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The Adventures of Chris Ziebell

Well, the adventures of 06 and 07 continue. I'm starting my fourth trip away from Australia. First Borneo, leading a trip for a Melbourne school. Taking students to the wilds of Borneo for one month. Then Christmas in Australia with Friends and Family. After that, im biting off another trip into South America. Working for three months in Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. After that....who knows???? Guess thats why this site is so great. Hope alls well with everyone!!!

Photos - Click Below


More INCA 1 trip photos

More photos from the current trip. Most from the two projects that we did.


Remote Comunity project - Peru

Project work in a remote school in the Mountains east of Huaraz, Northern Peru.


Project work in Ecuador

For all of Janurary i've been working with a english group. Spanish school in Quito and Project work in the coast of Ecuador


Borneo and Christmas at home

After finishing the borneo trip, I went home for Christmas, catching up with friends and family.


Start of borneo trip 2006

First half of my second trip to Malaysia, Borneo.


Snap shot of 2006

Just a few snap shots to kick the page off.


Ziebs photos

Hope everyone enjoys these photos

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Recent Messages

From Wendy and Dudley
Hi - looks like you're having fun!!
Please can we come too!!
Hope you're well and we'll talk to you soon
Love from all of us
P.S. Dudley would like to know if he can borrow your windsurfer!!
From Bec Maloney
Looks like you enjoyed your christmas at home. Where are you off to now?? Caught up with Al and her beau, Nathan recently. They are doing well back in Melbourne it would seem. Did I tell you that we moved to Wagga Wagga?

From Rebecca Maloney
Nice to hear from you stranger! Still jealous of all your adventures. Back to work for me next year at TAFE. Take care - Bec:)
Response: HI there strangers yourselves!! Good to hear from you guys. Hope all is well with all the family. In Ecuador at the moment. Leading a trip of 19 year olds from England. Then off to do some travel, not sure after that. Hows the move back home going? And tafe, well arent you moving up in the educational circles!! Just jokes, sounds good!! Okay, bye for now!