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Harry, Kala and Zara's trip to India


Welcome friends and family to our travel page 'Harry, Kala and Zara's trip to India'.

Now you can all keep track of where we are, what we are doing, read our diary entries and see some photos from India.

Oh... and don't forget you to can leave messages for us to read while we're travelling. Hope you enjoy our travel diary, I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!

Diary Entries

Sunday, 31 December 2006

Location: Goa, India

Another chilled day was had by all!!!! in preparation for New Year's Eve party at night. The pool area was lavishly set out and the party was fab!!!! The music was a bit rubbish, but hey can't have everything!!! They didn't have Wham!!! The fireworks were amazing! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! everyone!!!

Saturday, 30 December 2006

Location: Goa, India

Today we left Bangalore and took a flight to Goa. We arrived in Goa around 4.00 ish. The hotel is very nice although not on the beech. The beach is about 3 minute walk. We just chilled out for the rest of the day/evening. All inclusive - plenty of food and drink!!!!

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Location: Bangalore, India

Today we drove round the City and went to various shops and malls!

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Location: Bangalore, India

Today, we sunbathed and played in the pool in the morning then packed and got ready to fly to Bangalore. We arrived in Bangalore at around 6.00 ish. Again the hotel was fantastic. Bangalore was only good for shopping, unless you are religious and wanted to see temples/mandirs etc.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Location: Kerela, India

The next two days were spent in Poovar near Kovolum. We were in the hotel called Esturary Island. Absolutely fabulous. It was a resort described as "have you ever seen a lake, river and sea meet in one place". It was like being in paradise. We just chilled out for two days and took in the scenery.

Monday, 25 December 2006

Location: Lands End, India

Today, we took a 6 hour drive to Kanyakumari - the lands end of India where three seas meet - Bengal, Indian and Arabian. It was okay - nothing to write home about. We think it was probably the wrong time of year to see the different colours of the water - but hey it was an experience!!!!

Sunday, 24 December 2006

Location: Kerela, India

Today we are spending a relaxing Christmas Eve at the Lake Village Hotel. Chilling out by the pool and meal in the evening. No sightseeing today!!!!!!! Sun tan time!!!!! for Kazzy!!!!!

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Location: Kerela, India

Today we started our drive to Alleppy at 8.30 am for our house boat cruise around the Backwaters of Kerela. We reached Alleppy at 12.30 pm. Had a cruise on the boat, took in the sights, had a meal, chilled out and then went to Kottayam where we stayed in the Lake Village Hotel. Again this hotel is based around a lake.

Friday, 22 December 2006

Location: Kerela, India

Today, unfortunately was another early start as Jackson, our driver, said it would take 5 hours to get to Thekkady - which is know for its spice plantations and Peryer Lake. The scenery on the way was absolutely amazing which made it all worth while. On the way to the hotel we stopped off at Ayurvedic and Spice plantation, which was very interesting. We arrived at Elephant Court Hotel at around 2.00 ish, relaxed a little then went on a boat ride around the Peryer Lake to see if we could see any animals. We only managed to see deer - but apparently this is the wrong season to come. In the evening, we watched some classical dancing at the hotel.

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Location: Kerela, India

Another early start this morning. Flight from Udaipur to Bombay then Bombay to Cochin. Did not arrive at hotel in Cochin until about 5.00 ish. We only had time to go for a walk by the river, looked around the shops for a bit, had a meal and then it was straight to bed as another early start tomorrow morning. What a hectic life we are leading !!!!! - but a great experience is being had by all three!!!!

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Location: Udaipur, India

Thank god - not an early start today!!!! We started at 10.00 am today so had a bit of a lie in!!! yiippppeeeee!!!! Today we visited the Jagdish Temple, said a little prayer then went to the City Palace which was the main residence of the Maharana. Then we went to the private gardens of his mistresses!!! In the evening we had a meal in a thali restaurant, and at 180 rupees for all three of us, it can't be bad!!!!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Location: Udaipur, India

We had an early flight this morning - we had to leave our hotel at 6.30 am for an 8.30 am flight to Udaipur. We stayed in one of the palace hotel called the Shikrabadi - which was the hunting lodge of one of the Maharanas. It was based around a lake and in the afternoon you could see some of the animals come down to the water! Fantastic scenery! We were a bit tired so we just chilled out by the pool part of the morning and afternoon. We then went for a boat ride on Lake Pichola where the Maharan's Lake Palace is based which has now been turned into a hotel.

