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The Chronicles of Zoë

"hang on to er Newt, she's headed for the rhubarb!"

A quote that accurately describes life as we know it. The roller coaster of life some might say. We move, we change jobs, and we travel. This page has documented some of these things, and I will continue to use this page as such. So enjoy..... or not...
suite yourself you picky buggers!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

Well folks, you heard it right, I am coming home in under 3 weeks now. I officially gave my notice to my job today. I felt horrible doing it. Why would I feel horrible leaving a job that I despise you may ask? Well the people I work with are just too damn nice. Eventually everyone dealt with the shock of my abrupt leaving situation (honestly, they were shocked...???...) And I felt horribly guilty leading up to the official resignation part, but what is done is done, and the whole concept of returning home is starting to feel more and more real (and yet scary at the same time...... someone didn't come to any conclusions about their life on their travels...) and that someone might be me. Anyways, sorry that the update on Ireland hasn't happened - working all day with sausage rolls and cornish pasty's turns my brain into mince and i'm lucky if I can even find my way home at the end of the day. Well, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but let's be honest, it has been awhile since I've done a full blown rambling tangent about life in Scotland, of life in general on this page, so I feel I can continue.... The weather here has been disgusting. That's right, I said disgusting. It has been rainy, and cold, and blowing, and did I mention cold? I thought that living by the Black Sea would be great, as I had missed the beauty of the Pacific Ocean since I left Victoria..... Ha ahahahahaahahahaaahahahah the black sea is it's own little torture device - with gusting winds of incredible speed, freezing temperatures, and fish house goodies that are deposited into the water, and then redistributed through the area by way of wind. Which results in a town that smells like rotting fish much of the time. Oh Aberdeen, how I will miss you when I am gone..... (well at least I will have some good stories to regail you with upon my return). Hope you enjoyed the Ireland pictures - i think the captions under the pictures might be my update for that particular country... sorry... i'm slacking, I know.
Anyways cheers for now -
much love

Wednesday, 08 February 2006

Location: Aberdeen - TGFS, UK

that's it for now folks. should have some pics up this weekend.
love zo

Saturday, 04 February 2006

Location: ABERDEEN, UK

Hiya (that is my new british term that i just can't stop using!!! especially at work, that is my only form of greeting!!) So, as you know I have started my new job at TGFS (otherwise known as 'the good food shop') we sell cornish pasty's which are pastries filled with different fillings, the traditional ones being filled with potatoes, steak, onions and spices, but we also have: steak and onion, onion and bacon, onion and cheese, haggis, chicken and bacon etc.... they're all pretty salty, but they're okay. We also sell a ride range of sausage rolls, and other haggis sausage rolls, onion and cheese rolls, etc................ We are a store made of foods that will make you fat..... Also a wide range of baguettes... now at our store all the baguettes are made with premade fillings: prawn marie rose (which sounds more romantic than it is, it is actually shrimp and mayo) and chinese chicken (which is the most flourescent colour of pink you have ever seen, it is frightening that a chicken sandwich filling should be that colour, but welcome to Scotland where the packaging is plentiful, and the flavours and smells are all artificial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Well, the job is okay... it's simple enough. I think a monkey could probably do the job...... but money is money.... The best part of all is that any kitchen experience I may have ever known has gone right out the window. On thursday I got a mini lesson on mopping.... and my favorite aspect of all is my 'INDUCTION PACKAGE' which is a list of all the rules of the place, and expectations etc. Now, in this package there is fill in the blank section for finding the number of : fire alarms_____ fire extinguishers______ location of the first aid kit______ , and a grid type section that mimicks the display case of food where I get to fill in where which pasty is located in the display case. Wonderful, and then finally, the best part of all is where I get to make a baguette sandwich. Now I don't just have to make the baguette sandwich, but I get marked on it out of /10 by my 'trainer'. Yes, that's right - I get marked on my ability to make a sandwich - where the fillings are premade, the lettuce is chopped, and all I am required to do is slice the baguette, use a spoon to scoop in the fillings, and sprinkle the prechopped lettuce inside. I havn't done it yet because I think it's rediculous, but once someone asks me to do it, and I get a mark out of ten I will let you know how it works out... This job really makes me feel successful and like I'm accomplishing something important with my life while I am here in Aberdeen.... However Jenna started something at her job, which I am continuing with as well. At Jenna's job (waitress at Bruce Millers Cafe) at the end of the day if there are any leftover scones at the end of the day, they just throw them out... well there are a number of homeless people who live on the streets, and Jenna began taking the scones and handing them out to the homeless. Now, they throw out all the pasty's, sausage rolls, etc at the end of the night at my job too, and while we are allowed to take them home to eat them, we are not allowed to hand them out to the homeless (for the fear that the homeless people will know where the food is from, and come back to the store and ask for free food.....) So... I am on a covert mission now to pretend like I eat all the food, all the while handing it out to those more needy than ourselves..................
It's a strange strange world we live in here in Aberdeen - not quite what was expected, but we are planning a trip to go to Ireland in late Feb or early March, so that will give us something to look forward too, a silver lining if you will.....
Also, I really meant to put pictures up today, my one day off where I have an opportunity to go to the internet cafe, however I forgot my usb cord at home, so you will all have to wait until next Saturday for them.. sorry.
Other than the start of my new job (which has proved to be simple, and tedious.... it does on the positive side pay on a weekly basis, and before I go home, i will have about 1 week of paid vacation I can use, which will be great!!!
So - i hope all is well with everyone back home, we are surviving on this side of the world, ( and we both are getting really up to date on our British soaps: ie Coronation Street and East Enders) WHOOHOO Exciting life we lead.
much love - Zo

