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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Hi all!

This'll be a quick little update!

You probably all know that i randomly quit my old job just before Croatia trip which ps was the BEST trip ever!!! We spent a week on a brand new ship sailing down the Croatian coast, stopping for swims and partying every night! The weather was perfect - sooo different to London where it's been raining and cold even though it's meant to be summer?!?!? Met some great people on the trip, got a killer tan which is fading quick, and rested up! It was good to go on a holiday that didn't involve much sightseeing - definately a relaxing holiday which i'll be doing again next year!

Anywhoo, so i quit my old job and am now working at lexis nexis doing some more accounting stuff! Still loving London life, going out heaps and meeting great people!! Excited about coming home for a few weeks in November - which is only a few months away already (omg!)!

I'm off to Spain in 3 weeks so will put more photos up after that! Until then, see you all on facebook!


Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I swear i will update this soon - facebook has been eating up my internet time...!!!


Monday, 18 June 2007

Location: Stratford-Upon_Avon & Oxford, England

Had a fun girls weekend away with my usual travel buddies - Renee, Lily & Talya and went to Stratford-Upon-Avon & Oxford. We also stopped off in Warwickshire to check out Warwick Castle but decided not to go in as it was like 15 pounds and full of wax statues!

Stratford-Upon-Avon was very cute - the whole town was based around William Shakespeares birthplace with tourist shops everywhere, and lots of cafes for high tea = tea + scones + little sandwiches. We spent the afternoon strolling around Willy's house and being silly. After visiting Wills house, we drove to our next destination: Oxford.

Oxfords a beautiful place, based around the university. Sooo many famous people have been there incl: Malcolm Fraser, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Christopher Wren & Mr Bean! Mr Bean studied engineering there...strange huh! Anywhoo, we were really exhausted from our Friday night adventures, so we went out for a quiet & civilised dinner, a walk around the town and just had a few drinks at the hostel before going to bed. Was the 1st time we went away and didn't go clubbing but it was really good to get up early on Sunday morning without feeling seedy!

Spent Sunday checking out parts of the uni & the cute boys who go there - London has a real shortage of descent boys, we figured the must all live in Oxford! We also went punting - this is where Lily got attacked by the angry swan! That day we also drove back to Stratford-Upon-Avon and visited Anne Hathways house before getting on the road again...

Highlight: the whole of Oxford. so much history & the buildings
are all so old and well kept!

lowlight: GPS system giving us wrong directions & taking us almost
all the way to Dover instead of to London. the 2hr
drive back ended up taking 5 or 6 hours!

Monday, 04 June 2007

Location: London, England

It's been a few weeks since we saw her but Talya, Julia, Lily, Angie & I went and saw my favourite singer, Beyonce, perform at Wembley Arena a few Sunday nights ago! I won't get into it or i'll be here forever but she is THE best performer ever!

We all had the time of our lives singing/screaming along to her songs and dancing... there were even a few tears shed by me and Jules when B put on some fake waterworks..!!

Still can't believe how good a singer and dancer she is.. or how beautiful she is!!

Hoping she comes back so we can go to "The Beyonce Experience" again! haha

This weekend Renee, Lily, Talya & I are off on a little girls weekend road trip, so write then!


Thursday, 31 May 2007

Don't know if you guys knew this already but if you click on an individual photo, it opens it up a bit bigger...!

More Morocco photos to come after I get copies from the others.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Marrakech & Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Just got back from a 5-day trip to beautiful Morocco & wanna be back there!!!!

We spent the 1st day in the crazy city of Marrakech where people still use donkeys & horses as transport, pollution is so bad it hurts ur nose, men openly stare at you, and where feral cats and annoying beggar children seem to rule the's full on but I loooved it! That night we stayed in a riad (renovated house) and coz there were 8 of us we got the whole property to ourselves and spent some time on the rooftop, taking in the hustle & bustle of the city from our quiet little hideaway...

We spent the next 3 days in our mini van driving through the country, just taking in the amazing countryside! The landscape seemed to change every couple of km's and would go from dry desert to lush greenery etc with the breathtaking Atlas Mountains in the background - snowcapped mountains set in the background! It was like taking a trip to the desert, mountains, rainforests and the snow all at much to take in!!!