Monday, 18 December 2006

Location: Jaipur, India

Today we went to City Palace where we had an elephant ride. The elephant ride was amazing and would you believe Harry nearly fell off his elephant - maniac!!!! City Palace was an interesting place to see - it was built in the 17th century with air con and heating system - amazing or what!!!!! We then went to Pink City which was painted pink in honour of a British King - to be honest it was very pink!!! After this we went shopping mainly for miniature paintings - absolutely amazing the talent out here!!!

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Location: Jaipur, India

We had to make our way to Jaipur today, but we were determined to have a lie in this morning - so we arranged to set out at 10.00 am instead of 8.30 am as the driver suggested!!!!! It took almost 6 hours to get to Jaipur and we are absolutely knackered! We have decided just to chill out now and get up to date with setting this site up and downloading piccies for everyone to see!!!! I think we deserve a break - I hope you all agree!!!!!

Ooooppss sorry not able to download photos at the moment as technology is rubbish over here:( in this particular hotel.

Saturday, 16 December 2006

Location: Agra, India

Today we travelled to Agra by car. We started out at 8.30 am and we arrived in Agra at 1.00pm. Checked into hotel and relaxed for a couple of hours. Then we were taken to the Taj Mahal. Words cannot describe it!!! Best place we have been so far. Plenty of photographers there to take shots and harrass you!!! After Taj Mahal went to a couple of shops, went out for a meal and back to hotel. Yet another tiring day - but all good!!!!!

Friday, 15 December 2006

Location: Delhi, India

We had an early start this morning to take in all the sites of Delhi. We visited Raj Gaat (where Ghandi was creminated), Lotus temple which is one of seven temples constructed by the Bhia religion followers. One temple of each continent. We then went to Old Delhi to visit the Red Fort which was a bit of a dissapointment!!!!

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Location: Delhi, India

Arrived in Delhi at 11.00 am. Very tired indeed!!!! Our driver, Suresh, picked us up at the airport to take us to our hotel. After a little rest we went to Connought Place to look around for a while. All the named brand shops were there at lower prices!!!

Came back to hotel after a couple of hours and just chilled out. Hote and Gardens very nice!

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Location: Gujrat, Indian Subcontinent

Today we finished off visiting people, came back to Sejwad, packed and chilled out as we had to leave the village at 12.00 midnight to get to Mumbai by 6.00 am in order to catch a flight to Delhi at 8.00 am to start our tour!!!! yippppppeeeeee!!!!!

Monday, 11 December 2006

Location: Gujrat, Indian Subcontinent

Shopped until we dropped for 2 days. In between, as there was a wedding going on in our village (Sejwad) we managed to get a taster for wedding food. Also visiting other relatives in our spare time!!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Location: Gujrat, India

We arrived in Mumbai at 1:30 am half asleep. We were met at the airport by Kala's aunt. We then proceeded to Gujrat where we were going to stay for a few days.

The journey took five hours. The traffic was busy even in the late hours. The roads were a mixture of pot holed wrecks and modern toll roads.

As we hit the boarders of Gujrat we could see the poverty in the rural areas. The roads became increasingly hazardous and a nightmare to drive on. No one obeys any traffics laws.

Then there was the final dirt track road that led to the village where Kala's aunt lived. To our shock the houses were a mixture of state of art mansions with all mod cons and smaller older houses.

We were fortunate enough to be staying in a very stylish bungalow.

Then it was a quick shower and change and then visting relatives in different villages all day. Absolutely worn out!!!!!