Friday, 27 January 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

I FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
That's right, you are reading the update of the newest employee at TGFS's (the good food shop)..... I had my interview today, and it was grand. I had my interview with two manager/supervisors in the storage closet as we sat on boxes of water bottles on the cement floor, and we discussed the job... Pretty much what happened was I just talked about myself, which I am excellent at doing, and after the interview they were convinced of my kitchen abilities. Believe it or not, they even said it would be great to have me on staff, because maybe my bubbly personality would help brighten up the shop. That's right, the word bubbly was used to describe my personality? Surprised? I was... but either way everyone was really friendly, and I am extatic to have a full time job starting Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I am relieved beyond all relief, I will FINALLY have some income with which to pay my bills. RELIEF!
Anyways things are looking up in the world of Aberdeen!!!
much love - Zo

Monday, 23 January 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

Greetings folks,
as you may have noticed there are updated pictures of Venice, Amsterdam and the missing link, which was our last month here in Scotland. I will be updating the site with pictures of our flat sometime soon, more than just our wine drinking extraveganza... All is well here, we re-arranged our flat last night, so it is more ours now.... the little changes help. I am still waiting to hear back from a number of places about jobs.... and since Jenna got two jobs, and has taken one of them for sure, I am hoping the other job (waitressing) will be okay with hiring me instead. So by the end of the week, hopefully I will be EMPLOYED!!
Other than that, there isn't really much news. It's dark and dreary here.... cold..... and windy!! YES!
I will update when something of consequence happens :)
much love

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

just writing to say jenna has recently added a hilariously accurate update on her web page about our scottish experience thus far - her literary genius far surpasses mine - so i am cheating and just sending you to hers!!

