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Yoonjae's Page!!

hiiii! im going to london!! wahoooo!

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Nights with my freinds before leaving the GC!! wahoooo!

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Recent Messages

From jihee
SEE YA SUCKERRRR.. ha ha ha ha
i hope u never come backk.. mwahaha

he he he.. I"M GONNA MISS U MOFO!!
but i'll see u sooon!.. 7 weeks!! start counting jae!!

love uuu
Response: yoo!! my page goes off...hahaha this is teh first time since i arrived that iv actually checked it! once im settled in ill hopefully keep it updated!
SEVEN weeeeks my freind!!!!
From yoonjin
yyyeeeoooww!! first message!!!!!!
Response: yooowwiiiiie!! iv got frieeeends...