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Recent Messages

From Nash, Taz, Macca and
Hiya all,

Its so good to hear your having such a good time deserve it! Missing you all loads, not the same without you. I've emailed you Kaz as well on your blueyonder address.
Pictures are fab....scenery is amazing!! oh and so were the elephants!!
Take Care and Happy New Year....make sure you relax too!
Lots of Luv. Taruna, Naresh, Macca and Priya xxxxxxx
From Vin, Ritesh & Bhavik
Hi Harry, Kala and Zara,

Hope you've had a great Xmas over there! We've just come back from Mash's but missed you guys being there as well. Glad to see that your trip is going well and may it continue to be a memorable one.

Happy New Year,

Vin, Ritesh and Bhavika
Response: Hi Vin, Ritesh and Bhavika. Thank you for your message. Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year!! We missed you guys as well. Trip is going well and we are in Goa now - which is fab and very hot!!!! See you soon! Harry, Kala & Zara -xxx-
From Shai
Hi guys,

Belated Merry Christmas. Finally found the name of the blog after talking to Prash. Great to read you are having a good time. Zara I hope you haven't forgotten my order from India. Thanks for condolences for Joe's dad.

Response: Hi Shai. Thank you for your message. Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year. We are in Goa now - it is very hot! A bit hungover from last night's New Year's Eve party though!!! Speak soon. Harry, Kaz & Zara -xx-
From kiran kaka whitehall
hi harish, kala and zara
Merry Chrsitmas ive seen all your pics sofar and they are looking good you have a nice time. Indira krisna,monica and kevale say merry christmas and hope u lot are havin fun
lots of love Kiran tc bye x x
Response: Hi Kiran, Indira, Krishna, Monical and Kevale. Thank you for your message. Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year. We are in Goa now - it is very hot! A bit hungover from last night's New Year's Eve party though!!! Speak soon. Harry, Kaz & Zara -xx-
From bhoomi
I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year i hope you all like it at india. Get lots off things for christmas and happy new year. love from :bhoomi & om x x x
Response: Hi Mahesh, Rimple, Bhoomi and Om. Thank you for your message. Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year. We are in Goa now - it is very hot! A bit hungover from last night's New Year's Eve party though!!! Speak soon. Harry, Kaz and Zara -xx-
From Hemant & Chetna
Hi Guy's,

It's great reading your diary and seeing your photo's, we can see you are all having a good time seeing the sites of India. Sorry we missed you guy's before your trip we will go out in the new year and catch up on your holiday experiences.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all.

Love and Best Wishes from Hemant & Chetna. xxx
Response: Hi Hemant and Chetna. Thank you for your message. Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year. We are in Goa now - it is very hot! A bit hungover from last night's New Year's Eve party though!!! Speak soon. Harry, Kaz & Zara -xx-
From natu
so are there any indians out there?

are there loads of Harrish and Kirans?
Response: Hi Nat, Daxa, Vinay and Micky. Thank you for your message. Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year. We are in Goa now - it is very hot! A bit hungover from last night's New Year's Eve party though!!! Speak soon. Harry, Kaz & Zara -xx-
From Paresh, Rita, Taruna
Hi Guys

We have just read your updates. Naresh and Taruna are around ours (doing the rounds). Missing you all, very jealous as you all appear to be having a fab time.

Photos look good, weather looks fantastic there. You havn't got the Foggiest what the weathers like here.... B___dy Freezing.

Rita and I have both finished work now (Whoopee). Getting ready for Chrimbo.

Rita is missing her drinking partner?? Taruna's not affected (Rita says you will understand what this means!!!!)

Keep us updated and lots more photos please.

Harry wheres the picks of Ash Look-a-likes??

Looks like you are doing the wrong sort of site seeing. (letting us lads down)

Rita says where are the Photo's of you in your Shorts??

Bye for now


Response: Hi Paresh & Rita. Thank you for your message. Hope you had a fab Christmas and New Year. We are in Goa now - it is very hot! A bit hungover from last night's New Year's Eve party though!!! Speak soon. Harry, Kaz & Zara -xx-
From Paresh
Hi Harry, Kaz, Zara

RE: my last message, it is Joes Dad that has passed away not Shai's sorry if my last message was confusing.
Response: Hi Paresh. Yes I realised just as I sent my previous message. Kaz -x-
From pravin & family
HI all
Hope you are all having a great time touring round india.