love zo

Sunday, 15 January 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

Greetings to all of you -
I have finally arrived - I am now living in a flat with Jenna in Aberdeen - FINALLY!! The job search is still priority right now. Jenna has an interview and a trial shift this week, but I have been utterly sick, and not motivated for the job hunting buisness. I am feeling better for the first time, and have finally gotten off the couch from my nose blowing mania, and out into the real world.
Our flat is great - well it's ours anyways.... It is furnished in the same way that it likely was 40 years ago. And we are in a bit of a budget housing area - a little crazy at night, but nothing we can't manage - I did live on Aylmer street :) And we lived through the heckling in Athens, I think we will be fine.
I know pictures are well overdue, and I meant to bring my camera to the internet cafe today, but I forgot. But now I have somewhere I can upload pictures, so it shouldn't be too long now.
Also Jetson has been living at our place for the last week, cooking us amazing meals, and keeping us entertained. She is headed off to Thailand tomorrow, so we will have to say goodbye to her.... and her cooking..... what will we do now???
Oh one funny fact so far that we have noticed about Scotland. In Canada they have 'Children Crossings' for schools and park areas. Here around senior citizen homes they have 'Elderly Crossing' signs. Quite quite funny.....
Also we should have a phone soon as well, we have signed up, jumped through all the BT (British Telecommunications) hoops in order to get our phone hooked up, and still no luck.... It should be here by mid-week, and I will let you know.
Also, I hope a job is in the near future. This week will be full of JOB HUNTING for me.... keep your fingers crossed for me!!
Cheers, I hope all is well
much love

Thursday, 05 January 2006

Location: Stonehaven, UK

Hello, and Happy New Year
I know a New Years celebration update is duly necessary, but so much happened that I am going to have to pre-write this one, and put it up once I have figured out the literary ingenious of it all!! But sometime soon it will follow.
This week Tina has taken us hill walking, which has been amazing, despite the pain my body might say it's feeling. Buck up there you old lazy body!! That's what I say!! We went to Clochnaben
and Dunnottar Castle, which were amazing!!!!!! They were everything I imagined and hoped Scotland would be. I took a million pictures!!! It was beautiful!! And the best part of all, was that Dunnottar Castle was where they filmed Shakespeare's Hamlet, the best one, which was of course the one with Mel Gibson.
Now we are on our wild hunt to find a flat, which is proving WAY more frustrating and complicated and disheartening than we ever imagined it would be, but we're still trying, and I will let you know when we are in a place..... which I truly hope works itself out soon!!!!
much love

Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Location: Stonehaven...still..., UK

Greetings all,
Hope Christmas was glorious, and that you all ate plenty, and got wonderful gifts from Santa!!
Our Christmas was lovely. We got up, ate the Cinnamon Buns that Jenna and I made (remeniscient of the Kazakos family tradition) opened our presents (yes, we even got presents!!!) and had a great Christmas dinner feast!!!!!!! Jenna's cousins even stopped slagging us due to our Canadian-ness for a while. Now, for the meantime we are still in Stonehaven, and maddingly trying to find our own place, but whomever thought it would be a good time of the year to find flats to rent, and jobs to work, was severely mistaken... because there is very little available right now. We phoned a number of letting agencies (because here you have to rent/let your flat through an agency) however most of them do not open until the 4th of January. Inconvenient? A little. However we did manage to make a few appointments, one this Friday, and a couple more for the 4th. Here's hoping we find ourselves in our own flat shortly!! We appreciate staying here with Jenna's family, they are truly wonderful for putting us up for so long, but it would be nice to find jobs, and have a place to call our own. Once life is a little more sorted, and we have our own place, our own address, our own telephone, we will both feel a little more relaxed. I will finally update my website with some more pictures, and make some well deserved phone calls back home.... I would update the photos right now, but out here in Stonehaven we are on dial up internet connection, and unless I wanted to spend all night uploading 5 pictures, I'm going to have to wait for a quicker internet connection.
much love

