Im alone
creeping on facebook
when i should be packing what i own

First stop, Cancun Mexico.. see you there!


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Recent Messages

From cath
hola! thats about as much as i can remember these days!! enjoy your last few days xxx
Response: haha me too.. and put on a smile you are golden!
From Lisa K.
Am glad to hear things are well with all of you. I check out blog as much as I can just to make sure. Luv your pics and the witt that goes with them, as usual Everything here going unbelievably smooth (knock on wood!), although not the same without y'all. Extend hello greetings to your fellow travellers please. See you soon! (sorry, lol!)
Response: Hey yo,, we}ll back before you know it... see you in a few weeks keep a coors chilled for me!
From Sonia and Gary
Hey Happy b-day!! (belated... but you are in Central America... so you don't care!!!) Hope it was a good one! If you get a chance, check out my facebook. Some pics of Gabe's Crazy day at Playschool... spikes, orange hair and backwards clothes... Totally fun!! Oh and Genna has lost 2 teeth!! Can you believe it?? Sheesh our kids are growing up!! Sniff!! Sniff!! We love you and miss you. Be safe and come home soon! We love you! S,G,G and G xoxox
Response: Hey guys.. thanks for the bday wishes.. yes spending my getting older day in a nice foreign country in and of itself.. never gets old haha.. the pictures look great! hi to the kids. big hugs and kisses.. aunty jan
From Gary

Gabe and I are watching "Mantracker" and I thought of you and Bre traversing the rugged Central American countryside in Montezuma, looking for a place to repose and perhaps consume a carbonated beverage or two. Honestly, these two girls on "Mantracker" are the real deal, but I'm thinking the jig's up pretty quickly. (I've reached the pinnacle of my day--really I have.)

Anyway, enjoy the journey, self-actualize, and come back to us soon. We've almost gotten rid of winter for you if you don't count the six inches of snow we got this Monday.


Big Brother Gary
Response: Brrr snow.. ahh it makes me cold just thinking about it.. we should plan a family trip sometime.. the whold dang gang.. I'll organize!! see you soon .love lil sis jan
From Johnny
Kareoke and Bunt Cake! Two of my favorite things! haha.. Hope you had a great birthday Janny.. can't wait to see ya in a few weeks! Ps: I'll send Beyonce your love. ;)
Response: oh im so jealous you girls get to go.. is gator reliving the eye stare that her and beyonce shared the last time? have so much fun and i will see you next weekend!! xo
From theresa
happy birthday janice, hope you get everything you wish for the howries
Response: hey thanks Howries.. i had a great day..
From Rhonda
Hey, Janny. A big happy birthday from all of us Simons for tomorrow. Live it up big, we're sure you will. Cole is most jealous of the deep sea fishing.
Lots of love,Rhonda
Response: Hey Rhondy and fam, thanks for the wishes.. I feel well. um the same haha even tho I am now in my late 20's.. having an absolute blast.. and tell cole we wil have to have a talk about alot the fish i've seen this trip... love you guys..see you soon
From cath
Happy St. Patricks Day!! hope you celebrated in good ole Irish style....we'll be over for 5 weeks id say....haha that would be so awesome if you came and hung out with us xxx
Response: HIIII, happy pattys day to you and kathleen! I partyed in true Irish style..I think I'm part Irish somewhere down there in me! Hope you girls are well.. xo
From Ed and Wendy
Hi! This is for Jane! Just wanted to say hi & glad that all is well. We hope your flights down went well. It is finally warming up here, should be -1 by tomorrow! Take care enjoy & have a cerveza for us!
Love you!
Response: Hi we are in Montezuma, Costa Rica, but I'm really burnt right now so takin it easy out of the sun. Can't wait to be back in Canada and have a cervesa with you both!
From Miss R and the Kids
Hi Miss H.
We think your diving stories are great. Tristan wants to know if you happened to see a shark, we''ve been learning about them in Sci. We need one more point for a class party, can't wait!! Bye for now, keep having fun.
Response: hey guys, thanks the diving was alot of fun!! I didn´t get to dive with a shark, but I did snorkel with a few... grey nurse sharks, they are quite big... yet harmless to humans. Good work on the class points, I will try to have more pictures up here soon...
From cath
50 countries eh know im jealous!! it sounds fab i cant wait to head out there this summer....come visit us in ireland for sure it would be such fun xx
Response: hmm well im pretty sure its your turn to come visit me in canada.. haha i did track you all the way over in cambodia..o good times.. hey how long you coming for here? maybe ill fly down to do some diving... xo
From Blonda
Hey Janice! Thanks for changing back to this site. Rhonda told me about it and finally had time to check it out. Suppose to be doing report cards, but procrastinating as much as possible! 70 days until cabins open. Can't wait to see you and hear about your travels. Bring back a new game to teach us how to play! Hope all is well! :)
Response: Hey Blonda.. good you differentiate cuz I would be confused haha... all is well.. having a blast as usual ya ill defo be up for the lake this summer. kailyn is gonna teach me to wakeboard better... talk to you soon, thanks for keeping in touch
From Chantel
That all sounds soo amazing! I could probably dive into the 3 feet of snow we got in Cold Lake this past week...haha. Don't know if i'd see anything cool tho....maybe some dog poo...haha!
Response: mm dog poo that is amazing in and of itself.. haha. miss ya lots cant wiat for edmonton
From Rhonda
Congrats, Janny. Hope your dive is great tomorrow am. It's minus 28 here tonight and stormy. Enjoy.
Response: Hey Rhondy, thanks, ya our dives were fanatastic.. Im thinking of keeping it as a regular hobby on my travels.. my instructor said I'm a natural altho I don't believe her haha. Hope all is well at home.
From Mom
Congrats on your certiied open water diver Janey, you are a natural at sports but...I am not so excited about the 30m or the nite diving. love your blog and always appreciate the emails. Be careful .Love Mom
Response: hey mom, well you are lucky that my finances aren't as great as they usually are when i travel.. decided i can't afford the advanced especially if we want to surf in nic and costa.. so another time another island i guess..
From Ms. R and the Kids
Hello Miss H.
We checked out your pictures and loved the ones of the volcanos. Courtney and Ashlyn want to know if the magma was really really hot. Jace thinks the lava was cool!!
We are all working hard on our listening skills so we can have another class party. Miss you, have fun!
Grade 1R
Response: Hey guys!!! so glad to hear from you... listening skills huh? Sounds like fun, I hope you have a class party sometime close to when I'm home, and I can come along too. Court and Ash, yes the magma was so hot people were roasting marshmellows on it like a giant camp fire! Hi to Jace and everyone else in 1R. See you all very soon, miss you kids too! Miss H.
From granny marlene
hi brunny and jan i just got to see all your pictures this morning oh what a wonderful holiday you must be having ,i wish i was fifty years younger ha ha. of course breanne granny misses you it's totally strange with no breanne around but you have a wonderful travelling companionlove to you both we'll talk again soon xx 00
Response: Hey gran , yes ...janice is quite talented with a cam , for sure ! she's putting more up as i type ..some island and scuba stuff! so keep checking back! I'm really in love with Utila but missing you all so so much at the same time ! I'm being safe , wearing sunscreen and cleaning behind my ears ....just in case you were worried! love you and talk to you soon!
From J-Dub
Hola Senorita Janny!
O how I wish I could be hiking up a volcano rather then hiking up the pile of snow on my porch!!! you're now onto your dive course?? will have to let me know how that goes, I am very impressed how far you have come along with the water activities...high five to country numero cincuenta!!
Miss your face!!
Response: hey buddy, be even more impressed i did the whole take your mask off underwater for a minute.. first try and i killed it!! woot woot.. i'll be a fish any day now.. miss you too.. time is a flyin
From Tala
Way to get that water bunny hiking Janice! Ask her how her runners are holding up for me okay? (she'll be one tough water bunny by the end of March) Enjoy your dive lessons and great pics by the way.
Response: Ohhh Auntie Tala ....again with the sneakers ..... life is not a fashion show , you know . that is what i try to tell myself , but secretly everytime i have to wear those things it kills my soul a little ! Flippers are MUCH better for me ! ...anyways ! miss you love you ! say hi to unc and the kids ! BEARHUGS FROM HONDURAS!
From theresa
wow the antigua photos are beautiful, looks like it was worth the hike,keep safe you two & keep us posted...theresa
Response: Antigua was gorge , yep . that was so last week though . haha sorry jan just taught me how to reply to messages, i'll get to the next one!
From Amber
Holy crap...volcano surfing? That is completely insane! I've never seen anything like it. Please tell me you didn't try it!! I also quite loved your Austin Powers references...too funny. Have Fun!!
Response: Haha. thanks I liked them too.. ya volcanos pretty cool stuff... how is home?
From Chantel
Just a couple things....
1 - When I read "very nice" I read it in a Borat voice

