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Sallys Adventurama!!

Inspiration from around the globe.......

Travel pages from last year:

Photos - Click Below


Chech Republic

A Fairy Tale Place!


More from portugal

Photos from Lisbon the capitol and the beautiful fairytale town of Sintra..



Pictures from the coast of portugal in Lagos and inland Evora


And here is the rest.....

More Morocco photos from Fes and Cap Spartel..


More of Morocco,

Chefchouen and the Rif mountains.. our trek to the mountains reminded me how unfit i am!! amazing views tho!


A little taste of Africa

Here are some photos from casablanca, marakesh and chefchouen.


Spain 2006

Snipets of Alicante, Granada and Ronda..


la Tomatina 2006

Who lets themselves get pummled with thousands of kilos of tomatoes during the worlds biggest food fight? Who does it two years in a row! Lauren and i thats who!! 2nd time round just as mad and fun.. just a few extra friends to throw tomatoes at! :) Awesome!!


Staff Parties!

I could blame these antic on the Polish and there love of Vodka.... but who would i be kidding!?!


Party's and theme Parks!

Enjoying our time in England with our new polish friends!


Foo Fighters Concert-Hyde Park

At the end of our first week in london, we headed to a foo fighters concert in hyde park.. a perfect goodbye to our non working days!

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Recent Messages

From Mum
Hi Sal!
Teresa felt really bad when she realized she had put photos on her page which showed your face. She told us that you didn't want us to know about it till we got there. It was still a surprise. Luv u n miss u lots. xoxoxo
Response: lol ok
Hi darling,
Luv the pictures of the chech republic. Just saw the photos of greece on teresa's site.Nice photos too. Wen did you get the new addition to your face? I guess you just forgot to tell us about it!!Lol
Luv u and miss you lots.xoxo
luv mum
Response: u wernt supposed to see that till u got here!! it was a suprise dammit! i got it in april... lol miss u xoxo
From amanda
hi sall...nice new photos!!
cant wait to see you in a couple of months
miss u
Response: yeah i cant wait either. will be weird to have everyone here. more photos up soon.
miss u 2 xoxox
From amanda
hi sal...u need to get some new photos up!!! i'll hav some new photos to show you and mel have a place in adelaide its right near the shaw's so that is nice. i might write you n email later if a can find a cool place to sit (so hot 40 degrees. n the semmlers dont have air con :(
talk soon
Response: f--k u, its cold here!! lol i know ill try put photos up soon.. im just slck.. lol miss u .xoxo
From mum
Hi Sal! How are you? How was xmas day? Did you end up going to Will & Deb's the next day?
Miss you lots!
Luv from us all
Response: hey, nah you no the story now.. ill try remember to put photos up son.. got wifi at work now so dont have to leave pub to do it wohoo xoxoxo
From Lani
Hi Sally,

Looks like u've been having HEAPS of fun all around Europe/North Africa! I'm so jealous - i can't wait to go travelling too :) . I especially like the look of the Rif mountains and Roman ruins and Chefchouen, and the food looks delicious too!

Anyway, I hope u have loads more fun over there - guess what? I'm visiting the Mount now and writing this on your computer (btw- i also borrowed ur bed too- thanx!). It will be great when u get to catch up with Teresa in the UK too.

Ok, see ya later aligator,

Alana xoxoxo
Response: lol, was my bed comfortable? i miss my bed!! hehei am having heaps of fun.!! when are you planning on travelling pver here? soon i hope.. i cant wait for teresa to get here!!
love lots xoxox
From Teresa
Hi Sal,
Portugal pictures of the coast look beautiful!!!

Can't wait to see you again and i'm looking forward to my own travels around Europe. And some with you i hope! :-)

Love Teresa xoxo
Response: yeah it was beautiful, looking forward to seeing you again also. You willl have a great time over here, even if you are feeling a little nervous right now. look forward to travellling with you!! sal xoxo
From Chris
europe looks so sweet!

but we do miss u at the eastern...
Response: oh shucks!! europe is sweet, but i sure do miss dressing up as a school girl and not remembering anything!! hehe :P good times, good times!!
:) :)
From The family
Your looking good Sally. Did you have a sore bum after the camel ride? lol

miss you
love you
xoxo us
Response: lol not as sore as the bike ride i did earlier in the year. lol mixx you. xoxo
From moosh
hey sal!
That is so unfair! I love the white and blue buildings! looks like you had a bit too much fun with the tomatoes!Thanks for the email.
Have fun
Love Moosh
Response: cheers.. the buildings were beautiful..!! had loads of fun with tomatoes!! :) you should go there one day!! hehe xoxo
From Alli
Hi sorry it's so late, but Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day, everything you are doing sounds so exciting it makes me so jealous!