Saturday, 24 December 2005

Location: Stonehaven, UK

New Years Eve -
Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years!!! Here we are in Stonehaven - doing as the Scots do... which is drinking yourself silly around the holidays. Last night Jenna and I went out on the town with Jenna's cousin and his friends... we had a grand time... drinking... and flailing...and drinking.... It was my job to drink my pints as fast as I could.... why? because I was being a show off and trying to prove how much beer I could drink in such a short period of time. A good idea you might ask? No... not.... because on Christmas Eve, the tradition is again, to go to the pubs, get drunk, come home and open presents after midnight, and I'm just not ready for another night of drinking... Also, a note for all of you thinking of travelling to Scotland... those people who live in Glasgow (*they are called Glaswegians) have the thickest Scottish accent I have ever heard. For the most part I am completely fine with the accents, but after a few pints, trying to have a conversation with a Glaswegian is quite unbelievably tricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're having a great time though...just so you know.
It's strange because it's so warm here, there is no snow, and it's not even cold enough to wear a warm coat. It is raining today though, so maybe this Christmas in Scotland will be remeniscient of a Victoria Christmas with mild weather and lack of snow. Everyone here believes Canada is freezing right now, all of it, so it's always a tricky conversation for Jenna to explain that the weather is the same, and for me to explain in fact HOW cold it is back home in Ontario.
Anyways I think I have to go have a nap now so that I am ready to get "booted and suited" for tonights Christmas Eve pub extraveganza!!!
much love -

Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Location: Stonehaven - Scotland, UK

Happy mid-winter to you all.
I am writing from Jenna's wonderful family's house in Stonehaven Scotland. It is a beautiful small town on the eastern coast of Scotland. We are having a wonderful time, and Jenna's family has provided us with a wonderful place to stay (thanks to Ian for the room) and plenty of tea and wine and good things to eat. We have been to Aberdeen (the next largest town) to look for work, and places to stay. We were WORRIED at first seeing as we are now out of money, but after a trip into Aberdeen we are feeling much better about all of it. It's large enough that we should be able to find some work, and there are a few furnished flats that we should be able to rent for a relatively good price.
We are going to be spending Christmas here, and then we're not quite sure how soon after our move to Aberdeen will be made. We might stay here for New Years as well, but soon enough we will have a residence of our own.
I apologize for the lack of pictures up on the site, but soon I will try to write more of an update, and add some pictures.
hope all is well
miss you all
Merry Christmas
much love - Zo

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From michele
hey are you going to update to down under? M
Response: nope. it doesn't look like it. i should. i know. maybe my next adventure will get me started on the blogging thing...
From Laurel
ZOE! Good to see you're back on the posting- yup I've been one of your fans, waiting, wishing, hoping and preying that you would some day return to me and post a message...that day has come, we can all rejoice now!
Thanks for the pics u sent, you should post some on the page before you leave.
Love Laurel
Response: ahahahaha... funny joke, i finally put together this webpage - and then BOOP - back to the toronto life...i could try to update this, but it's not the same when you're not travelling anywhere other than to the 8th floor edit suite and back....
From Mark
Hello Zo,
you do not know me from adam, but you (or rather your website) have savbed me from a fate worse than death - as I was about to apply for the job of Assistant Manager at TGFS. I am desperate to move to N Scotland , but not that desperate. Thanks for an interesting read, though i did feel rather guilty and vaguely voyeuristic. Hope all is well with you wherever you are - have a good life. Best wishes, Mark
Response: Mark -
Wow!!! I am glad that my website has helped you from a fate worse than death!!!! It might not have been so bad.... but I'm thinking it wouldn't have been worth the move or the adventure you were probably looking for! I think it's great you found my website, and although a little strange since you don't know me at all, even better because you got something useful out of it!! Good luck on your move to North Scotland, and best of wishes for a good life for you too!!!
From Cathi (in Victoria)
aanii Zoe
I was looking through my 'favourites and thought I'd see what you're up to. Back at camp are we? I'm going to be in Ontario next month for a few days so will be surely spending some time with your mommy. We always have a fun and meaningful time together. hope I see you. all good things to you.
Response: Cathi,
Good to hear from you, I hope I get a chance to see you while you're down at this end of the world...... mosquito's and humid weather alike :)
cheers, hope to see you soon

From Rob Enns
I think you should obsess dreadfully everyday about all aspects of your life. It is one of the many qualities that you beloved father passed onto you and I don't feel you're using enough. I mean it works for me. Like what kind of toothpaste are you using? did that change in Scotland? Plus, if you ever get a stalker, he'll be very grateful when he finds the many pages about your life and might give you a break. Couldn't hurt anyhow..right?