2 - love the usage of "hot liquid magma"..made me giggle just a bit

3 - When you say cochin, did you mean that there were some old men drinking beer asking you to come to their cabin to jam with them??

4 - 50 Countries??!! WOW! I have been to 2..haha...that makes ME realize how many more I have to see to get to the 100 mark...haha!

5 - I just really miss you...there I said it!
Response: haha. wow what a list! haha. i knew you would appreciate hot liquid magma.. couldn't stop saying it prettysure bre wanted to throw me into.. haha.. and at least youll have gotten the sharks with lazer beam comment.. i know i can count on you.. miss you more!!
From Sonia
Holy spewing volcanos, Jan! Take lots of pictures! (Like I need to tell you to do that!) I love keeping tabs on you with your blog. Thanks for that. The kids still don't understand where it is you are... Maybe when they are older you can tell them bedtime stories about your adventures! Whatever you don't remember, just make up. That works too! Take care, always. We love you Aunty Janice. Sonia, Gary and kids
Response: hey guys... thanks again for the trek to edmonton to see me off. it was fun! and well you know mama mia was the best way to start off the trip! things are great.. im sure i'll have 1000's of pics for you to pour over when i get home.. love you too!
From Janice #1
So you were taught how to dive...Lauren will be upset that her first lesson didn't rub off more on you...or maybe it was the foundation you build on??? Anyways glad your having a blast...wouldn't expect anything else...move tommorrow!!!

Miss you
Response: ohhh good luck with the move!! i know how frustrating it is.. 11 times over! cant' wait to see the new place.. tell lauren not to worry i still stink at it! i always willl.. love ya
From Johnny
Well.. you have succeeded in making me ridiculously jealous.. and depressed. Good work girls! ;) Stay away from weird bugs and weird men... keep the stories coming.. it's the only thing keeping me alive through this stupid winter! Love yas!
Response: hi johnny.. ha ha only a few short weeks and we will be in sunny mexico.. uh i mean vancouver haha. winter will fly i promise.. as i lather on the sun tan lotion hahah love ya