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Yollie's Overseas Adventure

Hi all... welcome to my site... Hope that you enjoy reading about my adventures!! Leave me a message to!!!!!!!!! Love ya xox

Photos - Click Below


Vancouver: Sexpo

After visiting the Brewery on Granville Island we were offered tickets to "Taboo" the Vancouver Sexpo... great laughs had all night



1st full day in Vancouver: Amber and I decided to be walking tourists and see where it led us....


Toronto/Ice Hockey:vancouver

Quick trip to Toronto city and then off to meet Amber in Vancouver!!


Road trip to Montreal

This place was amazing... COLD but amazing. The people predominately spoke French and the atmosphere was exciting. Heaps of beautiful old buildings and a chance to ice skate... and even better a great night life!! what more could a girl ask for...



Our trip to Niagara was meant to be earlier but all the partying from new years allowed us to finally depart around 3pm in the arvo... so arrived at night time.. still beautiful but apparently better during the day in summer
Im still impressed though



New year's was spent at a house party... lots of couples but still manage to have a great time!!! Lots of booze = CRAZINESS!!!!


Xmas in canada

Two days after i arrived it was xmas... had a great time and met some great people... days leading up to new years were also a hoot

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Recent Messages

From Aunty Pattie
Hi Yollie,
What an amazing start to your adventure. I told Courtney that I would like to traveal again. Mum, cait and I had coffee at Mooloolaba last night after dinner here. It was very pleasant. I will seee Mum after she comes home from Singapore. We are all well. The girls go toi Thailand soon.Uncle Anthony went back to work today.
Love you,
Everyone at 22 Oloway Crescent. xxxxxx
Response: hey auntie pattie.. great to hear from you.. i miss you guys heaps!! love you
From Courts
Hey Yol!!! Great to see your having an awesome time, im sure you have plenty more wild and booze filled adventures to go... Fridays just isnt the same without you, hope you're getting lots of random pash ons...Love you heas and miss you much, Courts xoxo
Response: hey courtz.. miss you babe... wish you were here to sleaze it up at some of the dodgy clubs ive been to.. xoxox love ya
From Sam
Hey Yollie,

looks like you're having a FAB time over in Canada. Keep up the piccies, it's great seeing what you're up to. Great to see you and Am at the Sexpo too....wish I'd been there to enjoy it with you both!!!!

Ciao for now and keep us all up to date...I have to live vicariously through someone else these days...too much reading!!!!! So keep it up...and make sure you add piccies of those men/dates you're going to have (as I'm sure there will be tons!!!!) Love ya heaps

Sam xxxxxxxxxxx
From Johnnie
U rock yollie...!!!

pics are awersome and missing u plenty...

How fun is the snow... Lovin It.....!!!!

Happy new Year :)
Response: love the snow.. happy new year to you to!@!!!
From levo
yolly, hey babe you don't know how good it is to see those photos and how much it makes me want to go over there. i am seriously thinking harder and harder each day of packing up and going soon. good to see ya, take care and love ya heaps. levo.
Response: hey robbie... you better pack up soon... its awesome fun!!! hope everything is great at home , say hi to claire for me... love ya
From Liss
So jealous! Have an awesome time! Keep in touch!