Response: Rob - your wit never ends to astound me with the sorts of messages you leave on this beloved site. of course leaving information about my toothpaste (which mind you is the kind for sensative teeth like mine) and about the super movie marathon Merlin (camp name) and I had today, or the fact that today it is midnight and I have just fed the three little lambs we have here at camp, but time like that requires time, and today on my only day off in a long time, I must spend it properly watching movie after movie. but i appreciate the tips, i will take them into account next time I update this site (which could hopefully be soon)
From E
Hi there at camp Maple Leaf!

Hope all is well. Just wanted to thank you again for the great day! What a great place you guys have. We can certainly see why you go back year after year!

Hope to see you soon! Take care and don't work too hard!

luv E
Response: Glad you guys had a good time, I will eventually get around to e-mailing you guys the pictures form the barbeque ( i just have to get home to high speed internet). It's finally starting to get warm, which is even better!!! talk to you soon
From E
so where are the updates? I am sure there must be some entertaining camp stories...or at least some pics? we are bored now we can be checking into some one's exciting life!

hopefully, we will see you soon....luv E, S & J
Response: entertaining indeed... 130 people to feed, myself and Buster cooking in the kitchen. 6:30am start, 9:30pm finish...... i will be there with an update... eventually..... see you soon
love zo
From jetswine
you suck!

that was a good one i think... completely unexpected :)
Response: i was looking at the "Dixie Pole" this week, and was reminded constantly by the little "you suck" comment added. so thank you for that, i shall cherish it always...... talk to you soon chickadee
love dix
From Janet
Well, some of us keep checking to see if there is anything new. I have now been subjected to your photos. They're awesome and help Jenna remember all sorts of stories. J's bd prezzie is beoootiful. Love, Janet
Response: It's very cool that we are all trading photos, you forget so many things, and even just another person's perspective is cool to see!!! I look forward to my photos yet to come!! Thanks for checking in - cheers
From big dixiass
i think that email address was a good one... one of my finest! i figure i can write in jokes now that its just you and me on the site... iceb is gigantic... super huge really.
well just thought id brighten your - i should do something on my page but i really have no time :( ... off to do midnight grocery shopping - super fun ;)
love jetswine miss you!
Response: it's true, the site has clearly dropped off in popularity..... but how suprised was i when i checked the site to find i had another message this week. what what!! excitement or what? camp tomorrow - moving day moving day!! i'll keep you posted - cheerio
love dixie
miss you too (who will run my kitchen??? AHHH!)
From Dad
Well it is nice to see that your adventures are not stopping even though you are no longer in Europe. And frankly there must have been a few moments in Scotland that were not filled with action packed adventure. You could update with adventures from the scenic Jacob's Island, pictures of the splendor, diatribe of the hilarious interchanges with staff and students alike. I eagerly await the next installment. When do you leave for this next experience?
Response: Well Dad, thank you for being interested and for keeping up to date on this glorious webpage dedicated to my life. I will indeed keep the site up to date with pictures of camp, hilarious interchanges and other adventures alike. I could become obsessed with this and take pictures of my every day life, every single day.... it would be like my own weird reality website..... then again I could just update it with the interesting stuff..... we shall see........
From E, S & J
Hey Zoe,

Hope all is well, everyone here is good....the weather is warming up- it is suppose to be 16 by the end of the week...

Are you busy packing? What is the offical return date?