Rode camels through the Sahara Desert (i was sooo freaked out at first coz the camel behind me kept nudging me with its head and kept getting too close. Lot of swearing & screaming...) and spent a night camping out with a nomad. I didn't even know we were going to the Sahara so it was the highlight of my trip!

Spent a lot of time in the van, singing songs and going a bit crazy before heading back to Marrakech for our last night. Going from the silence of the desert and countryside to Marrakech was intense and a bit scary...that place was a total sensory overload & i was a bit quiet & cautious at 1st but a few of us girls went shopping through the market square and stopped for a streetside dinner and all was good again! All the pollution, lack of sleep and the intense atmosphere made us a bit delirous i think...

Coming back to London was another huge-ass shock to my system! We got off the plane to rainy 5 degree weather (in our thongs and thin pullovers). Feeling pretty fortunate to have showers, toilets, electricity 24/7 etc... but missing what seems to be a more simple way of life (not as much emphasis put on things like $$$, looks etc...)

highlight: riding camels in the Sahara Desert & watching the sunset from the top of a sand dune thing (real struggle to get up to the top but well worth it!)

lowlight (is that a word even?): a 70yr old man asking me for sex for 100 dirham - about 6 pounds/15 dollars....haha. And being chased by snake charmers & men with monkeys who scared the begeezus out of us & made us run & scream for our lives!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Location: Brussels & Bruge, Belgium

Me, Talitha, Andrew & Chris went to Belgium over the last long weekend and spent a day and a bit in Brussels and the same in Bruge.

Firstly, we flew over on the smallest plane ever! It held like 50 passengers and it was so small Chris couldn't stand up in it...haha! Kinda scary coz the ride was real shakey and unstable but we got there alright anywhoo!

The weather in Brussels was beautiful! It was like 20degrees or something and totally sunny and warm...oh so goood! We just wondered around and checked out Grand Place, the most amazing square ever! It was HUUGGE and had pretty gilded bits on the roof and everything! Apparently it's the most beautiful square in the world and i definately agree! We ate 1.2kg buckets of mussels, fries, waffles and chocolate and spent the arvo in a bar that had 2004 different types of beers! I started off drinking fruit-flavoured ones but Talitha kept bagging me out so I had to drink proper ones...heeelllppp! The next day we did a hop on hop off tour and checked out some EU sites etc then headed to Bruge.

Bruge was sooo pretty, it reminded me a lot of Prague/Portobello Rd?!? It had all cobbled streets and cute little buildings etc. Unfortunately it was raining all day so we went on a horse carriage ride thing and saw the town that way! Me & Chris went to a Basilica (aka Church!?!) that apparently held the blood of Christ. It was pretty cool to see though it looked like bloody organs that'd dried up! There were people kissing the bottle it was held in, and kneeling infront of it etc...i just kinda walked up to the altar and walked back down - felt a bit out of place! eek!

Anywhoo, it was sooo good to get away from London for a bit! I thought i was going crazy and definately needed a break away! Other than that, everythings still awesome here except for the weather, it kinda feels like we're heading back into winter!

I'll put some photos up from the trip asap.

Next week we're off to Marrakech so i'll do another update then!

smell ya! xoxo

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Over the Easter weekend, we decided to go to Amsterdam for a Flash Holiday! All up there were 12 of us, mainly from the flash and also a few friends!! The flight over to Amsterdam was sooo short, it was like 40mins or something! haha!

Anywhoo, on the first day we did the Heineken Experience which is a big Heineken factory and drank heaps of Heineken - ya huh, even i had 2 little gross, but i had to seeing as though i was there! Most of us girls didn't drink all our free ones so the boys ended up getting pretty smashed very early in the day! We spent the rest of the day hopping in and out of coffee shops - they don't really sell coffee, and there's like 10 of them on every street, and checking out the sex shops & sex museum.

At night we went to the Red Light district and watched a cringe-fest sex show with this dirty man who was wearing little denim shorts (think jessica simpson) who made us wanna vomit! He did all these dancey kinda moves and just looked totally creepy - it was so gross and definately didn't do anything for any of us...!!! The red light district was way full on with prosititutes in each of the little windows along the streets with a constant stream of men going in and out! There were so many different types of girls, some were really young it was pretty sad, and there were like massiveley fat ugly ones too....! The streets were also packed with people offering coke & pills, every second person was selling drugs!