Definately done the right thing and doing all the hectic stuff first... the gam!!

I'm sure there's a beach in Kerala with your names on it soon!!

Have a merry xmas and happy new year

Pravin, Renu, Ricky & Sheena

Response: Hi All - thank you for your message - really nice to hear from you guys. It has been hectic, but we have had chilling out sessions in between the tours, so not too bad!!! In Udaipur at the moment and looking forward to Kerala and Goa!!! Speak soon. Have a lovely christmas and new year!!! Harry, kala and Zara -xx-
From Sarah Sasse
Hi Kala,

Great to catch up with what you're doing. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. We're missing you loads - it's horrible here as you can imagine, lots of grumpy clients etc.

Take care, Happy Christmas,

Response: HI Sarah. THanks for your message. We have just arrived down south today. Have a good Christmas and New Year if I don't speak to you before then. Love to Justin, Charlotte and Alex -x-
From Christine Campion
Glad you are all having a fab time. You will really be able to relax when you hit Goa.
Have fun and take care.

Chris xxx
Response: Hi Chris. Thank you for your message. Really nice to hear from you. Hope you, Jean and Dee are okay. We have just arrived down South today. Hope you have a lovely Xmas and New Year! and give my love to Jean and Dee and anyone else you think might want a bit of my love!!!! Speak soon. Kala, Harry & Zara -x-
From Ali
Hiya, missing you like mad Kals!!

Sounds like you are all having an absolutely fantastic time. Keep enjoying yourselves!!

Have a great, great Christmas and New Year and i will see you on the 8th!

Als xx

p.s. download some piccies as soon as you move hotels!
Response: Hi Als. Really nice to hear from you lovely!!! Its hectic, but getting to see lots of different places which is good!!! I have downloaded some picces, but it takes such a long time, so I will leave it a couple of days and see if I can download some more. Have a good christmas and New Year! and yes see you on 8th Jan!!! Love Kals, Harry & Zara
From Bhoomi & Om
Hi Guys

Hope you are all enjoying your selves! Bhoomi and Om say hi and miss u all!
Leona won Xfactor. Give us a call or text ! We haven't got your indian number that you send you have sent. Put some pics on so that we can see where you have been


Bhoomi, Om, Mahesh, and Rimple
Response: Hi Mahesh, Rimple, Bhoomi ad Om. We did text everyone with our Indian number but it obviously didn't get through. The number is 09909531668. Glad Leona won Xfactor - she was the best - I bet bhoomi was pleased. We are having problems with our phone at the moment as we are not able to dial out but hopefully will be able to get in touch shortly. In Udaipur at the moment - its all good!!!! Speak soon. Harry, Kala and Zara -xx-
From Paresh & Rita
Hi Harry/Kaz & Zara

Good to hear you got there ok. You have probably moved on from the gam to the next leg of your Journey by now.

Hope you are having fun and taking in all the excitment India has to offer.

Mashy is after your new mobile number so when you have please drop him/us the number.

Also Joe (Shai/Rekha's) dad passed away.



Message from Rita

Hi guys, how you doing? So good to hear your safe and got there with no probs. How you finding India? Hows Zara liking it, I'm sure your having an amazing time and its only just began.
I really do miss you kalaben, can't believe how much. We are going to T's for dinner later and then doing some rounds. Its absolutely freezing here now so your in the best place. Write soon ritx
Response: Hi Paresh and Rit. Thank you very much for your message. We are now down south and it is very hot and muggy - but all good!!!! We are all having a fab time. We have seen quite a lot in a short space of time. We are sorry to hear about Shai's dad. We have tried to call him but we are not getting any response. We hope him and Reks are okay. Please give them our love and hopefully we will be able to contact him soon. Missing you loads as well. Speak soon. Harry, Kala & Zara -xx-