We can't wait to see you and hear all about your travels....see you soon


love E, S & Joel
Response: Whoa!!! 16??? incredible! I am excited for that. We are packed, and out of Aberdeen, we are in London now, and are headed back home on Monday. I am in Toronto for a few days, but will be back in the millbrook region on Wednesday, I will probably see you then, or shortly thereafter. cheers - love zo see you soon
From jetswine
come on... one last update - p-p-p-please?!! we need amsterdamian photography and hazing stories of misspent days in the land of giant wooden shoes... bring it on - we can handle it!
hope your last week in the Uk is incomparably amazing and wonderful... waiting to hearf rom you upon your arrival to the land of snow, ice and rain -
love jetson
Response: bah.... too much complication to write everything.... maybe some final updates upon my arrival home (4 days) suprisingly enough it is sunny and beautiful here in aberdeen today, what are the chances?
talk to you soon
love dix
From Gerald Hallowell
Dear Zöe

You likely won't remember me but I am your grandfather Maurice's first cousin. His brother Jim sent me your website and I've enjoyed following your travels. I spent a year in Europe doing this sort of thing in 1967-8 and I've always said it was the best year of my life. For awhile I worked as a waiter in a restaurant in Switzerland, and I disliked the job as much as you do yours in Aberdeen! I spent my 21st birthday in the Plaka in Athens. Don't feel you need to reply to this - you have far too much to do over there. But I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed hearing about your travels. It's what all young people should do. If your travels ever bring you to Nova Scotia, please do be in touch.

Gerry Hallowell
Response: Wow, this is great, thank you for your message. It's nice to know that there are other people who disliked their jobs while abroad. The travelling is amazing however the working bit is not always what is expected; at least I'm not the only one. Thanks for keeping tabs, and be sure that when i make it out to the eastern parts of Canada, I will definately be in touch. Cheers
- Zoe
From Whirlee

I'm very sorry to hear that you're leaving your apartment tomorrow. Just this past week there was a lovely letter put in the mail from Dash, Yoko and I.... You would have enjoyed it. Not sure if you're going to forward your post, but I just wanted to you know. Can't wait to see you soon, take lots of pictures of tulips for me. ciaosers.
Response: We are going back to our flat (YES) and are staying until the end of March, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that your letter gets there before we leave!! I will take lots of pictures, cheerio see you soon
love dix
From michele
Happy trails, see ya soon. Say hi to J&J.Tulip festival mmmm !snap photos Luv M
Response: will do mom -
loving Amsterdam so much more than ever before!!!!! taking more pictures this time too. see you soon
love zo
From Rick Matishak
Hi Zoe,

So you're coming home! I know the trip will set the stage for your next lifes adventures, Just wanted to let you know I got your dad off a bunny hills and onto into the blue and almost black diamond runs on a ski hill. He is now a komakozi type skier. You;d be so proud. Be sure to ask him how skiing went. He loves to talk about it.

Hope the last of your holidays is enjoyable.