Anywhoo, after a massive couple of nights, me, Jo, Ryan & Matt spent Sunday in Vondelpark which was the highlight of my trip! We ate mushrooms and spent the day laughing, talking crap and looking at the was such a good chilled out way to finish off a massive weekend!!! And especially awesome coz the weather was so great!

All in all Amsterdam was a cool but weird city. I loved the wonky buildings, the chaos caused by cyclists/random bikes tied to random things and the non-stop nightlife. Three nights there was definately enough and we were all real tired and glad to be home early on Easter Monday for a big nap!

I'm off to Belgium in a few weeks so i'll do another update then!


Friday, 23 March 2007

Hi Everyone!

I haven't done an update for a while and am bored to death sitting at work waiting for 5pm to come around so i thought i'd write a little blog!

Nothing OTT exciting has happened since last time i wrote, just been going out and going to work! The weathers been really up and down, a few weeks ago it was so warm that i put my winter coat away and we even had a picnic in Kensington Gardens, then all of a sudden the temperature dropped, the sun went back into hiding and we've even had snow again! i have no idea what's going on but luckliy, the trusty weather forecasts say it's gonna get warm again next week - wahooo!!! I walked out from my local Tescos (like a Woolies) after work the other day and was surprised to see snow/sleet falling from the sky!!! I had my camera in my bag so took a few shots - will put them up maybe on the weekend....

Umm...last weekend was St Paddy's Day so Talya, Mel, Renee & I went to an Irish pub called O'Neills which was jam packed with sweaty drunk Irish people! The funnest parts of that night were us trying to do the Irish dancing (oh the shame...) and trying to understand what the hell people were saying to us!! It was definately made harder by the loud music and alcohol consumption (haha)! I even had a Guiness which was as disgusting as i remembered it and i probably won't drink another one til St Paddy's next year.....ewww! St Paddy's was nowhere near as big as Australia Day or Waitangi Day but it was still awesome fun to go out and celebrate anywhoo!

Well I really should be doing some work i think, so i'll stop writing and get to it! I might put some photos up this weekend so keep an eye out!

Hope you're all doing well and planning on visiting soon!


Monday, 05 March 2007

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Renee, Lily, Talya, Anita and I went to Prage, Czech Republic for a girls weekend away. Prague is such a beautiful city filled with pretty buildings, quaint little streets and HILLS- something i totally forgot about living in London where everything is dead flat and walkable without huffing and puffing!

We checked out some cathedrals/churches? and the castle and walked around the streets just taking in the pretty scenary, brightly coloured buildings and the warm weather (it was about 15degrees we reckon!). Pragues the 2nd Eastern European city i've been to - Budapest was the first. It's so different to Budapest though - Budapest had really grey buildings and a depressing feel about it whereas Prague was really refreshing - weird way of describing it but anywhoo...

The thing we noticed most was how ridiculously cheap everything was and how far the pound took us! Tube rides were 12.5 p which is like 30 cents or something and massive meals were about £5!! We took advantage of the cheapness of everything by spending up mainly on food and alcohol and then at duty free at the airport....

Talya Lily and I ate heaps of pork with dumplings and sauerkraurt which i think is like the national meal or something? While poor vego-Renee had to sit there and watch in disgust (sorry Renee!! haha). On Saturday night we went to a cocktail bar for a few too many cheap shots and cocktails then to this massive club that had like 5 or 6 different levels and once again, took advantage of mega-cheap drinks!! With only a few hours sleep, Sunday was definately a mission but the good company definately got us through it!

Arriving home at around 1.30am-ish this morning, and with only 3 hours sleep on Saturday night, work today was a definate struggle! We were a little upset to be leaving the city and coming back to reality and the thought of work....eeeek!

Pragues definately my fav city so far and i'll be sure to make another trip back!!

Monday, 26 February 2007

Location: Bath & Bristol, UK

On the weekend, Renee, Lily, Karen (Lily's friend) and i borrowed Marks (Renee's bf) car and went on a road trip to Windsor, Stone Henge, Bristol and Bath. As usual, we had some travel-related issues though this time it wasn't as bad as going to the wrong airport/planes having technical difficulties etc! On the way out of London a Ferrari was tailing us then sped past us, completely cutting us off - so Renee yelled abuse at him, lost control of the wheel for a second & accidentally hit the traffic island blowing out our tyre! It was a pretty intense time as there was nowhere to stop except right on the busy 2-laned highway! Also, none of us knew a thing about changing tyres so we just stood there not knowing what we should do! Luckily a nice (yet kinda dodgey) man stopped to help but left as soon as the police came!! The police were really nice and sectioned off part of the highway, changed our wheel for us and off we went on our merry way laughing about what had just happened!