Love ya guts, Alli xoxo
Response: thanx chicky!! had a top day and night!! love your guts too!! hehe xoxoxo
From mum
HI Sal,
Great photos from Morocco.Did you have tochange your knickers after the photo with the snakes?Dad really liked that one...NOT!!!
Can't wait for the next lot of photos.
Luv u & miss u heaps.
Luv mum, dad, teresa, amanda & whats her name.xoxoxoxoxo
Response: lol, no ..the snake around my neck didnt move much tho, we think it might have been drugged... if any of the ones on the gorund moved tho or if the cobra came near me i was outa there!!
lol miss you2 and cant wait to meet whats her name!! hehe xoxo
From Your Family
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Sally, Happy birthday to YOU!
Happy 21st Birthday, Sal. Have a great day. Don't go looking for any fountains. Miss you heaps.
Lots of love from all your family. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Response: thankyou heaps, managed to stay away from any fountains last night.. made it home at 6.30 this morning.. feelingit today!! miss you heaps.. love lots xoxo
From Teresa
Hi Sally,
Just a quick note to say hi. Had the day off from Vac Care today so have been having a relaxing day - also since its been about 24 degrees today and i've been able to wear one of my new tops. YAY!!!

Been good to hear from you about your trip through Morroco. I will send an email to you soon - hopefully get time tomorrow after work.

Love Teresa xoxo

PS - i've now lost a total of 11kg!!!! horray!!!!
Response: good work, ill post some morocco pics as soon as i can.miss u xxo
From Karolina
hi Sally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have You great fun in Spain??
i hope, that You miss me:):):)
because I really miss You!
thank You for everything!!!!!
Response: hey, so good to hear from you because i dont think my emails were getting through. had good time in spain, miss you heaps too!!!!!!xoxo
From mum & dad
Hi sal
looks like your havin lots of fun. Don't have too many sangrias or you might end up in a fountain. lol. Miss you heaps. Luv mum & dad
Response: hehe, who says i havnt already? hehe just kidding... miss you! xoxo
From Amanda n fam
ur right...only idiots like u n lauren would let themselves get pummled wit tomatoes two years in a row :P i couldnt take it but looks like i bit of fun!! hav fun wit ur journies...shaun always asks about ya so i'd say he says hi...oh n jacqui always forgets my name cos she goes to say sally n then she's like thats not sally so she calls me whats her name...nice ay?? lol
luv manda
Response: lol, say hi back for me!
From Amanda
hmmmm..yes u wouldnt b kiddin neone!! im pretty sure i hav learnt my bad ways from you...oh well its fun :P

miss ya
luv amanda
Response: yes u may have had a little input from ones self hehe but i think you do just fine by yourself too!! :) xoxo
From Alli
Hey Sal! Are you in Poland? WTF you doin' there? Can you go visit Latvia for me? Love ya guts poppet.
Alli xo
Response: nah not in poland. lol just had lots of polish friends at our job in england.. heading to poland sometime soon tho.. miss ya xoxo
From us

i see that some things just never change no matter what country your in.

keep having fun.

luv us xoxo
Response: oh i will, soon it will be fun in the sun!! :) is this from the eastern crew? or my fam?
From Mum
Hi Sal,
Is Lauren OK? What happened to her? Did she fall out of the ride?
Take care.
Luv u & miss u. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Response: no she was murdered..i was investigating her case! lol miss u to. xoxo
From Teresa
Hi Sally,

Just leaving a quick message to say hello before going to the gym. I will write you an email soon. How is work? Do you like it there? Have you been able to do any exploring in the towns near to where you live?

Love you and miss you xoxo

Response: work is going ok, not long to go now tho.. been exploring abit but tryingto save money now so not going to go too many is the gym going? miss you too.. lovelotsxoxo
From Jaala
Sally is a dirty slut WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love you
Response: "go on and flaunt it, hot" hehe love you to!xoxo
From mum
Hi sal! Concert looks like a lot of fun. Would be a great experience. Looking forward to next photos. Take care. Luv u.
Mum xoxo
Response: hey mum, thanx for being the only one to leave me a message :P xoxo
From amanda
hurry up and write an entry :