Response: I hope the skiing was a better experience for him than the 'water skiing' incidents we all know and remember, and tend to laugh about on occassion... Good on ya for gettin him on the hill. I will ask him about it. The last of the holidays will indeed be enjoyable, the difficult part is believing that I will be home soon..... bizarre!!!
From jetson
hello my dear... glad things are looking up and that ireland was delightful - thanks for the building shots, im most impressed with your photographic improvements ;)
i think we all need an update as to what you are going to be upto in the last 2weeks of aberdeen... hehehehe
miss ya - love ya
...little jetson
Response: i think because you arn't here to take the same pictures i am, my photo taking ability has been able to progress, as not to just cower in the shadow of your incredible art photography...... HA!! nothing is happening... zip zero nada ninguno.....
love dixie
From Janet
Thanks for the great pixs from Ireland. There seems to be a gorilla missing from Dublinia :-)
Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam. Love Janet
Response: The other gorilla/ Dublinia shots are on jenna's camera - that's usually how things work, i have funny photos of her on my camera and vice versa..... Hope all is well, have a safe flight out, and I look forward to seeing you too!! Cheers
love Zoe
From Carrot
if you need help with french Ican tell you this, carrot is carrot in french just so you know. i'm sure it will come in handy. I hadn't talked to you in at least a majillion years so I thought I'd try reading your big expidition book thingy, and let me just say holy shit. I don't know if i'm coming back to camp this year but if I am will you be there too, I'm not clear on the whole situation. And if I am working there this summer I turn 19 in august so you know we'll have to have a beer drinking contest as well. mind you I'm not a very big fan of it but I'll manage with like a litte sippy cup or something. Oh did you hear what happened to the Alexander keith guy?!? friccken hilarious! Anywho ttyl
Response: hey carrot - yes, i am for sure officially returning to camp, so you damn well better be there, and I am completely stoked about the beer drinking contest, even though you're going to be needing a sippy cup, it's okay, i won't judge you. thanks for the french lessons, that information probably will save my life someday. I'm not quite sure about the Alexander Keith guy, or the buisness that you find hilarious....sorry.... anyways you best come back to camp!! i might even have something you are missing that you might want returned to you....................
From Sarah
Zoho! I noticed the rams hands in one of your pics - nice to see I'm not the only one who carries on the tradition :) Glad you are having a blast - I'm itching to go again. Keep me updated and say hi to Jenna! xoxo Sarah
Response: Hey!!! Whoa!!! it's been a long time, i'm glad we all remember the importance of 'the rams' we are having a blast, jenna says hello as well!!!! it was nice to hear from you
cheers - zo
From dad
Hi Zoe,

How did Ireland go? Does it make you want to travel there more? It is almost St. Patrick's Day. What do they do in Scotland? I am off to Edmonton for a week for the first week of spring break., to see if it's true what they are saying about the Alberta renaissance. I will let you know what they have done with all that money.
Response: Ireland was awesome!!! It was so nice, so sunny, so wonderful there!! pictures will probably go up on saturday, when i get a chance to use the internet for more than 10 minutes. hope edmonton is lovely - cheers
love zo
From Jen
Hey stranger, i have been in hiding since i moved, so busy with the house and my neurotic cleaning. but things are looking good again and i am ready to come back to the real world.
i don't have any big news to report, but i have some great stories about boys for when you return becasue they are best told in person.
think about this....
"if you are going to regret it in the morning, sleep until afternoon"
love oscar
Response: hey!!! did you like your pictures on the site? you need to e-mail me your new address... otherwise how can i send you an aberdeen postcard??? i've got some stories for you too....... hope all is well, and you're new place is perfect!!! see you soon
love dixie
From jetson
hey there buddy ol' pal... well i just got your msg on my site so i thought id drop you a line on yours! i hope you two have the best time in ireland and if you need help with your map dont hesitate to ask for help and give me a quick call and ill point you in the right direction... make sure you get in there and give those irish boys a run for it in the beer drinking stackes... i think this is the tiem to pull out your bottoms up expertise :)
miss you so... much love from aussie land (help me!)...
love jetson
Response: hey - i think we might be able to manage with the map situation.. jenna more than me.... if i was in charge of the map, i'd still be stuck in paris going in circles, crying for help, but in english, because I still wouldn't be able to speak french.... oh yes, I am PRO at map skills. But by pro, i mean rubbish.... i think we will indeed participate in some bottoms up.... we might even make it to the Guiness Factory - probably not the same experience as the 'Henekein' one.... probably much better!!! hope all is well - we're missing you too!! we'll be thinking of you while we are on our escapades in ireland... much love - dixie (jenna too)
From Princess Anali
Hey poopy-pants!
Did you know that you are going to be home in almost 1 month? So you'd better be out there living it up and having a blast. And do you know what is only 4 days after you get back? Dionysis at lovely old trent, an event which you are already signed up for! Who's excited? I hope your up and coming travels are the best yet. Miss you!
Response: Whoa - Dionysis - that could be a dangerous event parallel to 'head of the trent' i am excited!! and i've been practicing my skills over here in Britain, so i'll be raring to go!! I can't believe the return home is so soon. Incredible. hope all is well princess - love zo miss you too