We went to Windsor Castle which was beautiful! The Queen apparently goes there on weekends and for private functions etc and a lot of her personal photos and bits & pieces were scattered around the place. We ran out of time & ended up staying for a few hours before going to Stone Henge which was really the time we got there it was windy & rainy but we still managed to walk around, get a few photos and listen to our trusty audio guides.

Both Bristol & Bath were beautiful and again, filled with so much history. I've always hated history but being here and seeing things rather than reading about them makes such a diff!

Anywhoo, we all had a great weekend and are planning on doing another road trip to a few of the uni towns in a few weeks time! In the meantime, I'm thinking we should probably take a car-fixing course....haha!

I'll put some photos up during the week or maybe early next week, after our Prague girls weekend!!! yayyyy!!!!


Wednesday, 07 February 2007

Location: England

Saturday in London town was massive!!! Waitangi Day pub crawl is like an annual pub crawl around the circle line - i don't know how many pple did it this year, but last year there were 8000 pple drinking their way along the 12 (or something) stops!

We started drinking really early and headed down to Bayswater station to see a million and one people drinking in the pub and sprawled down our street!! We had a few drinks at each stop then headed to the next - half the fun of the day was the tube rides were punters crammed themselves into the tube! The tube ride rules were that you could only get on Circle line, couldn't sit on the seats and you couldn't hold onto anything - if you did you had to scull your drink! It was hilarious fun!!!

Anywhoo, as you can see from the photos it was a massive day of drinking and...drinking i guess!! muhahaha!! awesome fun!

Last night we went to watch the Socceroos play Denmark. The stalls were packed with Aussies except for 2 tiny little corners of Danish supporters! The atmosphere was awesome - sooo much cheering and yelling!! We loved it!! Anywhoo, the game iteslf was really disappointing with the final sore being 3-0 to Denmark....the Socceroos were doing so shite that heaps of people left early to get drinking at the Walkie!

It's meant to snow here tomorrow - about 10cms of the stuff is gonna fall fromt he sky!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo excited already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!


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can you put a picture of the new couch up!! do you still have the one person sofa there??
Response: omg why are you so obsessed with our new couch?? yeah yeah i'll get a photo of it on the weekend. we have both one seater ones, 2 two seaters and that big old 3 seater... and the 2 TVs are out again! i'll send you some flash photos
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just showed mum the photos - i swear shes all blink bill..because ya fat! haha nah not really...
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wooooooooooooow i cant believe how jealous i am!!!! croatia looks AMAZING!!!!!! far out. will show mum and dad tomorow!!
p.s - do you have that strapless dress in every colour?? also, your hair looks ultra light!
also, iv decided that once i graudate im going to save some moolah and come over for a holiday in the summertime!!
also, larns thinking about going to london next year!! i wish i didnt use up my visa so i couldve gone with her!!!!
Response: i sooo wanna be back there!!

no the dresses are different they all just look the same?!?!!? maybe my hair looked mega-light coz of the sun?

ps talk about over-communication = masive phone convo, facebook, email + planetranger in one day!
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yeeeew more photos! how NICE does oxford uni look!! dannng!
i like your sunnies by the way - they suit you...are the ginormous in real life cos they fit you perfect...or are they meant to be oversized? hahah

p.s - i still think you should upload all your photos on facebook or if you dont want everyone to seem them - put them on ringo! its the safest way to go plus then i can see more than 10 photos!

havnt spoken to you over the phone in a while - give me a call!
Response: they're big sunnies - i think they're made for people with fat heads = perfect! i can't be bothered with all that, i'll just send my CDs home with ur jumpers or something.
why don't you call me for once dang u!
From Fabia
Hey Yoonjin, I hope this website doesn't have a tracker because I'm always on here checking out your photos and blogs hahahaha...

schtuuuf -

are u well, can I please come and pick u up from the airport when u get home... along with jae - or is it family time??
Response: fabi!! did u get my message about seeing Ace on TV the other night?!!?!

you ARE family!!! hell yeah i wanna see your face at the airport!!!!
From Jules
BTW everyone knows bout clicking on them.... hahaha! You need a PR training course... oh and you're still obsessed with Bey... admit!
Response: firstly, it's B not Bey (she told me she hates that!) and yeah i'm feeling pretty stoopid about the clicking thing...

gonna check urs now to see if you've got ur B ones up!
to the left!! to the left!! Fake crying yet so amazingly gorgeous biaatch! Photos already...
Response: everything u own in a box to the left!! i think i'm finally getting over my obsession....i think...

hmm...i was gonna do photos tonight but u might have to wait til Sunday now...friend...
From Renée
OMG Yooniquorn - even I know that about clicking on the photos!!! Dirrr!!!
Response: rrraattts! i only accidentally discovered that this morning!

ok time 4 u to update urs pleazeee
From me again
hey you got some really awesome photos!!!! im impressed!
put the rest up on facebook or get a ringo account! that way incase you lose your cd's full of photos you still have it on the net!
p.s - going to sydney in 12 hours!! yibiiidddyyyyyy
call me on monday! :-)
Response: was even more impressive in real life!!

yeah i might do the facebook upload when i have time one day!

have fun in sydney and don't be a total trashbag at christians!
From jae
WOOOOOW!! iv gone through half the photos so far and its AMAZING!! im soooo jealous of you!!
meanwhile, your hair isnt that chinga orphany - just make sure you have it up in a pony tail, dont wear it down..
Response: dude i was waaay more chinese orphan a few weeks ago. this haircut = death!
From Re...née
Oh, Yoon...gin!! You're so funny. Cant wait to swap photos because mine are so dark - I had my camera on the wrong setting!
Response: smell u on friday friend!
From your sister
$15!!! you shouldve accepted -best offer you'll ever get!! hahahaha!

dude, you come home in liek 5months!!
Response: i'm home in a bit over 6 months! times flying by though it's scary as!!!!

sure beats the offer of 10p i got from a homeless man in Acton! wtf....
From yoonjae
how GOOOOD does all teh chocolate and waffles look!!!!!!
p.s - i think you should start uplaoding all your photos on facebook so that you can put more up there!
Response: facebook is killing me...i'm getting addicted. yeah maybe i will!
ps mum told me you ate all her chocolates!!!
From Renée
Hey Yoon...jin (Therese accent)!! I want to see pics of Brussels. From Ren...éééeee
Response: Ren - aayyy! yaar yaar i'll get some photos up this weekend or some time soon. me promise!

see ya tonight!
From jae
thanks for the update...but where are the photos
Response: i'll put them up this weekend/after marrakech
ohh harrrooooooo
Response: i am so ronery...
From ...
put some new photos up already!
Response: yeah yeah...i will when i get my memory stick back!
From Lindsey
Hi darling!! Just wanted to say hello and see what you are up to...Hope all is well!!

Response: hello hello! how've you been?? hope you can come to croatia with us!! let me know coz we haven't booked yet but will probably do it soon! i'll email you tomoz before work xoxo
From rapper jae dawg
ya fat,
id rahter eat a rat
than look like that

im bored.
Response: giggity giggity....
From The best looking bir
Moonie moonie moonie!!!! Its my birthday its my birthday!! muhahahaha
Response: you've still got a week to go luvy!!!

ps can't wait!
pps work is going forever today.................!!!!!!!
From cool jae
yo i thought u were going to update this thing last night?? liiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
Response: hello "cool jae" i just wrote an update and i'll try to do the photos this weekend....bye, "cool jae" you make me laugh!
Response: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! birdie!!!!!!!!!!! i told you i didn't steal it!! the subway guy probably forgot to give it to you/was squashed in with your hidden meatballs/you ate it without knowing (most likely)!!! hahahaha, too funny though!
Response: hulooooo!!! see you & your sharp birdface at O'Neills tomoz for Oz day round 2, looking forward to it - muhahahahahahahahaha! ps don't vomit this time!
From jae
p.s - gyeet some phyotos up
Response: gyeet faarrkked
From yoonjae
haha cant believe your going to go to the uni's! you should make sure your there when theres a partay one - prey on the boys....haha..ha...schtuffff
Response: geezus! total keen bean sending this twice.